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The Evolution Of Beauty From The Renaissance Period To Now

A lot of things have changed since the Renaissance Era, fashion trends included. From wearing absolutely nothing to covering every inch of the body, people's views about beauty have changed dramatically through the ages.


1. The Renaissance Era

Clothes weren't always a necessity in the Renaissance Era. Those who did wear clothes wore large puffy dresses and capes, just barely big enough to cover their bodies.


2. Women were curvier

At the time there really wasn't any body shaming. In fact all female body types were embraced. Many women in paintings were much curvier and not afraid to show a little extra fat on their hips and thighs. But you will be amazed at how quickly things changed.


3. Victoria Era

The Victoria Era became a much more conservative time, during which it was important to cover up due to religious purposes. Colors also became a lot more muted and darker. One of the most horrific trends appeared; click through to see what it was.


4. Women need tiny waists.

The Victorian Era was also a time for small waists. Women would wear extremely tight corsets to cinch their waists and make them thinner. But corsets were in fact pretty dangerous and could crush women's ribs.


5. Roaring Twenties

The Roaring Twenties was a time when people could finally embrace fashion again and not be afraid to show off their bodies. During prohibition, it was all about partying, and the fashion trends definitely showed this.


6. Women can breathe again.

In the Roaring Twenties, women tossed away those uncomfortable corsets and slipped into the flapper dress, which was the major trend at the time. Women also enjoyed wearing much flashier makeup and rocking short bobs.


7. The Golden Age

During the Golden Age, people opted for a more natural and classic look. Makeup and clothing were meant to stay slightly conservative while complimenting your best features.


8. Mid Centuries

With both world wars over people started settling back into family life, women were focused on being mothers and wives, and they dressed the part. The fashion was all about being beautiful while still being a good mother and wife.


9. Marilyn Monroe shaped views.

Despite the conservative look being the trend, it was still important for women to have a sense of sex in their fashion choices. And Marilyn Monroe is the sex role model of the mid-century. A big change was about to come, though.


10. A big hippie community

In the 1960's, people's idea of beauty took a great shift. In the hippie community, there was no right or wrong way to dress, just as long as you didn't look like you stepped out of Leave It To Beaver.


11. Not everyone was a hippie.

Despite the majority choosing the hippy lifestyle, there were still many who cared about fashion trends. Women liked to wear short skirts and knee high boots and loved wearing mod-looking makeup and hair.


12. Disco Baby

Disco came in right after the hippie and mod era. Disco was all about wearing loud and funky clothes. Women were all about showing off their tiny figures and especially being tan.


13. The 80's

The need to be thin sparked a big fashion trend in the 80's. Women decided to rock the spandex outside the house after watching exercising videos at home. Everyone wore tight fitting spandex clothes and bright flashy colors.


14. Bigger is still better

Bigger was still better in the 80's when it came to hairstyles. Women loved big blowout styles and having huge curls in chunky piles on their heads.


15. The nineties were dark.

The 90's brought a grunge era when everyone wanted to wear dark clothes and tons of plaid. Women were still expected to be thin, but if you weren't, you could just hide it under an oversized sweatshirt or flannel.


16. Crazy hair was quite popular

People were still experimenting with crazy styles in the 90's. Women found new fashion icons on TV, most notably the cast of "Friends". Men looked to boy bands to get the really cool look of frosted tips and spiky hair.


17. The New Millenium

The new millennium seems to be a time when people care less about popular trends and are more interested in creating unique and individual styles.


18. Today

Nowadays style is all about being unique rather than looking like what's in magazines.


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