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Bid Farewell to Skin Problems with Bye Bye Foundation: Real or Scam?

Choosing foundation is like walking in a beauty minefield: there are always so many choices and meanwhile so many temptations.

Makeup corporations are really good at bigging up the merits of their products, and sometimes it seems like every cosmetic product is trying to promise more and more benefits with just ONE step. As such, Bye Bye Foundation claims to be a three-in-one potion by infusing moisture, blurring away skin flaws and protecting from sun damage. Wow, can you really get baby-fresh skin in 30 seconds by using this magical Bye Bye Foundation? But Wait! Don’t be fall for the fancy advertising commentaries so easily. We are here to provide you some reviews relating to Bye Bye Foundation on both sides, as well as bringing you 3 alternative BB creams that are suitable for different skin types and generally acknowledged by beauty bloggers.

makeup magic trick one hour in the bathroom

What Does The Advertisement Says?

IT Cosmetics is definitely proud of Bye Bye Foundation, stating that it has the following outstanding functions:

1. As a “Full Coverage Moisturizer”, it can cover pores, acne, dark spots and other skin imperfections.
2. It acts not only as foundation, but also as a moisturizer and sunscreen.
3. The above-mentioned functions come into effect INSTANTLY.
4. All in all, as put on the official website, IT Cosmetics explains how it’s 3D SKIN FLEX Technology contributes to flawless-looking skin on 3 levels:

what does the advertisement of bye bye foundation says

Reasons For Bye Bye Foundation

1. Users do find Bye Bye Foundation has a great ability to cover up skin imperfections. As a user named ‘lovelylashes5’ on says, the coverage of Bye Bye Foundation is full and it blends adequately. Thus, even if you need to add multiple layers to cover your pores or acne, it won’t cake on your face.

reasons for bye bye foundation

2. Some users are surprised by its moisturizing effect. ‘livingdeadgirlnicole’, a self-styled dry-sensitive-skin user on, comments that she feels her skin isdewy, luminous and refreshed after dabbing it on her face and this is without putting any other moisturizer on. She even finds it to be so dewy that she dusts some powder on to keep balance.

reasons for bye bye foundation

3. Many proponents like its natural coverage and finish. A 65-year-old user ‘Susan Dane’ on comments that it is the only foundation which evens her skin but doesn’t make her look like she’s wearing foundation. ‘Ashlee Johnson’, a user and also a makeup artist, states on that she can feel it practically melt into her skin instead of lying on the surface.

reasons for bye bye foundation

4. People can actually go to sleep with it, claiming it to be so gentle that doesn’t clog pores. ‘Kristina TenEyck’, a 43-year-old user, says she loves it because sleeping in the foundation will not lead to breakouts. And constantly using it makes her skin smooth and plump.

reasons for bye bye foundation

Reasons Against Bye Bye Foundation

1. Many clients are beyond disappointed about the shades of Bye Bye Foundation. This product comes in 4 shades, including rich, tan, medium and light. A user named ‘ambergumm11’ on complains that even the lightest shade is way too dark for her. And ‘girlygirlpink’ on the same site argues that the lightest shade is ridiculously orange, which is very different from what she sees in the commercial.

reasons against bye bye foundation

2. Some users find it to be very UNFRIENDLY to oily skin. Reviews show that it doesn’t address the oiliness effectively. ‘Kathy123’ on claims that it would not last even 20 minutes on her oily skin. And after she tries the powder on top, her face looks worse with uneven and greasy skin.

reasons against bye bye foundation

3. Users also complains about the poor coverage ability and thick texture. ‘Deborah Hermosillo’ on comments that, unlike what the infomercial shows, it’s heavy, thick and cakes horribly. ‘Maureen’ on further states that it’s thicker than any other foundation she has ever tried. It’s neither natural nor comfortable on her skin and she has to wash it off within a few hours.

reasons against bye bye foundation

4. The PRICE is a controversial point too. Considering the above-mentioned disadvantages of bye bye foundation, lots of clients think the price of it is outrageous. ‘Ralucak’ on claims that it tries to price like a luxury brand, such as Chanel, but does not share the same reputation. She thinks IT Cosmetics just “has not been around long enough to justify charging $65 for a foundation” and is “trying a bit too hard to jump on the luxury bandwagon with just one item”.

reasons against bye bye foundation

Any Other BB Cream You Might Want To Try?

Surely Bye Bye Foundation has been popular these years, but you might find it’s not your best choice after reading the above reviews. Actually, when choosing a foundation (or a BB and CC cream, the name does NOT matter, because FDA puts no regulation on these labels and they are only used by the company’s whim), you are not supposed to find the BEST one, but the one that’s MOST SUITABLE for your skin tone, type and concerns.

other bb cream you can try

Here, we prepare a TOP 3 BB cream list for your consideration:

1. For oily skin: Estée Lauder DayWear BB Creme
For those with oily skin, the most troubling problem is the greasy feeling all over you face. This BB cream brought by Estée Lauder is specially designed for this type of skin and controls grease and shine. What’s more, the formula includes vitamins and anti-oxidants helping your skin be in it’s best condition.

estee lauder daywear bb creme

2. For dry skin: Dior Hydra Life BB Crème
Do you always hear you skin screaming at you: THIRSTY! THIRSTY! GIVE ME MORE WATER? If yes, then you should try this Hydra Life BB cream from Dior. It promises you a perfect finish without clinging to any cakey patches. Let it to prove you how to fake a dewy face even if you have born dry skin.

dior hydra life bb creme

3. For sensitive skin: La Roche-Posay Effaclar BB Blur
Sensitive skins are prone to be companioned by uneven skin texture. So, your problem is usually how to comfort your skin whilst covering the marks. This BB cream finds a balance between proper coverage and sufficient protection to the skin. The formula is oil-free and paraben-free, thus 100% friendly to sensitive skin.

la roche posay effaclar bb blur

For now, will you say BYE-BYE to Bye Bye Foundation or make Bye Bye Foundation your Best Friend Forever?

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