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Peek Inside Jaclyn Smith's $13M Luxury House

1. House Up On Market

Peek Inside Jaclyn Smith's $13M Luxury House_1

The Bel Air mansion, which Charlie's Angels star Jaclyn Smith bought, is now on the market for $13 million. Take a look at the 6-bedroom and 7-bathroom home that Jaclyn Smith once owned.

2. The Historical Mansion

Peek Inside Jaclyn Smith's $13M Luxury House_2

Originally owned by Hollywood legend Betty Grable and then sold to many other celebrities, including Jaclyn Smith and Stephen Stills, the house is a celebrity favorite. Located at 1280 Stone Canyon Road, the classic Hollywood property is idyllic and elegant.

3. The Whole At A Glance 

Peek Inside Jaclyn Smith's $13M Luxury House_3

The house's first floor is filled with antique furniture and statues, and the light-colored stone brick floor provides a classic vibe. The second floor's corridor has shelves full of books, which has the effect of giving off a literary atmosphere.

4. Living Room

Peek Inside Jaclyn Smith's $13M Luxury House_4

The whole living room is bathed in soft gold and ivory white. Antique ochre cabinets, turquoise statues, and the contemporary painting create a stylistic shock.

5. Kitchen

Peek Inside Jaclyn Smith's $13M Luxury House_5

Give priority to iron-gray and light wood color, the kitchen style tends to be more simple and contemporary. A variety of types of storage cabinets are a paradise for people who love to cook.

6. Dining Room

Peek Inside Jaclyn Smith's $13M Luxury House_6

The dining room is filled with different shades of green. Chandeliers hanging from the ceiling are paired with green-mist chairs and together create a sense of peace as if time has slowed down.

7. Master Bedroom

Peek Inside Jaclyn Smith's $13M Luxury House_7

The main tone of the master bedroom is also chartreuse and beige. The fireplace, sofa, and bedroom bench are simple and easy on the eye; the only eye-catching contrast is the painting full of lines.

8. Master Bathroom

Peek Inside Jaclyn Smith's $13M Luxury House_8

The bathroom is pure elegance. Symmetrically matched dark brown sinks ensure that there is no argument between host and hostess over who washes first. Perhaps the sink on the right side belongs to Jaclyn, as she is particularly fond of flowers. 

9. Cloakroom

Peek Inside Jaclyn Smith's $13M Luxury House_9

The cloakroom is full of boxy elements: square shaped windows, cabinets, closets. Clothes are placed in order, and the hosts can sit and think on the chair about what to wear for the day. 

10. Library

Peek Inside Jaclyn Smith's $13M Luxury House_10

Unlike other grand, cathedral-like libraries, the actress's library is much cozier. Here, one can sit at the stately antique table and do some research or slouch on the lower sofa and read a novel to kill time.

11. Entertainment Room

Peek Inside Jaclyn Smith's $13M Luxury House_11

It's nice to have good friends chatting and playing billiards in the entertainment room. Yet Jaclyn never loses track of time when enjoying herself. She would know the time as soon as she looks up at the grandfather clock. 

12. Wine Cellar

Peek Inside Jaclyn Smith's $13M Luxury House_12

In the basement of the house is a wine cellar. The Smiths have saved up enough wine for the couple's evening aperitif or for any big party they decide to host.

13. The Outside

Peek Inside Jaclyn Smith's $13M Luxury House_13

Unlike many celebrity homes with smooth lawns, Jaceln's backyard is more natural: the flagstone path serves as the main road, flanked by unkempt shrubs with stone borders. After dark, the whole garden is lit up by soft lights.

14. In The Summer Day

Peek Inside Jaclyn Smith's $13M Luxury House_14

There is a small swimming pool in the middle of the garden. In summer, the roses around the pond bloom, and the fragrance of flowers fills the air and gives everyone a feeling of summertime happiness.

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