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Orange is the New Black Season 5: Out of Character, Out of Your League

Whether you've been following the show for years or just started getting into it, you are probably more familiar with the cast as they are in Litchfield Correctional Facility than in real life. So what do these ladies look like outside of khaki uniforms?
Check out their screen-to-street transformations. (Heads-up, click to the end to see some bonus facts!)

orange is the new black

On the show: Piper Chapman

piper chapman

In real life: Taylor Schilling

taylor schilling

On the show: Suzanne "Crazy Eyes" Warren

suzanne warren

In real life: Uzo Aduba

uzo aduba

On the show: Sophia Burset

sophia burst

In real life: Laverne Cox

laverne cox

On the show: Carrie "Big Boo" Black

carrie black

In real life: Lea DeLaria

lea delaria

On the show: Tasha "Taystee" Jefferson

tasha jefferson

In real life: Danielle Brooks

danielle brooks

Bonus round! We know how much you long for some specific details of season 5, so here are 5 OITNB fun facts:

orange is the new black

1. Katie Holmes would have played the role of Piper Chapman but she passed because of her busy schedule.

2. In the episode where Piper and Larry first meet each other, Larry is watching Weeds; you can spot the scene on the TV in the background.

3. The prototype of Piper actually created a blog in 2003 about her time in prison--The Pipe Bomb.

4 Jodie Foster, the legendary actress, has directed two episodes of the series: the third episode of season one and the first episode of season two.

5. Real-life Larry really did write for the Modern Love column in the New York Times.

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