The Rifleman: 16 Surprising Facts You Never Knew About The Hit TV Series

You never really see a proper western on TV anymore. However, back in the mid-1900s, westerns were some of the most popular series around, such as "The Rifleman." This legendary American Western TV series starred Chuck Connors as widowed rancher Lucas McCain and Johnny Crawford as his young son, Mark McCain. The chemistry between the two stars struck a chord with viewers. Now, it’s still considered a timeless classic. Read on to find out some surprising facts and secrets you might not know about "The Rifleman".

1. Chuck Connors Turned Down The Role Of Lucas McCain At First


When The Rifleman's producers offered Chuck Connors the leading role of Lucas McCain, Connors turned it down because of the low salary. The producers then decided to turn to John Anderson and James Whitmore for the role. However, they discovered something unusual...

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