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Mother Cat Left Paralyzed After Being Attacked By A Neighbor

This is a story proving that the power of a mother's love exists not only in humans but also in the animal kingdom. Click through to read the whole story.

1. A woman said she was feeding a stray cat with kittens in her yard in Australia.


2. A neighbor tried to kill the stray cat.

One day mom cat accidently wandered into the wrong yard. The neighbor who lived there grabbed the mom cat by the tail and threw her against a trailer.


3. The injured cat dragged herself to the spot where she left her babies.

The cat was thought to be dead. However, the next day the most unbelievable thing happened. With only her front paws, the cat began dragging herself to the spot where she last saw her babies.


4. However, her one-week-old babies were already taken in by an animal rescue group.


5. The local RSPCA picked up the distraught mom right away and reunited her with her kittens.


6. Unfortunately, mom cat is paralyzed for life.

Now named Princess, the cat is sadly paralyzed for life. She can't even urinate or defecate on her own. Dee Walton, the owner of Sawyers Gully Animal Rescue, is going to take good care of her for her special needs.


7. There are plans being made to get Princess, the mom cat, her own wheelchair.

For now, poor Princess can take comfort in nursing her loved babies. Those kittens give her the will to live.


8. The man responsible for this tragedy has since been arrested.


9. Walton says Princess is a fighter, and she teaches him everyday not to give up.


10. Never underestimate the power of a mother's love. A mother would sacrifice everything for her children.


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