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Look Inside Vanna White's $47.5M Dream Mansion

In the 1990s, popular TV-host Vanna White built a multi-million dollar dream mansion in Los Angeles with her now ex-husband, George Santo Pietro. After their divorce, it was listed for sale at a staggering $47.5 million. Most of us can't afford it, but at least we can get a free peek inside.

Look Inside Vanna White's $47.5M Dream Mansion_1

1. Home Of Fortune

Look Inside Vanna White's $47.5M Dream Mansion_2

Vanna White's former home in Los Angeles is an extravagant Italianate mansion, set over 14,554-square-feet. It is in the prestigious gated community of Beverly Park, in Beverly Hills, surrounded by homes owned by the likes of Eddie Murphy and Sylvester Stallone. Up for sale for $47.5 million, the house is truly beautiful, with plenty of space for guests.

2. The Gates To Heaven

Look Inside Vanna White's $47.5M Dream Mansion_3

Even the gates leading up to the property are utterly picturesque. The land is watched over by palm trees and greenery, giving the entire home a mysterious and natural vibe. When you arrive at the mansion, this decorative gated entranceway definitely gets the house off to a good start.

3. Straight Out Of A Dream

Look Inside Vanna White's $47.5M Dream Mansion_4

Once Inside the ornate gates you are greeted by a marvelous courtyard, equipped with a fountain as a centerpiece. It is only here that you can grasp the true beauty of the house in all its grandeur. As you enter the front courtyard, the breathtaking home surrounds you, and it's then that you can really begin to appreciate its size and the magnificent architecture.

4. The House From Outside

Look Inside Vanna White's $47.5M Dream Mansion_5

From the side, we can see that the archways and pillars highlight the building's exquisite design. Moreover, what we guess to be artificial grass surrounds the house, so it remains neat and lusciously green all year round. 

5. Scenic Views

Look Inside Vanna White's $47.5M Dream Mansion_6

The back of the mansion also displays the same idyllic landscaping with bright green grass and palm trees towering over the estate. The views look as though the house is secluded, along with having a view of the house's personal vineyard on the hill opposite.

6. Walking Through The Arches

Look Inside Vanna White's $47.5M Dream Mansion_7

The outside of the mansion doesn't stop there, however. Along the side of the building are paths that lead to the courtyard and entrance of the house. The mansion has an almost surreal aura, where the arches seem as though they would lead you to a heavenly parallel universe.

7. An Inviting Entrance

Look Inside Vanna White's $47.5M Dream Mansion_8

Moving inside the house, this stunning foyer welcomes its guests with the utmost grace. The enormous chandelier hangs in the center of the entranceway; a table full of photographs and memories gives the mansion a cozy and homely feel.

8. The Views Inside The Mansion

Look Inside Vanna White's $47.5M Dream Mansion_9

The staircase enjoys a view of much of the center portion of the house. From the stairs, it's easy to see the design ethos that has run through the building since the late 1990s. Large pillars and intricate designs throughout the property work to exaggerate its beauty.

9. Wealthy Color Schemes

Look Inside Vanna White's $47.5M Dream Mansion_10

Here, you can see one of the sitting rooms in the mansion. The room is fitted out in gold and red, which are colors often associated with regality and wealth. Multiple floor-to-ceiling windows allow the room to be filled with natural light and which helps to open up the space even further.

10. Royal Restroom

Look Inside Vanna White's $47.5M Dream Mansion_11

Unsurprisingly, even the restroom is filled with traditional architecture and a charming chandelier. Although somewhat of an oddly shaped room, the designers haven't skimped here either. The room features a large wooden dresser with a marble top, which is an added surprise, especially in such a commonly unimportant room.

11. Eat, Drink, And Be Merry

Look Inside Vanna White's $47.5M Dream Mansion_12

The kitchen of the mansion is a place not only to prepare the family's dinner but also a perfect place to serve friends at a party. The room is surrounded by cabinets and ornate decorations, and the central worktop doubles as a table, which provides enough room for ten, and possibly more, people.

12. Multifunctional Sitting Room

Look Inside Vanna White's $47.5M Dream Mansion_13

This room is considerably more modern than many of the others, although still works well with the traditional interior design that encompasses the entire property. This room seems to be an office and library offering homeowners a sophisticated workspace.

13. Another Chandelier?

Look Inside Vanna White's $47.5M Dream Mansion_14

It comes as no surprise that the dining room is also exquisitely arranged. There are traditional paintings on the walls. The ceiling-high window brings the room light and a wonderful view of the palm trees and greenery around the house. We can't wait to have a formal meal here.

14. Couches In The Corridor

Look Inside Vanna White's $47.5M Dream Mansion_15

The corridor is naturally bright and airy, with decorations and artwork strewn over its walls. A cabinet also lives within the hall, containing all the drinks you could ever desire. All of the doorways and entrances in this building are arched, which really gives the house its unique atmosphere and appearance.

15. Entertaining Guests

Look Inside Vanna White's $47.5M Dream Mansion_16

Another sitting room features a more mismatched color scheme and furnishings. Multicolored rugs and throws brighten the space, along with the variety of lamps, and again, another chandelier. This room isn't decorated to everyone's taste, but there's no denying that it's a generous amount of space.

16. Family-sized Dining Room

Look Inside Vanna White's $47.5M Dream Mansion_17

This dining room is much smaller than the last, presumably for the family's usual meals when there are no extra guests. However, the decor in this space is absolutely not mediocre, but rather, delicate and palatial. Complete with photographs and flowers, this room has a snug and familiar feel to it.

17. A Very Spacious Bedroom

Look Inside Vanna White's $47.5M Dream Mansion_18

The bedrooms within the mansion are lavish and much more contemporary than many of the other rooms. The room features another chandelier, along with a desk, and a couple of couches. The large windows allow in masses of natural light, whilst the simple, yet stylish, drapes can keep it out when required.

18. A Room Just For Clothes

Look Inside Vanna White's $47.5M Dream Mansion_19

Here comes our favorite walk-in closet. This room looks as though it is straight out of a modern interior design magazine. It exhibits a generous amount of storage space, closets, and drawers, to fit all of the clothes a wealthy family living here would need.

19. Modern Bedrooms

Look Inside Vanna White's $47.5M Dream Mansion_20

It is another modern-style room, designed specifically with White and Pietro's specific desires in mind. It includes a four-poster bed, a sitting area with armchairs, and sumptuous wooden furniture. The large windows look out over Beverly Hills, and the stunning landscapes are full of palm trees and bushes. 

20. The Glorious Pool

Look Inside Vanna White's $47.5M Dream Mansion_21

Last but not least – the pool. There's plenty of room to lounge around the pool that is surrounded by deck chairs, plants, and trees. It's a place where the architecture and design of the entire 14,554-square-foot property can be fully appreciated, while you take a peaceful dip in the pool.

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