The Worst And The Best Pixar Films

Pixar Animation Studios is a computer animation film studio in California, America. Pixar has brought us lots of wonderful animations, such as "Toy Story" and "Monsters University" and so many others. However, not all of Pixar's animations are perfect. Here we have ranked Pixar's animations from worst to best, and of course, you can judge them of your own accord.

14. Cars 2 (2011)

"Cars 2" was made to drive merchandising sales. As a result, they focused on the toys instead of the film. They just wanted to create new toys to sell to kids!


13. A Bug's Life (1998)

"A Bug's Life" is just too normal and just doesn't have anything special about it to make it memorable.


12. Cars (2006)

"Cars" is just ordinary and doesn't stand out in comparison to other Pixar animations.


11. The Good Dinosaur (2015)

The only let down of "The Good Dinosaur" is the script, though it has amazing animation effects.


10. Monsters University (2013)

"Monsters University" is funny in a way, and the friendship between Mike and Sully is touching. However, it is not as unique and extraordinary as "Monsters Inc".


9. Brave (2012)

"Brave" witnessed Pixar's study on the wilds of medieval Scotland. And this film is a little different with humans as the main characters. The relationship between Merida and her mother is sweet and warm.


8. Finding Nemo (2004)

With an inspirational theme, cute fishes and beautiful scenes, "Finding Nemo" is quite a success.


7. Ratatouille (2007)

"Ratatouille" tells an incredible story about a rat, who loves cooking, hiding in a novice cook's hat with so he can achieve his dream of becoming a chef.


6. Monsters Inc. (2001)

"Monsters Inc." is very endearing because Sully's relationship with Boo is so warm. Boo is the little girl who finds her way to the monster world. Mike and Sully are, of course, best friends.


5. Inside Out (2015)

I think "Inside Out" is more for mature adults than kids. It explains our emotions perfectly.


4. Up (2009)

"Up" has the most amazing intro. Imagine if your house could fly, what would you do?


3. The Incredibles (2004)

"The Incredibles" is the best superhero animation because it is just really, really funny. The sequel will come out in 2019.


2. Wall-E (2008)

"Wall-E" is a great silent movie. When you finish watching it, you will understand that it is a story about love and friendship.


1. Toy Story 1-3 (1995, 1999, 2010)

We have to admit that Toy Story 1-3 are the greatest animations of all. It seems that we have experienced a journey with them. It has brought us a lot of happiness, tears and inspiration.


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