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A Mom Never Fed Her Baby Sugar Or Carbs, And It Led To An Unexpected Result

Being obsessed with wellness and diet, Shannon Cooper excluded Sugar and Cards from her and her newborn baby's life. Would such controversial action cause any problems for the baby's health? Read on and find out! 


1. Cooper The Diet Enthusiast

Australian health and wellness coach Shannon Cooper is deeply devoted to nutrition and diets study. When her daughter Grace was born in 2014, she made a bold decision for her baby that caused such a stir for both her family and the public. 

This Baby Has Never Eaten Sugar Or Carbs, And The Result Is Incredible_18

2. Cooper Made This Drastic Decision

As soon as Grace reached the age to have demand for food, Cooper decided to feed her with the Paleo diet. It meant that her daughter would not eat anything processed. A storm of criticism followed, but she was determined and nothing could change.

This Baby Has Never Eaten Sugar Or Carbs, And The Result Is Incredible_19

3. What Is The Paleo Diet?

The Paleo diet is also called the caveman diet. People who follow this diet eat only meat, fruit, and vegetables, just like Stone Age men. Cooper has been following the diet since 2010 and felt great. But how would the baby react to the diet? Will she get hurt?

This Baby Has Never Eaten Sugar Or Carbs, And The Result Is Incredible_20

4. Would The Strict Diet Work?

Although the Paleo diet is quite healthy, including all natural ingredients. However, it also lacks dairy and legumes, which are necessary for our daily life. Without these essential nutrients, would Greece make it through?

This Baby Has Never Eaten Sugar Or Carbs, And The Result Is Incredible_21

5. She Has Been Warned

When Cooper inquired a pediatrician for medical advice, she was earnestly warned. However, the doctor's warning didn't stop her, instead, she began the Paleo diet on the first day of Grace's birth. 

This Baby Has Never Eaten Sugar Or Carbs, And The Result Is Incredible_22

6. Cooper Made This Exception

In the best interests of newborn Grace, Cooper made one exception by breastfeeding Grace for the first few months. It was completely fine though since Cooper herself was already on the diet. After all, you are what you eat. Still, there was quite a learning curve.


7. Cooper Ignored A Piece Of Advice

When it was time to transition from breast milk to formula and solids, Cooper didn't use the recipes that Celebrity Paleo chef Pete Evans developed, or jarred baby food sold in stores. Instead, she stuck to her Paleo ideals.


8. Cooper Made Her Baby's Food Herself

She filled her daughter's food with the wholesome nutrients she needed, and all the specially-prepared meals were free of sugars, preservatives, and were unprocessed. The only thing left to see was how it would affect little Grace.


9. Grace Was Eating Healthier Than Most Adults

Grace ate plenty of fruits and veggies, and has never in her life had the carbs and other sugary treats that kids love. On such a restricted diet, many people still questioned whether Grace was getting enough nutrients. Cooper would only see the results as Grace grew up.


10. The Amazing Result

Her mother claims that Grace has only ever gotten a mild cold once in the first few years of her life, and Grace doesn't catch anything even when she is around sick kids all the time. Cooper believes the Paleo diet has strengthened Grace's immune system.


11. How Is Cooper Going To Approach This As Grace Gets Older?

Even though Cooper has successfully raised Grace on the Paleo diet so far, she knows that it won't be this way for Grace's entire life. There will inevitably come a time when Grace encounters foods that aren't allowed by the diet, and Cooper will let her decide for herself.


12. Cooper Wants Grace To Feel Good About What She Eats

Cooper explains on her blog, "I take what I like from different food approaches and recipes and adapt it to suit what makes me feel good." She continues, "Females particularly have enough problems with eating disorders. I want Grace to eat what makes her feel good."


13. Cooper Believes In Eating Whenever You Want

The idea that there is a set time for breakfast, lunch, and dinner is really a human concept, but Cooper follows it quite loosely. "I feel like I can eat more intuitively rather than just eating because it's 'lunch time' etc. I listen to my body and hunger signals."


14. Cooper Hopes That Grace Is Learning From All Of This

Cooper tries to have open and honest conversations with her daughter about their lifestyle practices. She involves Grace in many aspects of her career, and the knowledge Grace gains from Cooper will hopefully allow Grace to make conscious and informed decisions on her own.


15. Cooper Helps Others Live Healthy Too

Cooper's blog, My Food Religion, has tons of healthy recipes that incorporate aspects of various diets. Cooper has also made a living out of teaching private classes and workshops for people who want to learn how to prepare healthy foods and change their lifestyles.

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