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The Elaborate Houses Of Joanna Gaines And Other HGTV Stars

Every week, we watch Joanna Gaines and other HGTV hosts renovate ugly ducklings into lavish houses. But how are the stars' own homes decorated? Are their real estates as luxurious as the projects they completed on HGTV? Click through to see how your favorite HGTV stars are living, and you'll be surprised by the wall color in Genevieve Gorder's living room.

1. Christina Anstead's New House

The Flip or Flop star Christina Anstead (formerly Christina El Moussa) needed a change after she divorced Tarek El Moussa, and she targeted her Orange County house for the makeover. With an estimated $4 million net worth, Christina changed everything about the house, updating it to a gray, white, and black palette. Her new home can be described as being "rustic glam."


2. Nicole Curtis Loves Monograms

Nicole Curtis, the Rehab Addict star on HGTV with a $7 million net worth, lives a fairly private life. One thing about her home that is clear is that she loves monograms. From the towels in the bathroom to the pillows in her bedroom, you can find something adorned with a monogram in just about every room.


3. Nicole Curtis' Style Is Shabby-Chic

More information about Nicole Curtis's home can be gleaned from the houses she has designed and decorated on HGTV. Curtis believes that "original is best," so she has a style the Detroit Metro Times described as "thrift store shabby-chic." This belief is shown off beautifully with her simple wood floors and antique furniture.


4. Chip and Joanna Gaines's Farmhouse

Chip and Joanna Gaines are the stars of the monumental smash Fixer Upper on HGTV. With a combined net worth of $18 million, the design duo bought a 19th-century farmhouse in Texas in 2012. After lots of renovation, the Gaines turned the 40-acre plot of land into a perfect two bedroom home, featuring an open floor plan on the main level and a vintage style kitchen with open shelving and an island. The house is currently for sale for $625,000.


5. The Gaines' Cottonland Castle

In 2019, Chip and Joanna Gaines bought the over 100-years-old Cottonland Castle in Texas. Cottonland was listed at $425,000, though the sale price was undisclosed. Originally constructed in 1913, the 6,700-square-foot stone castle needed significant renovation, and "their efforts will focus on fully completing the home's long overdue and well-deserved restoration."


6. Everything Is Practical For Joanna Gaines

When designing her two houses, one important principle for Joanna Gaines is that everything needs to be practical, meaning every design must have a purpose. Joanna doesn't believe in decorating for the sake of decorating. If there is going to be an island in the kitchen, there is a use behind it. Their farmhouse proves that practicality can be both chic and mind-blowing.


7. Jonathan And Drew Scott Prioritized Their Game Room

The Property Brothers stars prioritized one thing above all else in their 4,000-square-foot home in Las Vegas. That's the game room, which includes a billiards table, a wet bar, and of course, a swimming pool. Coming with a hot tub, waterslide, and swim-up bar, the swimming pool in resort-style is best described as a mini water park.


8. The Scott Brothers Also Built A Home For Their Parents

With a joint net worth of $20 million, the Scott brothers also built a Southwestern-style guest house for their parents. Adjacent to the identical twins' Las Vegas "bro-home," the abode is almost exclusively reserved for their parents, who can enjoy a spacious living room, a comfortable bedroom, a full kitchen, and all the other amenities they could ask for.


9. Vern Yip Has A Special Home For His Pets

The HGTV's Deserving Design star can be called many things, except one: simple. Vern Yip loves lavish so much that he created an incredibly over-the-top home just for his pets. The doghouse includes never-ending dog treats, several cozy dog beds, and a personal den with framed photos. Yip has taken his love for his pets so far, but for his human family, he hasn't taken it far enough.


10. Vern's Actual Home Is Surprisingly Simple

With a net worth of $3 million, Vern offers his dogs a kind of luxury life. But for his human family, Vern toned down the over-extravagance. He lives with his family in a house that is surprisingly simple and practical. His kids' rooms, for instance, were decorated with colors and furniture that are age appropriate for the youngsters, instead of choosing a childish color scheme.


11. David Bromstad's Home Was Colorful

The Color Splash star often transforms bland rooms into colorful, energy-filled spaces on HGTV. As for his own home in Miami, Mr. Color Splash has also livened it up with bold colors, making it a one-of-the-kind condo. With a $2 million net worth, Bromstad anchored the bedroom with near-neon green leaf wallpaper while keeping the furniture white hot.


12. Scott McGillivray's Canadian Mansion

With a net worth of roughly $4 million, the host of Income Property moved his family into a mansion in Toronto. Scott's final home is nothing short of amazing with a beautiful master suite, an expansive kitchen, a "femme-den" for his wife Sabrina, a playroom for his kids, and a workshop for himself. The entire house is in a neutral palette and will never go out of style.


13. Tarek El Moussa Bought A Random House

Like his ex-wife Christina, Tarek El Moussa also found himself a new house after their divorce. The Flip or Flop star was driving through Costa Mesa, California one day when he spotted the perfect project. Within hours, Tarek signed the contract for his new dream home dropping $2.28 million. What follows is how he turned his purchase into the start of a new life.


14. Tarek's House Is Epic

With a roughly $6 million net worth, El Moussa renovated the master suite, four bedrooms, a swimming pool, and deck area, turning his 3,010-square-foot home into the ultimate bachelor-pad-meets-dad space. He also added a BBQ and firepit in the courtyard and electric chargers in the garage. Interestingly, Christina lives only two blocks away.


15. Tanika Ray Has A Color Obsession

Tanika Ray is another HGTV star who has an affinity for bold, splashy colors. With a net worth of $3 million, the hostess of HGTV'd takes that love for vibrant hues home. Wonderful splashes of color can be seen everywhere in her own home. Her living room, for example, is filled with a mix of saturated hued and pretty patterns. Some might get stressed with this stimulation overload, but Tanika just finds it relaxing.


16. Emily Henderson Is A Flea Market Master

The Secrets From a Stylist star is anything but fancy. Even with a net worth of millions of dollars, Emily Henderson still chose to live a frugal life, and that includes her home decoration. The unique look of the living room was cobbled together from various flea markets, vintage stores, and online retailers. This HGTV star would rather use her well-earned money on vacations instead of $10,000 couches.


17. Sarah Richardson Believes In Pattern Matching

The hostess of Sarah 101 is another HGTV renovation master with a unique taste. Henderson is a big fan of bold colors and a strong proponent of matching patterns. Her dream home in Creemore, Ontario was designed to be a perfect weekend getaway. There, you can't find any pattern out of place. Sarah definitely enjoys peace and happiness in her magical abode.


18. Sabrina Soto Enjoys Neatness

The host of The High Low Project likes everything to be neat. A self-confessed "neatnik," Sabrina Soto used this mentality in designing her New York City home. With a net worth of $2 million, the design expert keeps her apartment spotless, bright, and happy. Look at her living room. Grounded with a crisp, white backdrop and dotted with colorful accents and a geometric rug, the space looks fresh. "I just love accessories and mixing and matching patterns," Soto says.


19. Genevieve Gorder Lightened Up Her Apartment With Black Paint

HGTV's Dear Genevieve star has a unique interior design taste, too. Genevieve Gorder painted the walls of the living room of her Manhattan apartment black, claiming "place anything in front of black and it becomes more beautiful, more dramatic, and more noticeable." The designer also pumped up the space with pattern-rich textiles and timeworn furniture, including a 110-year-old cabinet from a bait and tackle store.


20. Moroccan Theme Of Gorder's House

Another theme running through Gorder's Manhattan home is Moroccan print. Her bathroom was done with tiny Moroccan tiles. Instead of importing tiles from Morocco, Gorder actually bought them in Arizona, even with her $5 million net worth. Her daughter Bebelle's room also features a Moroccan print pouf, leaf-print wallpaper, and most notably, a swing mounted from the ceiling.


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