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Woman Adopted A Tiny Pet Without Knowing What It Would Grow Into

1. Adopted Not Simply A Puppy

A woman adopted a cute Alaskan malamute puppy, at least she thought it was. Surprisingly, the tiny pet grew so fast that he soon weighed 120 lbs and towered over his owner. Neighbors gave strange reactions to the oversized dog, which forced her to find a truth she had never expected.

Woman Adopted A Tiny Pet Without Knowing What It Would Grow Into_29

2. Her Dream Came True

The woman was named Yumna Saloojee. She was from South Africa and had always wanted to adopt a dog. In 2014, her dream finally came true when she set her eyes on a cute Alaskan malamute puppy. It was love at first sight between Yumna and the fluffy pet. However, Yumna was told that she couldn't bring this sweet creature home.

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3. Wait For The One

"I fell in love the second I held him," Yumma told The Dodo. Pitifully, the fluffy angel was too young to be brought home as he was only two weeks old at the time they first met. Yumma had to wait for a few weeks. When the big day finally came, she was embraced with a big surprise.

Woman Adopted A Tiny Pet Without Knowing What It Would Grow Into_31

4. A Big Surprise

Yumna was fully aware that an Alaskan malamute could grow to quite a substantial size. Still, she was surprised to find out that her little furry friend had already grown quite a bit during just a few weeks. Yumna named him after Tydus, a war hero in Greek mythology, which means "great, giant warrior." However, what Tydus grew up into was totally beyond her expectation.

Woman Adopted A Tiny Pet Without Knowing What It Would Grow Into_32

5. Settling In

Tydus had no trouble settling in his new home. He knew he was the king of the household and enjoyed running around and frolicking in the grass with his toys. The little rascal had made friends with Yumna and her friends and family. Everyone was happy and gave him whatever he wanted. After all, who can refuse such an adorable little puppy!


6. A Little Soccer Player

Yumna documented every moment with her little baby since the day he arrived. Pictured here is Tydus playing with his favorite toy - a soccer ball - when he was around eight weeks old. It would be hard to imagine this was the same dog as when he was fully grown.


7. Pool Time

Tydus might be the happiest dog in the world. Not only did he have a huge garden to play in, but he also had a swimming pool. When this picture was taken, little Tydus was still reluctant to jump in and get all his fur wet, but he surely knew how to pose to get the perfect shot!


8. Giant Great Warrior

Yumna knew Tydus was going to be a relatively big dog since he was an Alaskan malamute. But his fast growth was beyond anything she had expected. When he was just a puppy, he already weighed 54 kilograms (120 lbs), which is already huge for an Alaskan malamute, and he was still growing. Even though Tydus was not a little furry ball anymore, he loved running around and jumping like a typical puppy. Yumna wasn’t bothered though and loved him all the same. What does it feel like to live with such a giant puppy?


9. Towering Over

Tydus loved jumping up to hug Yumna, but he was so big that he nearly towered over her. "I don't think he will get any bigger now, and that's okay. I might get crushed if he does!" Yumna told Get Leashed magazine.


10. Cuddling Buddy

Giant and fluffy Tydus was a perfect cuddling buddy, and he loved cuddling with Yumna. He was still a sweet puppy at heart, despite his giant size, Yumma feared that people might get scared of him, but they proved her wrong.


11. People's Reactions

Tydus's fluffiness and size would catch everybody's attention every time Yumna took him out on the street. People were not scared, but more curious about his breed and size. So Yumma decided to create an Instagram page for Tydus, and he soon became a star with over 140,000 followers. "He has an amazing soul that earns everyone's affection. He's a little charmer … or giant charmer." Yumna said. However, Tydus was not the only charmer getting all the attention.


12. Trez, The Congo African Grey Parrot

The Instagram account, which is called Trez & Tydus, was created mainly for Tydus, but he shares it with his brother Trez, a Congolese African Grey Parrot. The bird is "The Ruler of Everything" and seems to enjoy mimicking everyone, while Tydus is the big friendly giant of the house.


13. Hey You, Freeze!

Here are Tydus's favorite toys: a fluffy dinosaur and a toy gun. Maybe here he is playing a game of “cops and robbers” with the dinosaur.


14. Goofing Around

Tydus is an energetic and active Alaskan malamute, and when not cuddling Yumna, he is always goofing around then the house. Pictured here is him busy ripping poor Mickey Mouse into pieces. Besides decimating stuffed toys, Tydus has some more serious business planned though.


15. Helping Mama

Tydus likes helping mama with her work. No matter whether he is an oversized puppy or not, in this picture he seems to be offering some wise words of advice.


16. Just Cruising Through

Yumna likes taking her furry giant with her while driving. Guess no one wants to mess with her, since Tydus the dog is so big!


17. Yippeeeeeee!!!

Tydus is excited to see his mama every time she returns home. He leaps into the air like a flying bear.


18. Evo And His Baby Buddy

Tydus is not the only cute Alaskan Malamute around. Here is Evo and his new baby buddy, Adam, who is just four months old. Evo loves his human companion and often licks his socks to show affection.


19. Giddyup!

The baby seems to be experiencing a mixture of excitement and surprise. Maybe it was his first time meeting a giant Alaskan Malamute. Hopefully the cute pair will grow up to be best friends and have many more play dates in the years to come.


20. All Hugs

Even though the dog seems to be twice his size, the little boy loves his big furry companion. Let’s hope they can be lifelong friends.


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