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Inside The Obamas' $11.75 Million New Home

Barack and Michelle Obama have just splurged $11.75 million on a mansion on Martha's Vineyard, according to the Vineyard Gazette. Rumor has it that their luxury new home shames even the White House. Let’s take a tour inside!

Inside The Obamas' $11.75 Million New Home_1

1. A Glimpse Of The House

The property spans almost 7,000 square feet and sits on 29.3 secluded waterfront acres facing the Edgartown Great Pond. It’s gorgeous, right?

Inside The Obamas' $11.75 Million New Home_2

2. A House Out Of Disneyland

Take a closer look and you'll find it looks more like something out of Disneyland. The impressive estate comes with 7 bedrooms, 8 1/2 bathrooms, as well as two guest wings. Wings, guys! Not rooms!

Inside The Obamas' $11.75 Million New Home_3

3. The Unique Living Room

The spacious living room boasts vaulted ceilings with exposed steel beams, multiple couches, and a big fieldstone fireplace. The windows and glass doors offer you a great view of the outside.

Inside The Obamas' $11.75 Million New Home_4

4. Incredible Architectural Details

No matter where you look in the house, there’s an interesting feature to be found. That huge pillar at the back of the living room is truly a sight to behold!

Inside The Obamas' $11.75 Million New Home_5

5. A State-Of-The-Art Kitchen

The kitchen is furnished with white cabinets, state-of-the-art appliances, and walls adorned with white subway tiles. The ceiling is coffered and there are oversized pendants hanging over the countertops.

Inside The Obamas' $11.75 Million New Home_6

6. Perfect Dining Area In The Kitchen

There is also a bar and seating area in the kitchen. It’s the perfect area to enjoy drinks, snacks and good conversation.

Inside The Obamas' $11.75 Million New Home_7

7. A One-Of-A-Kind Dining Room

The circular dining room is surrounded by gigantic windows overlooking the expansive lawn. During the day, natural light simply floods in.

Inside The Obamas' $11.75 Million New Home_8

8. A Modern Classic Interior

The home has two stories, both styled in neutral tones and featuring natural wood accents.

Inside The Obamas' $11.75 Million New Home_9

9. Indoor Games Are Welcome

Of course, you can find places to kick back and have fun inside the house too. You can hang out, watch TV, or play pool in this lovely space.

Inside The Obamas' $11.75 Million New Home_10

10. An Indoor Patio With A Fireplace

The indoor patio gives you the feeling of being outdoors without having to deal with bugs or strong winds.

Inside The Obamas' $11.75 Million New Home_11

11. A Dream Master Suite

Spacious and elegant, the master bedroom looks better than any five-star hotel room. It features high ceilings and glass doors. Barack and Michelle Obama can refresh themselves right here after a hard day's work.

Inside The Obamas' $11.75 Million New Home_12

12. A Rarely-Seen Guest Room

You didn’t expect to find bunk beds at the former president’s home, did you? While the bunk beds might look kind of strange, they make the room look pretty cozy. Maybe on occasion they have too many guests...

Inside The Obamas' $11.75 Million New Home_13

13. A Modest Master Bathroom

The master bathroom looks a little too modest for this house!

Inside The Obamas' $11.75 Million New Home_14

14. His And Her Sinks In The Bathroom

His and her sinks in the bathroom aren’t really side-by-side but are on opposite sides of the counter. This gives each person plenty of space. We have to admit, it is a small, but really nice detail.

Inside The Obamas' $11.75 Million New Home_15

15. Relax In The Balconies

The home has multiple decks and balconies for sunbathing, as well as for enjoying the breathtaking views.

Inside The Obamas' $11.75 Million New Home_16

16. The Swimming Pool

Obama is known for his love of basketball, and he has even equipped his swimming pool with a basketball net.

Inside The Obamas' $11.75 Million New Home_17

17. Outdoor Dining Area

Next to the pool, you’ll find an alfresco dining area shaded by trees and greenery.

Inside The Obamas' $11.75 Million New Home_18

18. The Garage

The house has a two-car garage.

Inside The Obamas' $11.75 Million New Home_19

19. Marine Entertainment

The estate also comes with a boathouse and private beachfront. The Obamas could never feel bored living here.

Inside The Obamas' $11.75 Million New Home_20

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