Emma Stone Dating Someone New! But Did She Really Get Over Andrew?

Emma Stone is dating someone new!

The Oscar-winning actress has been reportedly seeing SNL director Dave McCary for at least three months. It’s undoubtedly a heartbreaking news for those who still wait for her reconciliation with Andrew Garfield as the Hollywood's cutest couple. After all, they went through so many ups and downs.

Now we've rounded up some of their most endearing moments together. Try not to tear up too much at their sweet stolen glances as you keep reading.


1. The duo both dressed up to the nines and had a lovely moment at The Amazing Spider-Man 2 London premiere in 2014.


2. Garfield dipped Stone and gave her a passionate kiss while filming a graduation day scene for The Amazing Spider-Man 2 in NYC on June 1, 2013.


3. Stone joined the fun in a trick played on Garfield, when he got covered in a faux web at the The Amazing Spider-Man 2 press conference in Tokyo


4. And this is just Andrew playing with Emma’s nose...


5. The lovebirds gazed at each other in the eyes when Garfield supported Stone at the premiere of her movie Magic in the Moonlight.


6. Garfield gave his girlfriend a sweet kiss while attending a charity event for breast cancer on 2013 in New Jersey. Stone's mother, Krista, is a breast cancer survivor, and joined the couple at the event.


 7. Andrew was full of chivalry and helped his lady down the stairs in Tokyo.


8. The couple toured the streets of Rome riding a motorbike in 2014.


9. Looking like a completely flawless couple in Sydney.


10. And the time when they were making out on the beach…


11. Andrew gave Emma a kiss during a break from filming still wearing his Spider-Man costume.


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