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Tour Of Steve Harvey's $1.1M House In Texas

Tour Of Steve Harvey's $1.1M House In Texas_1

Respected actor Steve Harvey and his wife put their Texas house on the market in 2018 for nearly $1.25 million. In 2020, the house finally sold for just under $1.1 million. Let's take a quick glance at the house before the new owner renovates it!

1. House In Texas 

Tour Of Steve Harvey's $1.1M House In Texas_2

The nearly 6,600-square-foot stone estate is located on a 3.75-acre property in Little Elm, Texas. It boasts 5 bedrooms, 6 full and 2 half bathrooms as well as a four-car garage.

2. Grand Entrance

Tour Of Steve Harvey's $1.1M House In Texas_3

What first comes into view is the grand foyer with its twin staircases. From here, one can see into the heart of the living room.

3. Living Room

Tour Of Steve Harvey's $1.1M House In Texas_4

The living room's main color is a creamy white, and the stone walls with built-in fireplace add a classic touch. The whole room has no complicated decoration, but it's incredibly cozy.

4. Kitchen

Tour Of Steve Harvey's $1.1M House In Texas_5

As the most lively place in the house, Harvey's kitchen is furnished with softwood-colored kitchen equipment. Bottles and jars are neatly arranged in the cupboard.

5. Dining Room

Tour Of Steve Harvey's $1.1M House In Texas_6

The dining room is next to the kitchen. Although the room is small, the large mirrors with dark wood frames and uniquely designed chairs give it a stately feel. The finishing touch is undoubtedly this retro chandelier.

6. Owner's Bedroom

Tour Of Steve Harvey's $1.1M House In Texas_7

Like the other rooms, the master bedroom is simple yet retains a retro feel. Velvet bedding and sofa make it comfortable to sit in, and the warm yellow bedside lamp lights envelop the inhabitants in a sense of calmness. 

7. Bathroom

Tour Of Steve Harvey's $1.1M House In Texas_8

The bathroom is symmetrically designed. Taking the bathtub as the central axis, identical dressers stand on both sides. Harvey's family seem to like vanity light fittings in the lily of the valley style.

8. Office Area

Tour Of Steve Harvey's $1.1M House In Texas_9

Harvey's office is like a regular company office. Black and brown are the dominant colors, just like most other formal offices.

9. Outdoor Pool

Tour Of Steve Harvey's $1.1M House In Texas_10

Unlike many traditional outdoor pools, Harvey's pool feels like a natural pond, from the pool's mellow lines to the surrounding stonework and even the color of the water.

10. Backyard Garden

Tour Of Steve Harvey's $1.1M House In Texas_11

Unlike other celebrities who have a well-manicured backyard, Harvey's backyard garden is more like a wild forest park, allowing plants to grow freely. 

11. Circular Gazebo

Tour Of Steve Harvey's $1.1M House In Texas_12

In the backyard, there is a large circular gazebo with a fire pit in the center. It can accommodate up to 10 people, and from there guests can enjoy the views of nature.

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