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Cool And Fresh: How To Get 360 Hair Waves In 6 Effortless Steps

From Lebron James to P.Diddy, the 360 waves is one of the most popular and coolest hairstyles among African American men. A lot of guys have tried and attempted to get this hairstyle, but it is difficult to style. Even if they finally achieve the waves, the result has often faded away by the next morning.

360 waves

Many guys have asked, "Is it possible to get 360 waves overnight?" "How can i achieve a perfect result?" Don't worry, the answer is yes! Read our 6 effortless steps and the aftercare tips below to get the perfect 360 waves overnight. You can check this video out to have an idea of how to make 360 waves.

How To Get 360 Waves: Follow 6 Effortless Steps

360 waves

Supplies You Need for Waves

Before going through the official steps, you need to make sure you have prepared all things below for making your 360 waves.


● brush
● du-rag/wave cap
● moisturizer
● shampoo/conditioner

I want to address the importance of brush and wave cap for making 360 waves. As you'll use a brush many times during the process, so make sure you get a strong and quality brush. Additionally, a wave cap or du-rag helps hold your hair in place, while also conditioning and softening it.

Step 1. Get the right hair length

The first step is to get the right haircut as the right waves requires the right hair length. Don’t cut your hair too short.

360 waves

The top hairdresser suggests that your hair should be at least 1 ½ inches in length on the low end.

Step 2. Brush Your Hair

Brushing is an important step during the process. You need to brush your hair for 2 minutes with a wave-brush of firm bristles.

brush your hair

I recommend getting a hand brush without a handle. Purchase a brush that caters to your hair texture. For some of you with curly and soft hair, a soft bristled brush is a good choice. If your hair is medium and coarse, a hard bristle brush is necessary. Or you can purchase both a hard bristle and a soft bristle brush to get different styles.

Step 3. Add Moisturizer

This is a quite simple step. After your first brushing, add a good moisturizer to your hair to make it smoother.

Step 4. The Hot Towel Part

Then get your washcloth hot enough.

hot towel

I suggest putting your towel in running hot water, squeeze it, and place it on top of your hair and wipe down. Or you can heat it up by using the microwave. Do whatever is convenient for you. Repeat this process for both sides and the back of your hair.

Step 5. Brush, brush and brush

Find your waves' cowlick which is usually located to the left or right of the center of your dome. Brush out from that point to the front, sides, back and other parts of your head.


Brush for at least 15-30 minutes to get the best result, and repeat this process 1-2 times a day.

Step 6. Wear Du-rags or A Wave Cap

A du-rag or a wave cap is crucial for formulating a wave pattern.

wear a wave cap

It is a breathable nylon cap that is tied over the scalp to contain moisture and set your waves into 360 motion.


There are a few highly recommended brands, such as S-Curly.

For the first time, wear a wave cap for 20-30 minutes, and brush again after you take it off. Remember to wear it every night to keep your waves from getting messed up.

The Aftercare Tips

It may take up to 6-8 weeks to form deep 360 waves, so be patient in the process.

hair care tips

Aftercare is an important part of maintaining 360 waves. The reason why so many guys can’t keep their waves overnight is that they pay little attention to aftercare. The waves fade very easily, so keep reading the tips below to maintain your waves.

● Maintain your waves through regular brushing.

regular brushing

As I explained before, brushing helps to keep your waves. If your waves start going away, you’re probably not brushing enough.

● Do not wash your hair too much.

Once a week is a good scheduled follow-up. Too much washing will make your hair very soft which is difficult to keep the style result.

● Get trimmed regularly.

get trimmed regularly

To keep the right hair length, cut your hair every 4-5 weeks to achieve the perfect result.

● Take Biotin vitamins regularly.


Using good shampoo and conditioner is a choice to keep your hair healthy, another good idea is to take Biotin vitamins. Biotin vitamins is known for making hair healthier and thicker, plus it’s also good for your skin and nails. It's better consult with your doctor before taking tablets though.

Have you now got an idea of how to get 360 waves and keep them? Hope this page helps! Try to get this cool look tomorrow!

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