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Diana's Butler Revealed Why Prince Harry Married Meghan

Prince Harry and Meghan have just welcomed their second child, Lilibet, in California. The birth follows their bombshell "Megxit" and their Oprah interview, both of which have rocked the entire world. Even their union itself was an exception in royal history. Recently, Princess Diana's butler Paul Burrell finally broke his silence about why Prince Harry married Meghan.

Diana's Butler Revealed Why Prince Harry Married Meghan_1

1. A Royal Expert

Diana's Butler Revealed Why Prince Harry Married Meghan_2

Paul Burrell has considerable experience in serving senior British royals, and it has provided him with insight into what's going on behind closed doors. His link to the most prestigious clan in the UK dates back decades to when he was young.

2. His Route To Buckingham Palace

Diana's Butler Revealed Why Prince Harry Married Meghan_3

On a trip to Buckingham Palace, Burrell was overwhelmed by its regal splendor and decided he wanted work there, and he managed to get his first job — as footman to Queen Elizabeth II (seen on the left at the back of the carriage in the picture). However, his second job for the royals is more well known to all.

3. They Were So Close

Diana's Butler Revealed Why Prince Harry Married Meghan_4

The Englishman had been Diana's butler for a decade before the acclaimed Princess left us forever in 1997. Burrell considered himself as "the only man [that Diana] ever trusted." They were so close that Burrell would select clothes for her, and Diana also shared her inner feelings with him, enabling him to view her son's marriage from an insider's perspective.

4. His New Professions

Diana's Butler Revealed Why Prince Harry Married Meghan_5

After losing his employer, his new life has remained highly associated with the royals. Based on his working experience, he has written multiple books and became a TV show regular and a royal correspondent for the British breakfast TV show Lorraine. What royal secrets did he spill out?

5. One Of His Hot Topics

Diana's Butler Revealed Why Prince Harry Married Meghan_6

Burrell has never hesitated to talk about the hot ex-royal couple Meghan Markle and Prince Harry. In an interview for the 2019 British documentary Kate v Meghan: Princesses at War?, he complimented Meghan on her strong and independent traits. However, he was still not sure whether the American actor could fit in.

6. Burrell's Prediction

Diana's Butler Revealed Why Prince Harry Married Meghan_7

In Burrell's mind, the British royal family is the most traditional in the world, and he feared that so many strict rules would confound Meghan. The ex-butler took Diana as an example, "How is she going to cope? Princess Diana grew up in a house that was as big as Buckingham Palace, and even she was lost."

7. His Advice

Diana's Butler Revealed Why Prince Harry Married Meghan_8

The royal expert also gave the then new wife some tips. The priority was to get on well with Harry's grandmother, the Queen. Besides that, it's also essential to stay close to her husband. Apart from Meghan's new royal life, Burrell also elaborated on Meghan's position in the relationship.

8. Not A Manipulator

Diana's Butler Revealed Why Prince Harry Married Meghan_9

Burrell didn't believe the gossip that Meghan was the decider of the couple's every big move. In his conversation with OK!, he said, "Meghan's an independent woman who has her own mind. It may look as if she's manipulating Harry, but she's not! I have no doubt they discuss everything." Harry also had his part in their scheme.

9. A Clue In Harry's Words

Diana's Butler Revealed Why Prince Harry Married Meghan_10

In the documentary Harry and Meghan: An African Journey, Prince Harry opened up about why he was always so protective of his family. The Prince knew what his mother Diana had suffered from, and he didn't want a repeat of the past. His words were quite implicit but left a clue.

10. Burrell's Explanation

Diana's Butler Revealed Why Prince Harry Married Meghan_11

"And if anybody else knew what I knew – be it a father, be it a husband, be it anyone – you'd probably be doing exactly what I'm doing as well." Burrell explained what the Prince said on Good Morning Britain, "He[Harry] does feel that the media hounded [Diana] to her death." To avoid "history repeating itself," the couple stepped down from their royal positions and moved to the US.

11. Megxit

Diana's Butler Revealed Why Prince Harry Married Meghan_12

Naturally, Burrell was invited back to the British show again after "Megxit." Surprisingly, Burrell thought that Diana would have supported their bold actions. Both Diana and Meghan were not afraid to cut ties with the royal family. Burrell even found more similarities between Diana and Meghan, which reveals why Harry fell in love with her.

12. Where Love Began

Diana's Butler Revealed Why Prince Harry Married Meghan_13

In an interview with Insider, Burrell spoke out, "Harry went for and married Meghan because she's like Diana. Both [are] women who would always stand up for what they believe in and wouldn't be pushovers." Though both of them disclosed royal secrets in the explosive interviews, specifically Diana's Panorama and Meghan's Oprah Show, they are still quite different in Burrell's eyes.

13. Their Main Difference

Diana's Butler Revealed Why Prince Harry Married Meghan_14

Burrell admitted, "I think the main difference between them is that Meghan has a game plan, whereas Diana was young and naïve." We can see their varied paths after they stepped back from the royal family.

14. Diana's Choice

Diana's Butler Revealed Why Prince Harry Married Meghan_15

Burrell didn't think Diana was interested in fame and fortune after she split with Prince Charles. She put her boys and charity work first, and she wouldn't mess with Buckingham Palace unless she felt threatened because William and Harry were still royals. Yet Meghan wasn't like that.

15. Meghan's Interest

Diana's Butler Revealed Why Prince Harry Married Meghan_16

Burrell believes that Meghan had a game plan for her every step, and that she appeared to be so fond of the limelight and self-promotion. He said, "In years to come, we'll see [Meghan] on red carpets, with A-list friends [and] in films, perhaps."

16. Unconditional Support

Diana's Butler Revealed Why Prince Harry Married Meghan_17

Though Meghan and Diana were two different types of ex-princess, Burrell was sure that Diana would unconditionally support his younger son's marriage. He revealed the reason, "Princess Diana would have wanted her sons to be happy." in an April 2020 conversation with Cheshire Live. That was also what she wanted for herself.

17. A Private Letter

Diana's Butler Revealed Why Prince Harry Married Meghan_18

Burrell referred to a letter that Diana once wrote to him, "I would look up and live and laugh and love." So Diana would have been glad to know that his son married for love. Not to mention that his new home is located where Diana had always dreamed to reside.

18. Diana's Unrealized Dream

Diana's Butler Revealed Why Prince Harry Married Meghan_19

Burrell once disclosed that Diana had wished to escape her homeland. He said, "She had the plans for that on her sitting room floor to buy a home in Malibu when she went away to the Mediterranean. She was going to buy that property, so is it any surprise Harry is following his wife's dreams and [in] his mom's footsteps?"

19. Only Regret

Diana's Butler Revealed Why Prince Harry Married Meghan_20

The ex-butler also feared that Harry's relationship with his elder brother, William, would worsen due to the recent clashes. In Good Morning America, he said, "I do feel sorry for William and Harry not having that bond they once had. Obviously, when their mother died, they were cemented together and inseparable. I feel sorry for that, and their mother would be sad, too."

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