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Feel Her Feeling You: Tips for Shaving Men’s Genitals

To all my fellow men, get more bang for your buck by going hairless like a naked mole rat down there. You won’t regret it; the sensations you get will make you wonder why you haven’t started this earlier. The heightened sensitivity will bring you and your partner closer than ever, and everything else is history.
The only thing getting in the way between you and the most climactic intimate experience is the rainforest down south, or hey, even if it’s just some wires you need to untangle and put into place. Smoother terrains will make way for exploration of uncharted territory.

Start winning now:


All the Feels: Men’s Edition

Weapon of choice: Go manual for a clean and close shave, but smoothness comes with skills (Schick Quattro Titanium Razor Blade is the holy grail: great for shaving sensitive skin, built in a way that protects, overall a safe and effective bet).

Tip #1: Always disinfect razor before shaving; if there ever is a nick, that’s how STDs are transmitted, and you don’t want that. You really don’t.

Tip #2: TRIM those gnarly bad boys before shaving,


or your razor will get clogged and it would not be a fun tug-of-war.

Tip #3: Grease up with jojoba oil (also great post-shave) for a slick glide; grab one at Trader Joe’s for only $7-$8 (cold-pressed, no chemicals).


After you move into the tub and apply shaving cream to your genitals (the Art of Shaving Unscented Cream is emollient, hydrating, thick, and free from synthetic dyes and alcohol, tried and true)...


Tip #4: PULL SKIN TAUT as you shave, or else...


This tip applies to both the shaft and the scrotum; since the scrotum shape-shifts, it is trickier to navigate if the scrotal sac does not normally hang (something a hot shower can help with) for you to pull taut.

Tip #5: Apply antiseptics immediately after shaving; this is crucial in avoiding irritation, razor bumps, and ingrown hair (We recommend the Cool Fix, which cools and moisturizes).


Tip #6:The final touch of body powder can help minimize friction and improve skin ventilation, a necessary treat.

So now you know; and now you, too, can feel like a million bucks.


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