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Man Hears Hissing Sound, Then Sees Grass Lifting

Walking back home with the sun shining brightly, James couldn't wait to tend to his beloved garden. Yet just as he approached the front door, he heard constant hissing noise in the yard and saw the grass swelling up. What was happening? Was his garden still safe? Read on to find out!

1. James Carlington

Man Hears Hissing Sound, Then Sees Grass Lifting_1

James Carrington, a hard-working businessman, loved nothing more than keeping his small garden well-maintained. Under his care, the garden was green and luxuriant with infinite vitality, but all was changed on a seemingly peaceful Sunday.

2. Some Sunday Noises

Man Hears Hissing Sound, Then Sees Grass Lifting_2

The Sunday air was so crisp and clear that no one would've thought there had been a heavy storm last night. "I need to get some gardening work done while the sun still shines, for my poor little garden had a tough time yesterday." James thought as he quickened his pace home. Yet just as he was about to open the front door, James heard noises from his backyard. Had something broken into his yard?

3. The Rising Ground

Man Hears Hissing Sound, Then Sees Grass Lifting_3

He rushed toward the backyard, praying that nothing had happened. The rustling grew louder, and he saw the grass ballooned up in the center of the garden. That was where the noise was coming from. James gingerly kicked the bubble, but surprisingly found it wobbled like a giant jelly, so he stepped back and waited for it to stop wobbling. When it finally did, the owner of the garden did something unimaginable.

4. A Huge Blow

Man Hears Hissing Sound, Then Sees Grass Lifting_4

After the thrill, James' curiosity got the better of him. Just for fun, he jumped on the bubble and tried to keep his balance under the violent shaking. Once, twice, and when he jumped for the third time in delight, there was a loud thud underneath, and the bubble grew even larger. What was in it?

5. The Murky Water

Man Hears Hissing Sound, Then Sees Grass Lifting_5

James jumped off the bubble in no time and hurried home to get his gardening tools to figure this all out. Standing on the bubble once again, he began to prick it again and again, and the noise started to subside. Just as he started to wonder if there was anything in it, a big whoosh popped under his feet, and a torrent of muddy water rushed up from below, flooding the garden lawn in an instant.

6. Something Black

Man Hears Hissing Sound, Then Sees Grass Lifting_6

Over the next 15 minutes, the water flowed from the garden into the street and even formed a small river. Just as James thought it was only caused by standing water, he saw a black piece of plastic sticking out. He tried desperately to pull the black thing out but to no avail. Why were there plastic pieces under the lawn? Did they have anything to do with the bubble?

7. A Giant Sheet

Man Hears Hissing Sound, Then Sees Grass Lifting_7

Finally, James took out his shovel and made a painful decision: He needed to dig up his beloved lawn. To his surprise, the plastic thing was a giant black sheet that covered almost the entire yard, and forced him to dig from the center of the garden all the way to the edge. As he cut the plastic into pieces and dragged them out, an unpleasant odor overwhelmed his nostrils, and then he saw something old and damp hidden under it.

8. A Secret Door

Man Hears Hissing Sound, Then Sees Grass Lifting_8

Disturbed by the noise outside, James's wife rushed out only to be shocked by what lay under the lawn, "Is that a secret door, James?" She murmured. James immediately grabbed a shovel and tried to break through the door. He was so nervous and excited about the unknown that his palms were sweaty. What could it be behind the trap door?

9. The Ramshackle Stairs

Man Hears Hissing Sound, Then Sees Grass Lifting_9

James' heart was in his mouth as the door swung open. They were surprised to find some rickety steps behind the door leading to a dimly lit room. James leaned half his body down and let his wife hold his ankles so he could see what was underneath. In the light of the torch, the dark little room began to come into focus.

10. A Wine Cellar

Man Hears Hissing Sound, Then Sees Grass Lifting_10

The small space looked like a small wine cellar, with empty bottles scattered on the floor, and feeling completely abandoned. The cellar smelled of fermenting fruit and milk, a familiar smell from the plastic sheet. Reaching for a bottle of wine, James was stunned when he saw the production date.

11. The History Of The Room

Man Hears Hissing Sound, Then Sees Grass Lifting_11

The bottle dated back to the early 1900s, which meant the cellar was at least 50 years old. After digging into the house's history, James found out the truth about the wine cellar: it was built illegally and had to be closed when it was discovered. Since it had been sealed too long ago, the cellar was not in the current blueprints. As the history of the wine cellar was unraveled, James remained in thought: What about the black plastic sheet? And what caused the bubble?

12. The Black Plastic Sheet

Man Hears Hissing Sound, Then Sees Grass Lifting_12

After a bit of research, James found that plastic sheets were the easiest way to restore the appearance of the yard and reintroduce fertile soil. A plastic sheet is the best option if one doesn't want to spend too much replanting the soil. And what about the bubble?

13. The Lawn Blister

Man Hears Hissing Sound, Then Sees Grass Lifting_13

The bubble is scientifically named a lawn blister. It usually occurs when water gets trapped and builds up beneath the plastic layer, creating an area of grass that acts like a waterbed and shakes the surface. The cause of the phenomenon in James' back garden was a storm the night before. Due to the heavy rain on Saturday night, the plastic layer became filled with water, and the grass heaved.

14. Raising Awareness

Man Hears Hissing Sound, Then Sees Grass Lifting_14

Although they look fun to play with, lawn blisters can be dangerous. Just because James solved the problem in his garden smoothly doesn't mean everyone can do the same. If blisters grow too big, they can flood your lawn. If you decide to pierce the blister, lay down a drain beforehand, or the water beneath the blister will flood your house.

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