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Gold Medal Athlete Quits Olympic Games To Save Her Horse

Athletes spend four years dedicated to one thing only, training for the Olympic Games. However, this Olympic athlete didn't make it to the podium, though it wasn't because she got a low score.


1. Dutch dressage rider Adelinde Cornelissen fans were left speachless when she decided to quit the Rio Olympic Games just minutes into the test, after her horse Parzival fell ill.


2. In years past, Adelinde Cornelissen has won an Olympic silver and bronze, as well as other World and European gold medals with her chestnut gelding horse Parzival.


3. This 37-year-old recently told her story on Facebook, saying her horse Parzival fell ill on Tuesday after he was bitten by a spider or some other kind of insect.


4. According to Cornelissen, she knew something wasn't quite right once the two entered the arena.


5. This heartbreaking decision was made more difficult as it was likely to be Parzival's final time at the Olympics since he's 19 years old.


6. Although it must have been a tough decision, Cornelissen knew that it wasn't worth the risk of further harming Parzival.


7. That's GOLD right there, Adelinde.


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