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Privacy Policy

BuzzAura always puts users’ private information safety in the first place. Therefore, we consummate our cookie and privacy policy, through which users will have a basic understanding of what cookies are, what information we collect, how we deal with the information, and how to manage your cookies settings.


Cookies are small text files, which can be seen as tiny trackers connecting users and the websites. They allow the website to remember users’ choices and activities. For instance, when you browse BuzzAura, your personal preferences, device information, operating system, personal interests, and so on can be recorded by us. According to the information collected, we can optimize our service so that users can get the best browsing experience, such as customized content and personalized advertising. Besides, cookies do not collect any private information of users, and users are free to choose to disable or enable the operation of cookies.

Types of Cookies

Essential Cookies: They are essential for you in the browsing experience, without which the basic functions of our website will be unavailable. For example, if the essential cookies are restricted, we cannot save your preferences, and you cannot stay logged in or publish comments on our website.

Analytics Cookies: These cookies are used for statistical purposes, with which we can know how our website is accessed and used. These cookies can be opted out in the settings.

Gooble Analytics is used by us to measure how you interact with our website. It is Google's free web analytics service, which could analyze in-depth detail about your activities on our website.

Performance and Functionality Cookies: These cookies store visitors’ browsing history on our website. Performance cookies are to monitor every performance on our website and store the data on how our website is used by visitors. By analyzing these data, we can find how well our service performs. Functionality cookies are to collect users’ personal preferences, which is significant for customization. If you block them, they will no longer have personalized ads and content carefully selected by us.

Advertising Cookies: Depending on these cookies, our website could provide personal ads uniquely to each user based on previous web browsing activity records. These personal ads are selected according to users’ interests.

Third-party Cookies: These cookies are sent to you by our partners. Some of them may automatically transmit visitors’ information to our third-party partners without informing us. We highly suggest that you should check the third-party information in detail when you are browsing our website.

Besides, our partner Outbrain is also allowed to use your cookies. A third-party content provider, Outbrain offers you more funny contents accurately. More detailed information can be seen in the Privacy Policy of Outbrain.

Users’ choices regarding cookies

If you would like to block or delete cookies, you could go to the setting page of the browser and find relevant options. Nevertheless, you should be informed that you still can see the advertisements or third-party links on our website after turning off the cookies function. They just cannot get personalized service. Meanwhile, other functions of our website will not work, such as storing users’ preferences, and some pages may not display properly as well.

If you still feel confused about what cookies are and how cookies work, here are two useful links that comprehensively introduce the knowledge of cookies:

Privacy Policy

In this section, we will elaborate on what information BuzzAura collects from users, how we use it, and other issues. It indicates that you agree to this policy when you browse our website.

The information we collect

The information we collect just contains what you have done on our website rather than your personal information, to be more specific, information like what content you look at, how long you stay on each page, and how many times each page has been looked through. We definitely need this information to improve our content and optimize our service for users.

How do we use the information?

After the collection of information, we do a systematic analysis to identify the advantages and disadvantages of every page on our website. This statistical feedback helps us modify the promotion strategy in the next stage.

Legal Issue

We will not hesitate to disclose the information we collect if we are asked to do so by law. We will not reject any requirement dispatched by a law enforcement agency.

Property Claim

There is no affiliation between us and any trademark or logo displayed on our website, which means these symbols are only the properties of their respective owners.

Safety Concern

We proclaim that all content provided by us is hundred-percent secure, and there is no attached virus or cheat in the pages. Additionally, the information we collect will not be shared with any other third party without users’ explicit permission.

Policy change

This policy could be modified from time to time. How we deal with the information we collect will follow the Privacy Policy in effect when the information is used. Users must obey any change of the Privacy Policy when they first use our service after the modification of the Privacy Policy.

Contact Us

We are sincerely looking forward to your suggestions and fixing any problems for you. Please feel free to contact us.

Email address: [email protected]

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