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Brain Over Beauty: Look Inside Of Alica Schmidt's Life

German athlete Alica Schmidt is widely known for her breathtaking appearance. However, she is far more than just a pretty face: this athlete has achieved more than the average person her age. Let's take a closer look at her life as a professional runner!

1. A Star Is Born

Brain Over Beauty: Look Inside Of Alica Schmidt's Life_1

On December 27, 1998, a baby girl with the beautiful name of Alica Schmidt was born in a loving family in Worms, a small town in the west of Germany. Although people who typically grow up in small towns are just normal, Alica was never meant to be ordinary, for there was something special about her.

2. Her Life Goal

Brain Over Beauty: Look Inside Of Alica Schmidt's Life_2

While other children were playing in the garden, Alica already knew her life goal: to be a runner. Little Alica seemed to have unlimited energy when it came to running, and even her parents couldn't make her stop for a rest. Her talent and passion for speed caught the eye of professional coaches and she was put on a formal training track. It didn't take long for her to step into the public view.

3. Into The Public View

Brain Over Beauty: Look Inside Of Alica Schmidt's Life_3

In the 4x400 relay race of the 2017 European Under 20 Championships, she successfully caught the crowd's eye not for her silver medal, but for her appearance. The audience praised her beauty and physique, and websites competed to crown her as the hottest athlete around. She captivated the world, but not in the way she wanted. And the story continued.

4. Her Beauty, Her Beauty

Brain Over Beauty: Look Inside Of Alica Schmidt's Life_4

Business propositions flooded in, and Alica soon received a request from Playboy magazine asking her to appear in one of their features. It was an opportunity that most people could only dream of, and if Alica said yes, she would rise from an up-and-coming athlete to a true star. The whole world seemed to be shouting, "Alica, take the chance!" What would she choose?

5. Was This What She Wanted?

Brain Over Beauty: Look Inside Of Alica Schmidt's Life_5

Even if this was a huge opportunity financially and socially, Alica turned it down. The athlete didn't understand why people were so interested in her appearance, but she was clear about what she wanted: to be a professional runner. Yet, would all the attention end there?

6. More Offers

Brain Over Beauty: Look Inside Of Alica Schmidt's Life_6

Not long after Playboy, another company approached Alica. It wasn't a magazine company but the athletic clothing company, Puma. The company offered her a stunning deal to appear in their new advertising campaign and provide her with training kit. She gladly accepted it and has since been seen wearing Puma in all her professional races, including the next one that changed her life once again.

7. Her Real Ability

Brain Over Beauty: Look Inside Of Alica Schmidt's Life_7

Alica once again competed for Germany in the 2019 European Athletics Under 23 Championships. She knew the public eye was on her, and it was time to prove what she could do. With a bronze medal in the 4x400 meters relay, Alica showed her supporters and naysayers that she was more than a pretty face, but that she was a worthy runner too.

8. A TV Star

Brain Over Beauty: Look Inside Of Alica Schmidt's Life_8

After the competition, Puma decided to take their business partnership to the next level: they asked her to star in a TV commercial. In the advertisement, Alica ran all over Berlin, showcasing her incredible speed, and talked about her running philosophy. It seems like running is her whole life, but is it true?

9. A Travel Bug

Brain Over Beauty: Look Inside Of Alica Schmidt's Life_9

The answer is no. If you happen to follow her on Instagram, you'll find another passion in her life: travel. Her Insta posts are filled with pictures of her holidaying in different countries, such as Abu Dhabi, Bali, and Tenerife. Alica is as excited about exploring other unfamiliar countries as she is about finding her way to Olympic gold.

10. Keep On Running

Brain Over Beauty: Look Inside Of Alica Schmidt's Life_10

Alica is not fazed by the public obsession with her beauty, nor is she lost in fame. She has a clear mind and a firm purpose. "You don't need a pretty appearance. You need a bigger mind, bigger books, and bigger ambitions." She said. To that end, she will keep on running no matter what.

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