Where Are The Star Trek Stars Up To Now?

Since it debuted in 1996, Star Trek has attracted a large number of loyal and dedicated fans. Star Trek’ influence is so vast even non-fans, who’ve never seen an episode, tend to know a few Star Trek facts. Here we are going to unearth all of your favorite characters and what these actors are up to now.

1. Spock, Played By Leonard Nimoy

It would be impossible to imagine the Star Trek universe without Spock. From the pilot episode back in 1964 to his final appearance in 2013, Leonard Nimoy created one of the most loved characters in the franchise’s history. His role as Spock is deeply rooted in the hearts of fans even though he enjoyed other roles outside of Star Trek. Nimoy was also an accomplished director, author, and musician. It was desperately sad news when it was announced that he had passed away due to chronic obstructive pulmonary disease in 2015.

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