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Woman Found Something Unexpected From A Goodwill’s $3 Bag

What do you usually expect from Goodwill’s bargain stuff? Well, here is a woman, who found not only a great bargain, but also something really unexpected inside the $3 diaper bag she bought. Read on to satisfy your curiosity.

1. Bargain Hunter’s Clothing Resale Business

When it comes to finding great deals, Sarah Thomas, a mother from Oregon, can absolutely be called a pro. She is the purveyor of an online clothing resale business, called Sarah’s Southern Oregon 2nd Hand Deals. Whatever vintage treasure you’d like, Sarah works hard to offer a wide variety of merchandise to you. As an experienced dealer, she no longer makes a fuss when snagging designer clothing for just a few bucks - but something was different this time.


2. A Real Good Bargain

It was when Sarah hit up the local Goodwill store to look for some bargains, attempting to find a diamond in the rough. She spotted a designer diaper bag, which is one of the most popular items in her online store. Besides the fact that this vintage-style bag was in excellent condition, it retailed at close to $200 when new. Sarah shifted her gaze to the price tag, hoping it won’t be too costly – it was only $3! There was no way she was leaving without that diaper bag.


3. Something Was Wrong

Returning home merrily with her trophy, Sarah found something strange. “I was cleaning it and just noticed something heavy shaking around in there,” she told the local news. Some unwelcome thoughts immediately sprang to mind. Could there be something nasty like used baby wipes inside? After all, it was a diaper bag and Sarah knew that with the item being secondhand, anything could have been stuffed inside it.


4. What’s In The Hole?

Sarah rummaged the bag inside and out, and noticed a small hole in the lining. She was not planning to make the hole bigger and ruin her new bag, however, curiosity soon trumped her initial decision. Sarah glanced at the opening and found a fleeting flash of silver. When she reached in to grab the mysterious object, Sarah had totally no idea that she was evoking a dust-laden memory.


5. A Missing Camera

It was something hard, cold, and smooth, which felt like metal. Sarah grabbed it and pulled it out of the bag, and a practically new digital camera popped out at her. Even though Sarah was unwilling to snoop someone else’s secret and privacy, she decided to switch it on and check if there was any information about whom the camera used to belong to. Pressing the button, Sarah held her breath.


6. Countless Precious Memories Inside

Tons of images began to display on the screen, all of which were focused on a baby and a young woman, who she supposed to be his mother. Scrolling through countless memories, Sarah couldn’t help but wonder what if she was the one who had lost her camera and with it lost so many irreplaceable and precious memories of her beloved son. As a mom herself, she could imagine how heartbroken it would be. Sarah knew she could not stand by and do nothing.


7. Identifying The Owner Online

Thanks to her considerable following on Facebook, Sarah came out with the idea to share the photos online. Her post read, “Does anyone know who this family or people in these pictures are? I want to make sure they get their camera and most definitely their SD card.” Fortunately, the woman in the photo, Katie Connor, happened to live nearby and she was identified by Sarah’s followers in just an hour. However, Katie seemed to be totally oblivious of these pictures.


8. Old Happy Moments Rising In Her Mind

In order to jog Katie’s memory, Sarah sent her some of the photos. As soon as she saw the picture of the baby smiling in her arms, everything flooded back to her. She’d never thought that those memories, believed to be gone forever, would be found one day. The two immediately made an appointment to meet up at the local Target parking lot, for Katie couldn’t wait to have her camera - along with all its memories - back.


9. 7 Years Went By

As Sarah arrived at the parking lot, she recognized Katie at once - the woman running toward her with an expectant look. She was more than grateful for Sarah’s kindness and Katie revealed a stunning truth. It was almost 7 years ago when the camera went missing! Katie’s son had already grown from an infant to a school-aged boy now, and she was eager to review the treasured moments with him together.


10. Instinctive Kindness

Although Sarah did something really meaningful to Katie, she didn’t really consider herself the “Good Samaritan” that the local papers reported. “I didn’t think of it as a big deal,” she said. “I would think that anyone else would do it, but I guess maybe nowadays that isn’t the case.” See? Sometimes it’s just an instinct born out of kindness.


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