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Come for the Game, Stay for the Grunts: 10 Hottest Grunters On Tennis Court

1. Maria Sharapova, 101 decibels.

With the decibel close to an aeroplane landing, Sharapova is undisputedly the queen of grunts. In another sense, she is the one who popularized grunting in tennis.


2. Serena Williams, 88.9 decibels.

Williams makes a grunt equivalent to the noise made by a jackhammer.

Serena Williams

3. Venus Williams, 85 decibels.

Her warbling high-pitched scream conveys anxiety, and could plausibly be confused for the sound of a newborn foal sinking in quicksand. Her grunts in one of the most amusing matches in Wimbledon history against Sharapova in 2007 had the commentators sniggering.

Venus Williams

4.Victoria Azarenka, 83.5 decibels.

Azarenka came into people’s view for her grunting in the absence of Sharapova from the tour. In terms of decibels, her shrieks are comparative to sounds recorded inside a train station.

Victoria Azarenka

5. Anna Kournikova, 78.5 decibels.

Anna favours a classic grunt that’s unlike the more modern breed of tactical, sustained screeching of contemporaries. As far as decibel levels are concerned, it greatly resembles the back end of a bus.

 Anna Kournikova

6. Michelle Larcher De Brito.

Her grunting is more of a screech and stands out for its consistency and duration. Spectators of her game will be treated to an experience similar to that of standing in the crowd at a Formula One race. However, for many of her opponents, notably Aravane Rezaï of France who has expressed complaint, it’s quite a disturbance.

Michelle Larcher De Brito.

7. Elena Dementieva, 73 decibels.

Dementieva usually grunts on two occasions: early points and match points, with quite a high-pitched screech. Definitely dictated by pressure.

Elena Dementieva

8. Elena Bovina, 81 decibels.

Bovina’s double-syllable shrieks are especially high-pitched. Her grunt sounds like a dying animal on every stroke, generating decibel levels similar to a pneumatic tool from 15 metres away.

Elena Bovina

9. Kim Clijsters, 75 decibels.

Clijsters only grunts when she plays really hard, typified by a low gutteral sound when striking the ball. Brought on by effort, not tactics.

Kim Clijsters

10. Monica Seles, 93.2 decibels.

What’s unique about Seles is that she toned down her grunting after being threatened with a fine at Wimbledon, but later expressed regret about doing so.

Monica Seles

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