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Family Raised A Puppy For 2 Years Only To Find Out What It Really Was

Many people have dogs as pets. But what would you do if you suddenly realized that your dog was something completely different?

A dog in China recently grew up to be 3-feet-tall and weighing a whopping 250 pounds within only two years. In addition to that, the dog also seemed to have a talent in walking on his hind legs. Read on to find out exactly what happened. Bet the truth will shock you!

1. Meet Cute

Su Yun and her family from China had been considering adopting a dog. On one of their holiday travels, they stumbled upon a lovely puppy for sale. Taking just one look, the whole family fell in love and decided to take him home. The seller said the pup was a Tibetan Mastiff, a common breed of dog, and the family always thought so until one day they found something unusual about him…


2. Welcome ‘Little Black’

On their way home, the family began thinking of a name for their new pet. Eventually, they decided to call him ‘Little Black.’ The name might sound funny in English, but in Chinese, it fits the fluffy little fellow perfectly. They were all excited to introduce Little Black into their home.


3. A Champion Eater

Little Black seemed to enjoy his new environment since he had a good appetite and was growing up healthily. Sue’s family fed him two buckets of noodles and a box of fruits every day, not exactly a diet you would see recommended by any vet. They were all eager to see him grow up into a healthy Tibetan Mastiff. Within just a month, Little Black was gaining weight quickly. But soon, Sue found there was something bizarre about her pet.


4. Something Unusual About Little Black

Although Sue was happy to see her puppy growing stronger every single day, she was also a little curious about how come everything was happening so fast. She even found Little Black could stand on his two hind legs when he wasn’t begging for food. She told her family about his suspicious behavior, only to receive a reply that “He was happy and healthy, and that was all that mattered.” Although Sue didn’t know why her puppy did so, she had a sixth sense that something was wrong.


5. Way Too Big

Little Black always seemed hungry, so the family gave him as much food as he wanted. As a result, he got heavier day by day. When he turned two years old, he was already 3 feet tall and weighed 250 pounds, way beyond his family’s expectations. Su even became a little scared of her own dog. If he pulled on the leash or threatened to attack, she could do nothing to stop him.


6. Odd Features Become Noticeable

Aside from growing up too fast, Su also noticed that her dog had some features that she had never seen on any other dog before. Little Black was big, so it seemed reasonable that he had large teeth, but his teeth looked a little too large. And it wasn’t just that. While Su had occasionally seen Little Black standing on his hind legs before, she now constantly saw him walking on his legs. She began to admit that Little Black might not be a normal dog.


7. The Whole Family Was Scared Like Never Before

Another most puzzling thing was that Little Black was often found roaring instead of barking. At first, Su’s family thought it was cool to have such a big pet at home. However, as they saw him standing up and growling in the backyard, they could not help but feel scared and confused. Meanwhile, his face also looked less and less like a dog. The whole family came to realize that their pet dog was probably not a dog at all.


8. Turn To Local Authorities For Help

The family could not stop thinking whether Little Black would attack them if he were not a dog. What if he wanted to devour them when he was angry? After much consideration, they decided to call their local animal rescue team. Only an expert could answer their questions.


9. Little Black Was A Bear!

Local police of the Yiliang Country Forest Public Security Bureau rushed to Su’s home as soon as they learned what had happened. They confirmed that Little Black was not a dog, but an Asiatic Black Bear. Su and her family were totally shocked to know his true identity.


10. What Is An Asiatic Black Bear?

An Asiatic Black Bear, also known as Tibetan bear, moon bear, or Himalayan bear, is a massive creature who has a typical brownish or black glossy coat and a whitish crescent-shaped line over its chest. They are famous in Korea, Japan, Singapore, and particularly in China.


11. Bye, Little Black!

The police said it was illegal to domesticate wild animals without official authorization. They did a quick check-up on Little Black and concluded that it was in good shape for moving. So they decided to take him to the nearest wildlife rescue center for better care. Little Black was so big that they had to give him some anesthesia first.


12. The Day Without Little Black

After Little Black was taken away, Su and her family missed him so much. “Although I was a little afraid of the black bear, I have raised him for two years and have feelings. I know that after the black bear, I am afraid that if I am hurt, I will raise the broth and fruit every day," Sue said. Little did she know that a bigger surprise was on its way.


13. Covered By Worldwide Media

For two years, Su and her family thought they were raising a pet dog. They didn’t realize the truth until Little Black became an adult bear. How was this possible? Their story captured the attention of both domestic and foreign media including National Geographic, Business Insider, and People Magazine. People worldwide were fascinated by how Su’s family had made such a big mistake. However, this was not the very first time that it happened.


14. Bear-Adoption Mistake

In China, there are many “bear farms” that raise Asiatic Black Bears as their internal organs are considered to be helpful in traditional Chinese medicine. According to IUCN, there are over 17,000 bears raised on almost 70 farms in China. So, it is not uncommon to come across a bear on and off the market in China. Besides, bear cubs really look like puppies and are equally adorable. How can someone who wants to adopt a pet refuse to adopt them?


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