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Meet Malia Obama’s Boyfriend: 18 Things You Didn’t Know

Malia Obama, the former first daughter of the United States, reportedly has a boyfriend after attending Harvard University in 2017. Who is the guy that won her over and how did her father Barack Obama react? Read on to find out.


Epic Gap Year

Before enrolling Harvard University in the fall of 2017, Obama had an epic gap year that many college students could only dream of. Amsterdam, Chicago, and New York, that’s quite an experience!


Young Lovebirds

As a new student at Harvard University, Obama had been starting to get to know her classmates and used to her college life. But, she still managed to find time for romance and was seen together with a mystery man several times.


Enjoy a Date Night

Malia Obama and Farquharson were caught on camera during a date night at the theatre while checking out the show Hallelujah in London.


Meet Rory Farquharson

It turned out that Obama’s rumored boyfriend is Rory Farquharson. But who is this guy and how did he win Obama over?


He Goes to Harvard

Like Obama, Farquharson is a student at Harvard University where the couple likely first met. Whereas Malia seems to have her interest in arts, her boyfriend seems to be more interested in money, given that he has followed quite a few banking-related accounts on Twitter.


He Is a Sophomore

Rory Farquharson is 19 years old. He is a British student who joined the Harvard class of 2020 in 2017. Malia Obama, being 19 too, is in her second semester at Harvard. What is it that Mr. Farquharson has that won her heart?


He Is Fashionable

It’s no secret that American girls tend to fall for an elegant British accent. But Farquharson is more than that. He is fashionable! Farquharson was photographed in a blue jacket, basic gray tee, dark pants, and tiny sunglasses for crying out loud. Love them or hate them, it’s college fashion.


Comes from a Decent Family

Farquharson’s father graduated from Cambridge University and is now a chief executive at an investment firm in London, and his mother is an accountant and a lay person for London’s Upper Tribunal. One more thing, Rory Farquharson revealed his humor in a letter to his 16-year-old self.


16-year-old Lanky, Over-confident School Boy

In the letter, Farquharson called himself a “lanky, over-confident public school boy, desperately trying to prove your friends how much a ‘lad’ you are and have failed miserably”. Oops.


He Wanted to Get a Haircut

Apart from this honest self-assessment, Farquharson also asked himself to get a haircut in the letter because “your floppy mop isn’t attracting the girls”. It seems that he didn’t take that advice anyway. Fortunately though, Obama doesn’t mind a bit. And, that’s not all.


Stellar at Predicting the Future

The letter has so much worth sharing. He advised himself to be open to change, stay true to himself. “You’ll even spend time living abroad.” Wow, is this boy a psychic or something? Wonder if he knew that he would end up dating the former first daughter of the U.S.A.


He Is Good at Sports

Farquharson attended the Rugby School, played rugby and golf, and co-founded the school’s chemistry lab - Blue Bunsen Society. He is “quite a catch” and “very popular,” according to some classmates. But there is a “not so good” side to this relationship.


He Deleted Social Media Accounts

Dating the former first daughter of the United States of America won’t let you become a duke or prince, yet still, there is always a cost associated. Farquharson, since he began dating Obama, deleted all his social media accounts - aside from a very few pictures on Facebook.



Farquharson interned with the Center for Democracy and Peace Building in Belfast and was highly thought of. Wonder if the former president Barack Obama has the same assessment.


President Obama Is Relaxed

Although President Barack Obama hasn’t made any comment on their relationship, he once responded, “Oh...that happened. You know, the truth is I’m pretty relaxed about it” when asked about how he is going to react when the girls start dating.


Good Examples

President Obama believes that Michelle has set a great example of how ladies carry themselves and that he himself is quite an example of how to treat women with respect. After all, he thinks his daughters are smart ladies.


He Is Loaded

As is known to all, Harvard definitely favors the rich considering that it costs around $63,000 per year. Not only that, the boarding school he attended in England is undoubtedly prestigious, as it cost $14,339 per term.


Nice Neighborhood

The Farquharson family lives in a six-bedroom, detached home in Woodbridge, Suffolk, worth over $2 million.


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