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The Surprising Reason People Call This Guy "Dad Of The Year"

While raising children may seem easy to an outsider, only a parent knows the daily struggle. This is especially true for Greg Wickherst, a single father living with his young daughter. He handles most aspects of raising a little girl on his own well, except one thing: her hair! To solve this conundrum, the single father did something really spectacular!


Greg is a single dad. He's made it his top priority to raise his beloved daughter in a loving home. He's taking care of his little girl all on his own, and he does the very best of his abilities. But for a single dad, it's not always easy, and it can be downright difficult sometimes.


Greg once lovingly said, "My favorite part of the day is when I wake her up and get her out of bed and she's still sleepy, so she nuzzles her face into my neck." But it's also in the morning that he meets a particular challenge for many men - styling a little girl's hair.


"I started trying to put ponytails in, and for some reason, I couldn't figure it out," He explained in an interview. But Greg wasn't giving up. He asked the cosmetology department of the college he works at for help and took lessons on hair styling.


"I spent a couple hours just working on a mannequin and (the instructor) showed me how to do a bun, a French braid, all the different styles," Greg recalled. Once he managed to get a few skills locked into his repertoire, it was a cinch to learn more.


After getting some much-needed pointers from the beauty school, Greg began to practice these techniques on his own daughter, and they're coming along really well! Just look at these beautiful braids.


The father and daughter have so much fun planning her hairstyles, and they grow closer with one another as a parent and child. In the process, Greg started a toddler hairstyle revolution!


Greg then decided to pass his learnings to other dads who could potentially be struggling with the same trouble. He posted instructional videos on YouTube and also launched a Facebook page of hair inspiration photos under the moniker The Hair Dad.


Greg's followers love the hairstyles he's done for his daughter. They appreciate the hard work he is doing to make Izzy's life a little more special, and they're thankful that they can do the same for their daughters because of his guidance.


But Greg isn't full of himself. He admits that his attempts at trying to create an awesome look aren't always picture-worthy. By admitting that, he can actually progress and will surely become more skilled.


"Last weekend, I ended up with ten ponytails in her hair, and I tried to put them together and it didn't turn out very well," he recalled. Nevertheless, Greg stuck with it and eventually managed to do a hairstyle Izzy was happy with.


Greg has kept inspiring lots of dads the world over. His college even hosted a Daddy-Daughter Hairdo Day, where dads can learn hairstyles ranging from a simple chignon bun to a complicated double-Dutch braid.


Despite his fame, for Greg, the most important thing is still sharing the special time with his daughter, brushing, braiding, and giggling together each day. Obviously, it has been a way for the father and daughter to bond.


Izzy may not understand why her dad has attracted so much attention from other people, but she does love his new skills. Best of all, she still has plenty of years to have her father style her hair.


What an inspiring dad! Luckily for Greg, he wanted to improve as a single parent and be there for his daughter, and he made it happen, and it paid off in a big way! That's what being a parent is all about!


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