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The Reasons Meghan Left The Royal Life Behind

On January 8, 2020, Meghan and Prince Harry announced that they were going to take a "step back" from their senior roles in the royal family, which came as a shock to many. Three months later, they resigned from their positions and left behind a life of duty and privilege. They seemed to be confident in their future life. A question may arise in your mind - why do they want to give up their royal status? Perhaps it all started from the experiences that Meghan had in the royal family.

The Reasons Meghan Left The Royal Life Behind_1

1. Meghan Married Once Before She Met Prince Harry

The Reasons Meghan Left The Royal Life Behind_2

Everyone knows that Meghan was not born into the royal family and once married Trevor Engelson in 2004 before she met Prince Harry. It became one thing that prevented Meghan from fitting into the royal family.

2. Meghan Used To Be An Actress

The Reasons Meghan Left The Royal Life Behind_3

Another reason that Meghan might not have been able to fit into the royal family is due to her background as an actress. It is said that Prince Philip warned Harry about marrying Markle for this very reason: "One steps out with actresses, one doesn't marry them."

3. William Warned His Brother About Marrying Her

The Reasons Meghan Left The Royal Life Behind_4

Apart from Prince Philip, William had also warned his brother not to be in such a hurry to make such a big decision. Despite the warnings from William and his grandfather, Harry confirmed that he had found the right woman and married Meghan six months after proposing to her.

4. Meghan Was Called The "Degree" Wife

The Reasons Meghan Left The Royal Life Behind_5

It's not just Prince Philip who was skeptical about Meghan Markle's place in the royal family. According to The Sunday Times, a senior royal member called her "the degree wife," which implied the couple's marriage will "only last three years". This was not the first time that a royal insider had given Meghan Markle an unflattering nickname.

5. She Has Other Nicknames

The Reasons Meghan Left The Royal Life Behind_6

Meghan was often said to be high maintenance. Her other nicknames include "Me-Gain," which might refer to the way that she treats her staff; "Duchess Difficult," the most infamous moniker, refers to the fact that she sent out emails in the early hours demanding all sorts of things. According to The Sunday Times, she once yelled at someone for suggesting she wear 'garbage' tights from M&S.  

6. The Queen Broke The Rules For Her, But…

The Reasons Meghan Left The Royal Life Behind_7

Queen Elizabeth accepted her granddaughter-in-law and has bent and broken many rules for Meghan Markle. The Queen had allowed Meghan to attend the family Christmas party before she tied the knot with Harry, which had never happened before. In the past, only family members were eligible to participate. Not to mention the fact that Meghan was a divorcee. There are some things however that the Queen has forbidden Meghan to do.

7. Meghan Was Not Allowed To Be Close To The Crown Jewels

The Reasons Meghan Left The Royal Life Behind_8

The Queen stopped Meghan Markle from having access to the jewelry from the Royal Collection, but was lenient to Kate. Commentator Gavin Gray said one thing: Harry once said Meghan could get what Meghan wants, while the Queen responded, "I decide what necklace is going to be worn out of the Royal Collection." This was just the start of Meghan and Kate's reported feud. 

8. The Queen Didn't Attend Archie's Christening

The Reasons Meghan Left The Royal Life Behind_9

Generally speaking, a baby can bring a family closer together, but Archie's arrival hasn't helped that much. The Queen didn't appear at his christening, despite showing up to her other grandchildren's ceremonies. No one can explain the Queen's absence, especially when she organized a big 38th birthday party for Meghan.

9. Meghan Made Kate Cry?

The Reasons Meghan Left The Royal Life Behind_10

Meghan reportedly made Kate Middleton cry shortly before her wedding because she put lots of pressure on Kate and wanted her to wear "the very best" bridesmaid dress, despite the fact that Kate had only just given birth to her third child, Prince Louis. When the news came out, Meghan Markle did herself no favors.

10. She Was Down The Royal Pecking Order

The Reasons Meghan Left The Royal Life Behind_11

Trooping the color is a glorious occasion to celebrate the armies of Great Britain and the Commonwealth, as well as being the Queen's "official" birthday. The royal family always gets together to watch the spectacle. One thing about the layout of the family was how Kate was standing at the front while Meghan Markle was at the back with Harry.

11. She Made Mistakes On Instagram

The Reasons Meghan Left The Royal Life Behind_12

Harry and Meghan created an official "Sussex Royal" Instagram account to reach out to their followers. However, royal expert Melanie Bromley was quick to point out that they kept making mistakes on their Instagram. The errors were things like using the term "everyday" instead of "every day."

12. She Was Unable To Follow Protocol

The Reasons Meghan Left The Royal Life Behind_13

Many experts have criticized Meghan for not following standard royal protocol. Harry once corrected her to face forward twice, and she eventually turned around with tears in her eyes. Meghan was struggling to fit in with royal traditions and customs; this may simply boil down to cultural differences.

13. She Is An American Woman

The Reasons Meghan Left The Royal Life Behind_14

Meghan Markle might have never been able to truly fit into the royal family because she's American. It might be too late for her to comfortably take on new traditions that seem so alien to her.

14. The Media Has Placed Too Much Pressure On Meghan

The Reasons Meghan Left The Royal Life Behind_15

The media and the public have put loads of pressure on Meghan Markle regarding her role in the royal family. One of Meghan's friends, Priyanka Chopra, believes that she is being treated unfairly due to her background. "It has to do with racism, and it's an obvious reason." She said.

15. She Is An Independent Woman

The Reasons Meghan Left The Royal Life Behind_16

Despite confronting so much pressure, Meghan insists on being herself. The principle applies to the way she dresses, even after marrying Harry. She wore sleeveless dresses at public events and was even seen with bare legs instead of wearing formal tights as required in public.

16. She Has Changed Harry

The Reasons Meghan Left The Royal Life Behind_17

Meghan's struggle to fit in has changed the way that Harry behaves. "All of Harry's staff have always thought he was fantastic, but the two of them [together] are high maintenance," according to Duncan Larcombe, who wrote for The Sun for many years. Prince Harry no longer hangs out with his best friends after marrying Meghan. One of his friends said that Harry has shifted all of his attention over to his wife, and has concentrated on starting a family.

17. Harry Always Stands Up For Her

The Reasons Meghan Left The Royal Life Behind_18

One factor that drove a wedge between Meghan Markle and the family is Prince Harry's attitude toward both parties. Harry has always been a rebellious figure in the family. After he married, he became more uncompromising and stood up for Meghan very forcibly on numerous occasions.

18. She Got Prince Charles' Approval

The Reasons Meghan Left The Royal Life Behind_19

Many royal family members are unfriendly with Meghan, but Prince Charles is not included. He had positive feelings towards his daughter-in-law and showed so much love to Meghan and Harry. Prince Charles might be the only person who can understand the choice that Harry made.

19. The Couple Are Planning To Africa

The Reasons Meghan Left The Royal Life Behind_20

Another reason that Meghan is splitting from the Royal Foundation is that the couple want to pursue their own charitable endeavors. The pair were planning a potential move to Africa, where there is an organization named Sentebale, which aims to support children's mental and physical health in countries such as Botswana and Lesotho.

20. The Couple Prefers Simple Life

The Reasons Meghan Left The Royal Life Behind_21

Meghan and Harry eventually decided to uproot their lives and left the royal family behind. Taking a step back from the royal life will give Markle a chance to do what she wants.

21. We Give Our Best Wishes To Them

The Reasons Meghan Left The Royal Life Behind_22

All in all, it was clear that Meghan was struggling to fit in the royal family, and so was Harry. Meghan is an independent woman and trying to make her way in the world. Her life as a royal was too restrictive. Harry, who lost his mother at a young age, seems to have found his love in the world again. Whatever the case may be, the pair deserves to be happy, and we wish them the best of luck in whatever they decide to do.

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