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6 Great Deals To Buy At Dollar Stores

Consumers now have numerous large department stores, pharmacies, supermarkets, and dollar stores where they can shop. Of all these options, dollar stores are typically the least expensive choice. What should you buy in dollar stores? Let's take a look.6 Great Deals To Buy At Dollar Stores_1

1. Toothpaste

6 Great Deals To Buy At Dollar Stores_2

It can be as cheap as $1 for a 2.5oz tube at dollar stores, whereas large box retailers may charge 99 cents for a 1oz tube. Big-box retailers will also offer multipacks for about $2.89 for 6 ounces, which works out to 48 cents per ounce, meaning the dollar store is still good value.

2. Body Lotion

6 Great Deals To Buy At Dollar Stores_3

It is better to purchase products like CeraVe Daily Moisturizing Lotion from the dollar store because it costs about $6 for 5 ounces or about $1.20 per ounce. Whereas, you will need to pay approximately $5.59 for 3oz in big-box stores, which works out at around $1.86 per ounce.

3. Cotton Swabs

6 Great Deals To Buy At Dollar Stores_4

A pack of 500 name-brand Q-tips costs $3.50 at the dollar store, but an identical item costs at least $3.69 at big-box stores. Since you are paying less for the same quantity and brand, it is clear why you're gettings a better deal at the dollar store.

4. Lip Balm

6 Great Deals To Buy At Dollar Stores_5

A 3-pack of Chapstick costs $3.30 at the dollar store but $3.39 at big-box retailers. If you aren't picky, it's obvious why the dollar store is a better deal even though you may not have the same scents as a big-box store.

5. Baby Wipes

6 Great Deals To Buy At Dollar Stores_6

A pack of 72 Fisher-Price baby wipes costs $2 at the dollar store, which is way cheaper than other retailers.

6. Pregnancy Tests

6 Great Deals To Buy At Dollar Stores_7

A pregnancy test at a dollar store ranges from $1 to $8, while it can cost more than $20 at other retailers and pharmacies. It is unquestionably an incredible deal when you can purchase the same-quality goods for fifty percent less.

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