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Face Mapping: What Your Acne Reveals About Your Health

Keira Knightley: "I always get acne so it's incredibly nice when they take it out digitally. I wish they could do that for me in everyday life."
Katy Perry: "One of my insecurities is that I have acne scars. I'm self-conscious about that so sometimes I wear too much makeup to cover them up. When you suffer with blemishes, you don't feel very free."

acnes of keira knightley and katy perrySTART SLIDESHOW

Suffering from acne breakouts but short of solutions? Don’t feel left out, so are these celebs!
In fact, many people struggle with this every day. But believe it or not, your face just might be the window to understanding your breakouts, or anything else that's plaguing your body.

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