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Future Mother-In-Law Does Something Unbelievable And Unforgivable

Tracy knew it was normal to have a rocky relationship with her mother-in-law, so she tried to put up with her future mother-in-law's unfairness. However, she couldn't bear it anymore when her future mother-in-law did this…

1. A Perfect Couple

Future Mother-In-Law Does Something Unbelievable And Unforgivable_1

Rick and Tracey were engaged! This wasn't surprising since they've always been a sweet model couple. However, while they were brimming with great happiness and making their perfect wedding plans, someone dear to Rick caused an unprecedented disaster.

2. The Someone

Future Mother-In-Law Does Something Unbelievable And Unforgivable_2

Rick's mother was the only person who totally disagreed with their wedding plan. As a single mother, Gina had devoted all her life to Rick. Despite trying not to be picky and jealous in her daily relationship with Tracey, Gina couldn't stand the wedding: she agreed with nothing, from the couple's new home, the ring, the venue, and the most important wedding dress.

3. Their Newly Bought House

Future Mother-In-Law Does Something Unbelievable And Unforgivable_3

One sunny day, Rick and Tracey woke up early and waited for their mother to arrive, thinking of how surprised she would be to see their new home. But Gina's face clouded when she saw the house. She lost her temper, yelling at the couple for being irresponsible with their savings, accusing them of having no financial sense and denouncing their vanity. No matter how Tracey explained it, Gina couldn't calm down at all. And this was just the beginning.

4. The Engagement Ring

Future Mother-In-Law Does Something Unbelievable And Unforgivable_4

When Tracey explained, Gina's eyes fell on her daughter-in-law's ring finger. "Don't you know how atrocious blood diamonds are? Do you know how many children are starving due to poverty, while you splurged on a diamond ring? "How could she recklessly judge Tracey when the stylish old lady herself had an extravagant diamond collection? Just as she was about to retort, Gina changed the subject again to the wedding venue.

5. The Wedding Location

Future Mother-In-Law Does Something Unbelievable And Unforgivable_5

Tying the knot at sunset on a beach in Colombia has always been the couple's dream. But that dream was flat out rejected by Gina. She was outspoken on the concerns about security issues and the additional cost associated with their travels. Who would want to spend their big day in a country that doesn't speak English? She asked.

If you're already bothered by Gina's words, then what she said about the wedding dress is even harder to believe.

6. The Extravagant Wedding Dress

Future Mother-In-Law Does Something Unbelievable And Unforgivable_6

Like any bride, Tracey dreamed of being the dazzling queen on her most important day. And for that reason, she paid Galia Lahav, a top celebrity wedding designer, $11,000 to design a unique personal gown.

7. Blamed The Gown

Future Mother-In-Law Does Something Unbelievable And Unforgivable_7

Instead of attacking the price, Gina attacked a topic that shouldn't have come up, Tracy's body. While telling Tracey to lose weight to fit into the dress, the future mother-in-law bragged about how great her diet was and how glamorous she would look in the gown. Tracy remained silent again, but Gina's next move sent Tracy into a complete meltdown.

8. Tried On Her Gown

Future Mother-In-Law Does Something Unbelievable And Unforgivable_8

At night, as Trace was heading to the bathroom, she caught a glimpse of a scene that made her feel like she'd received a punch in the stomach: her mother-in-law was trying on the wedding dress! She got stuck in the neck of the dress, flailing her arms hard to fit in it. Tracey rushed to help Gina out without thinking twice, but something more frightening happened.

9. Torn Apart

Future Mother-In-Law Does Something Unbelievable And Unforgivable_9

As they pulled, Tracy heard the sound she feared most: the ripping of cloth. There was a big hole in the back of the dress and a dirty footprint on the hem. Tracy glared at Gina with tears in her eyes, but Gina didn't even apologize, "I just wanted to see if I looked good in the dress. Because if it suits you, it definitely suits me." Tracy thought she couldn't take it anymore.

10. Wild On Social Media

Future Mother-In-Law Does Something Unbelievable And Unforgivable_10

Tracey decided to post about her ordeal on Reddit. Unsurprisingly, her post soon attracted a lot of attention and discussion. Besides the shock and criticism of her future mother-in-law's actions, Reddit users raised another question: Where was Rick, Tracey's husband, when all these things happened? Did he just disappear?

11. Where Is Rick?

Future Mother-In-Law Does Something Unbelievable And Unforgivable_11

Rick was deeply disturbed that the two women he loved hated each other. He didn't know how to intervene, but something had to be done, or his marriage might be over. Firstly, he didn't let his mother interfere in any of the wedding details and kept the progress a secret. He must then communicate with both sides, act as a responsible bridge, and try to rebuild the relationship.

12. A Long Way To Go

Future Mother-In-Law Does Something Unbelievable And Unforgivable_12

The wedding went smoothly after persuading Gina to stay out of the preparation, but Rick knew it wouldn't be easy to rebuild a broken wife-and-MIL relationship. Although the couple sometimes envied the harmony of other families, they knew they needed to take the long road to a healthy relationship on their own, no matter what else lay ahead.

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