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It's in the Details: 15 Things That Say 'I Love You'

i love you

We bet you’ve heard thousands of times that ‘actions speak louder than words’ or ‘show and don’t tell’. Well, in the world of love and relationships the three magic words can be just as important as actions. The trick is always about how you say or show your love. Here are the 15 sweetest ways to EXPRESSLY or SILENTLY SAY I LOVE YOU for maximum impact. Aww, cannot wait to try them out right now!

Before Your Dream

before your dream

“While I’m spooning in bed with my boyfriend, I would wait until he is almost asleep. Then turn around gently towards him and whisper ‘I love you’ softly near his ear. This is gonna be super sweet because the three magic words have just knocked into his heart so unexpectedly. And every time I do this, he would cuddle me tighter with a spontaneous smile.” Jessica K.

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

mirror on the wall

“I recently found out that the mirror in the bathroom is actually a perfect place to drop my love notes. Tried and true, when bae is taking a shower, I tip-toe into the bathroom quietly and write ‘I love you’ on the mirror with my finger, or sometimes sexier, with my lipstick. Then sneak out pretending nothing happened. When he finds out my little tricks after shower, he rushes out to kiss me and you know…” Melisa B.

Sly Kiss

sly kiss

“When my boyfriend and I are hanging out with our friends, he likes giving me a sly yet sexy kiss in front of others. This little move makes me giggle and feel happy every time, because this tells me that he’s not afraid to hide his affections for me.” Lora Y.

Facial Treatment

facial treatment

One of the things that I do for my boyfriend is a facial. I let him lie down on a reclining chair. I get a bowl filled with chilled water and dip a soft cloth in it and then first I clean his face and then I apply a little baby lotion to his face and massage his temples and cheeks. And then I wipe them clean and use a mask that I'd bought at the beauty stores. So you get the idea.

And after all that's done, the clean-up and all, I hold a mirror to him and say ‘Holy shit, am I marry to the handsomest man on Earth’ .” Karpagavalli Krishnan.

Love What He Loves

love what he loves

“When I was little I used to wear this Ninja Turtles hat every day that I absolutely loved. And she always cracked up when she saw pictures of me as a kid because I was always wearing it. So one random day I came home from work and there was a Ninja Turtles hat sitting on my bed, super similar to the one I had as a kid, that she found on eBay. It was so cool.” Charlie

Love Notes

love notes

“On a day when I was lucky enough to be the last one up, I bumbled downstairs, went to pour my first cup, and found a little scribble of a note next to the freshly brewed pot. Three words: Wake up sleeper. It made me ridiculously happy. There were a few things at work here. There was the white mug thoughtfully pulled from the cabinet and placed on the counter, there was the steamy jet-black coffee waiting to be poured, and there was the message, with its undertones of both comfortable domesticity and flirty middle-school note-passing. I promptly tucked it away for safekeeping.” Amy Krouse Rosenthal.

Memory Recorder

memory recorder

“Right before I left for boot camp my girlfriend at the time made me a book of pictures dating back to when we first met. It also contained little inside jokes between us as well.” Justin Corbin

Role Reversal

role reversal

“I’m the one who normally cooks, so when I’m working late and I get home, my girlfriend tends to take over cooking duty and sometimes does other chores around the house. That means a lot to me because it shows that she’s taken time out of her day to help out.” Dan J.

Kiss At 6 A.M.

kiss at 6 am

6 a.m.. Lean over in the morning and kiss her shoulder. Allow her to understand that the morning brings more than cold wind and long commutes. It brings strength and vitality alongside the one you love.” Roxy J.

Showing You Off

showing you off

“We are in a long distance relationship now. And when I browsed FB recently, I found my boyfriend changed his profile picture to a shot of us laughing and holding hands. I think it’s a very sweet gesture because it’s like an official publication of our relationship.” Angela L.

Secret Code

secret code

“It feels good to share a group of special codes with my boyfriend. For example, I would text the number ‘111’, which means ‘I love you’, to him when he was at work. Or sometimes ‘222’ meaning ‘I miss you’. These secret codes are much more romantic and intimate than simply spelling the words out, and they are absolutely SFW.” Ruby W.

Innocent Mistake

innocent mistake

My wife planned a surprise dinner on Valentine’s eve at what she thought was my favorite restaurant, which turned out to be a different restaurant with a similar name! Sweet and innocent as all get out. I was so touched, I will never forget that night!” Adam S.

Listen To Me

listen to me

“Got me the last harry potter book....not because it was Harry potter, because he listened to me just talking about it and totally surprised me with it the next day. So sweet.” Moncks C.



“My boyfriend flew across the country to celebrate my birthday, even though he was on a business trip. And because he still had a meeting the next day, he could only stayed for a few hours and then flew back. I told him that you don’t have to this. And he said I have to because I promised to be with you for your every birthday.” Dora. Z.

The Way You Cook

the way you cook

“Came home to find her cooking me dinner in one of my dress shirts…” Jim L.

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