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Celebrity Kids Grown Up - Where Are They Now

It seems like just yesterday you learned about their birth, but now they are all grown up. Followed by a lot of people since their infancy, these celebrity kids may find it difficult to have a private life. Here are some of the celebrity kids who grew up in the limelight. Who is pursuing a career in Hollywood? Who needs to go to rehab? Who will make a fortune in the future? Roll through to find out!


1. Riley Curry - Stephen Curry’s Daughter

As the little princess of a pair of loving parents, basketball star player Stephen Curry and actress Ayesha Curry, Riley is often seen by her father’s side. She is so adorable that we can just melt in her beautiful eyes and cute smiles. The world would be blessed to have her in the fields of acting, modeling, or sports in the future. No matter what, the girl is bound to be loaded.


2. Jason Whittle - Patrick Swayze’s Son

Relax, and you are not watching a drama here. Jason Whittle, appeared out of the blue claiming himself the son of late actor Patrick Swayze and fought for his share of the huge fortune Patrick left. It turned out that Jason was actually Patrick’s son with Bonnie Whittle after a DNA test. Guess his life might have changed just a little bit now.


3. Nahla Ariela Aubry - Halle Berry and Gabriel Aubry’s Daughter

Nahla Aubry, daughter of Halle Berry and Gabriel Aubry, has grown up to be a 10-year-old precious little girl in spite of her parents’ divorce and highly publicized custody battle. She is still too young to decide what’s to do with her life, but we won’t be too surprised if she decides to enter the same industry as her parents.


4. Shiloh Jolie-Pitt - Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s Daughter

It just feels weird if Shiloh isn’t included in this list because we are literally watching the girl growing up step by step. Hollywood can never have another Brad Pitt, which means Shiloh is the one and only. She looks just like her father and also seems to be a bit of a tom boy. She has earned some money through participation in films, such as Kung Fu Panda 3.


5. Eddie & Nelson Angelil - Celine Dion’s Sons

Celine Dion, one of the most lauded pop icons in history, tried hard to conceive in vain until the birth of her first son Rene-Charles in 2001. Twin boys Eddie and Nelson were born nine years later, and have now grown into cute young lads. Wonder if they are going to set their feet in the musical world, achieve success, and build an optimistic saving account for themselves.


6. Suri Cruise - Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes’ Daughter

The only child from the ill-fated marriage between Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes has lived with her mother since her parent’s divorce. Rumor has it that Tom Cruise hasn’t seen or made contact with his beloved girl for years. Still, she seems to hold up well and is beginning to show her quality as a style icon.


7. Lou Sulola Samuel - Heidi Klum’s Daughter

Heidi Klum, Hollywood mum, supermodel, and TV judge, is surely proud of her daughter. Lou Samuel who is now only eight years old has already amazed us with her extraordinary temperament and leggy beauty. The girl often tries on her mum’s high heels. I mean, don’t rush, and you will grow into it soon. Guess we have a rising star on the runway!


8. Maggie Elizabeth Mcgraw - Faith Hill’s Daughter

Growing up in a happy family and studying at the prestigious Stanford University, Maggie has made Faith Hill and Tim McGraw a pair of seriously proud parents. On the Soul2Soul tour, Maggie took stage and let us know that she can sing too! Whenever she decides to dabble in showbiz after graduation, we are bound to be stunned by this tall, blond, and drop-dead gorgeous young lady.


9. Paris-Michael Katherine Jackson - Michael Jackson’s Daughter

We are glad to see that Paris has pulled herself together after all the ups and downs in her life, and started to focus on her career as an actress. Although she had it rough in early years and even tried to take her own life several times, we’d like to hope for the best that she will find her way in Hollywood.


10. Robert James Ritchie, JR. - Kid Rock and Kelly South’s Son

It’s not surprising that Robert decided to pursue a music career given that his parents are Kid Rock and Kelly South. The young lad has grown into a talented musician and responsible father himself. His answer to us as a musician is his to-be-released debut album. We believe that he is going to be as successful as his father, and build a solid bank account for himself.


11. Jane Erin Carrey - Jim Carrey’s Daughter

Let’s see who has that killer smile! It’s Jane Carrey of course, daughter of the iconic comedian Jim Carrey. Unlike most celebrity kids who live in the spotlight right after their birth, Jane lived a quiet life as a kid. Endowed with the gift of an incredible voice, she was once on the stage of American Idol, winning herself some hearts although she didn’t emerge as a star in the end.


12. Isabella Cruise - Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman’s Daughter

Isabella was adopted by Nicole Kidman during her marriage with Tom Cruise. She ended up with Tom after her parents’ divorce and seemed to drift apart from her mother. The young woman recently launched her own fashion clothing line - BKC (Bella- Kidman- Cruise), literally stretching out an olive branch to patch things up with Nicole.


13. Alexandria Zahra Lexi Jones - David Bowie’s Daughter

Lexi is the only child from the late great musician David Bowie and Iman’s marriage. You probably haven’t heard Lexi a lot because her parents have certainly paid significant attention to her privacy over the years. This year, she graduated from high school after really living a normal teenage life. Now, she has a social account sharing her paintings, and as a budding artist, she is sure to stun us with her talent.


14. Sam Alexis Woods - Tiger Woods’ Daughter

All kids want to grow up, but it’s lucky that Sam is still too young to understand what has happened to her father in recent years. Since her birth in 2007, she has taken to watching her dad play golf. According to her dad though, this cutie is actually more into soccer than golf when it comes to sports. But you never know, right?


15. John David Washington - Denzel Washington’s Son

American actor and former football player John David Washington, son of the legendary and award winning actor Denzel Washington, was nothing but terrific in HBO comedy series Ballers and Spike Lee’s 2018 film BlacKkKlansman. Like father, like son. Following in his father’s footsteps and growing into a star in Hollywood.


16. Sydney Brooke Simpson - O. J. Simpson’s Daughter

Following her father’s release from prison and her boyfriend being active in politics, Sydney Simpson has been put back under the spotlight again after about 20 years. It turns out that Sydney, at the age of 32, is now in the real estate business, owns her own restaurants, and has earnt herself a net worth of about $500,000. You go, girl!


17. Hazel Moder - Julia Roberts’ Daughter

$225 million of Julia Roberts’ family net worth turns us green with envy, yet one might not know that Hazel Moder, daughter of Julia Roberts and Daniel Moder, has also contributed her share. Young as she still is, the girl has starred in several films and stepped into the industry with a debut success. Guess she may soon need her own accountant!


18. Louis Bardo Bullock - Sandra Bullock’s Son

Just a month from her divorce with Jesse James, Sandra Bullock adopted her son Louis Bardot in 2010. Louis became a brother in 2015 when Bullock adopted another child. Busy being a mom, Bullock devotes herself to motherhood and enjoys the incomparable pleasure the children bring to her.


19. Hailie Mathers - Rapper Eminem’s Daughter

Hailie Mathers, the only biological daughter of well-known rapper Eminem with ex Kim Scott, has grown up to be a really gorgeous lady! Now at the age of 22, the beauty hasn’t had a clear idea about how to embark upon her promising life journey. However, we do know that if she decides to give music a try, her father will definitely be there for her!


20. Alexandra Osteen - Joel Osteen’s Daughter

Joel Osteen, the devoted Christian spreading hope, welcomed his daughter to the family in 1999. Now, at the age of 19, she has started to show her talent in singing and has won herself about 40k followers on Instagram. Good luck with her budding career.


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