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The Top 8 Must-Buy Scents From Bath & Body Works

Is this what you are like when you shop at Bath & Body Works? You go there with the single goal to buy a bottle of body lotion. But you instantly get tempted by other staff, like hand creams, bath fizzies and foaming soaps, because everything smells so good there. You remind yourself to focus on the task at hand but ultimately fall into the vortex of B&BW scents. You couldn’t stop your desire even if your hands were full. You finally end up losing your mind JUST WANTING MORE!

bath and body works

You might be surprised that B&BW has OVER 200 fragrances for its products. On the official website, you can pick a scent you favor most according to the A-Z list of fragrances, or you can select a fragrance from the eight categories it divides into, namely Citrus, Exotic, Floral, Fresh, Fruit, Gourmand, Warm and Woods. Seriously, How could one person make a choice among that many choices? If the above scenery precisely depicted your status at B&BW, you will benefit a lot from this Article. Because we’ve selected the 8 MOST POPULAR SCENTS from B&BW for you. Thank us later baby!

Top 1: Warm Vanilla Sugar - The Best Holiday Choice For any Girl At All Ages

This scent smells so delicious and edible that it makes you feel like warm vanilla cookies fresh out of the oven when you wear it. And it’s also very calming, soothing and with a sense of joy. It goes well with holiday seasons and has the magic to cheer you up. Many clients find it a good choice for vacations, especially Christmas. How can you refuse a sweet, warm and cozy scent which makes you feel so loved? We sincerely recommend the Warm Vanilla Sugar fragrance to any girl at all ages. The product available in this scent is diverse, including bath fizzy, body lotion, foaming soap and 3-wick candles.

Warm Vanilla Sugar

Top 2: Twilight Woods - Wear This Yummy While Sexy Scent On Your Date Night

It smells edible as well as Warm Vanilla Sugar. You have to try very hard to prevent yourself from eating it because the scent is really YUMMY! But don’t get me wrong, it’s sweet but also sexy and elegant. After wearing this, you will feel like walking in a dark forest and adventuring the wild woods. It could even remind you of the fantasy novels you read when you were a child. But this scent is going to be retired soon, the shower gel, body lotion, fragrance mist and body cream are still in stock. Just try it before it’s sold out and hoping its throwback.

Twilight Woods

Top 3: Japanese Cherry Blossom - Be A Mysterious Lady And Take All The Compliments

This scent would bring you numerous compliments because people passing by you couldn’t help telling you how good you smell. It’s floral and fresh, yet sexy and mysterious. Like the other scents from B&BW, the fragrance of Japanese Cherry Blossom is noticeable but not too heavy, making you smell attractive in a natural way. Once you try this scent, you might want the complete set!

Japanese Cherry Blossom

Top 4: Sweet Pea - Pump Up Your Confidence And Flirt With All Cute Guys You Want

Though the word ‘sweet’ is in its name, it does not make sweet the only characteristic of this fragrance. Some girls tell us this scent make them feel approachable and confident, because every time they wear it they get sweet comments from others, especially from cute guys of course. Though it’s not a seasonal scent, you’ll definitely find a smell of spring in it. All in all, this fragrance smells fresh, and fruity while still being FLIRTY!

Sweet Pea

Top 5: Country Apple - Don’t Worry, Be Happy!

If you are a fan of apple, you might want this Country Apple scent to be your signature smell. Just imagine you're in a fresh apple orchard, where everything smells so fruity, delicious and sun-shining. This scent has the magic power to make you feel HAPPY from deep within your heart and brighten up your everyday life. It’s a must try.

Country Apple

Top 6: Moonlight Path - Be A Girly Yet Flirtatious Lady At This Romantic Night

I must admit sometimes it’s the name of the scent that makes it irresistible. Moonlight Path sounds romantic, quiet and mysterious. And the lucky thing is that Moonlight Path smells as good as it sounds. This scent finds a perfect balance between girly and flirtatious. It’s not too overpowering but long lasting, going from day to night with ease. Many clients find it smells even better than those luxury brand perfumes. We bet you’ll fall in love with this subtle scent.

Moonlight Path

Top 7: Sensual Amber - Go Get Sexy And Alluring By Sunset

This is not a super-sweetie-sweet type of fragrance, instead it’s warm, mature and alluring. It reminds you of the feeling of late autumn or early winter, which is subtle and sophisticated. You might not be a fan of amber scents, but this one is different. Sensual Amber smells musky and romantic just like those high-end perfumes. It’s not too overwhelming, and as it fades, it gets softer and tenderer.

Sensual Amber

Top 8: Cucumber Melon - Please! Bring Me Back To ’90s!

Cucumber Melon is definitely a STAR scent. Last mid-year, B&BW brought it back to cart as one of the best-selling ’90s scents which had been retired for years. It’s refreshing and relaxing, just like the smell of a summer breeze. As it’s light and fresh, the scent doesn’t last very long. However, Cucumber Melon is still the most-wanted scent for many clients.

Cucumber Melon

Hopefully, with this scent list, you’ll NOT get lost at a B&BW shop anymore and still find a scent you favor. All in all, we wish you smell DAMN GOOD!

bath and body works

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