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33 Easiest And Cheapest Halloween Costumes You Can DIY

If you still don’t know what to wear to your Halloween party, fear not. Here are some DIY ideas you can try to make the easiest and cheapest Halloween costumes. Read on to get inspired!

1. Emoji.

That is just brilliant!


2. Grape.

Purple balloons, green leaves, and of course sunshine-like smile, nailed it!


3. Kitty Face.



4. Snow White.

Little black dress and a red bowknot hair band, and of course the red apple will do the trick! If you care enough, make yourself a bob too.


5. Dancing Girl Emoji.

It has become a costume trend to dress up as emojis on Halloween. Black shirts, black shorts, and more importantly, a person who likes to go nuts with you.


6. Wednesday Addams.

Take out your black dress with long sleeves and a white collar and braid your hair. Powder your face really white. Gloomy, huh?


7. Harry Potter.

Always in for you or your little one, right? OMG, sooo cute!


8. Birdie parent-child outfit.

Awww… Mommies can go to the party with your baby wearing colored feathers.


9. Pineapple.

All you need is a yellow dress and green headwear easy to DIY. If you decide to wear jewelry, make them green!


10. Flapper Costume.

You can’t stress too much the importance of a hairband to a girl. Easy, yet eye-catching for sure.


11. Care Bear.

Attach the patterns to your shirt, and don’t forget the cute bear ears.


12. Raining Men Costume.

Finally, your fashion magazines come in handy. Tape cutouts of your favorite guys to a clear umbrella and crack your friends up!


13. Ice Cream.

As long as you have a white dress, some colored paper slips, and a paper cone, you are done.


14. Minie Mouse.

That’s right. Who wouldn’t love this cutest DIY costume?


15. Spice Girls.

Get yourself a red hat and a red apron with spice jars printed on it, perfect outfits for your gang.


16. Sexy Kitten.

Wow, this is just easy! Blacken the tip of your nose, draw some lines and dots. You are definitely the hottie at the party.


17. Easy Skeleton.

Take out your white shirt, cut out sections to make ribcage illusion, tape a paper heart, and of course, wear this adorable makeup.


18. Rosie the Riveter.

Throw a red bow on your head, nothing easier yet more powerful for you on October 31st.


19. Green with Envy.

Well, you get it?


20. She Sells Seashells.

The popular tongue twister is now a clever idea for your Halloween DIY costume.


21. Error Code.

Genuinely inspired 404 error costume.


22. White Rabbit from Alice in Wonderland.

As long as you have the ears on your head and blue bow on your neck, you are good to go. Easy and cute!


23. Bath Puff.

If you have a tube dress already, this bath puff costume is perfect for you. Add some tulle and stand yourself out at the party.


24. Deer.

This costume may seem a little complicated because you need a brown faux fur vest, an antler headband, and a little face paint. But it’s too cute to be left out of the list!


25. Audrey Hepburn.

You can’t go wrong with Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s. Don’t forget the cigarette holder.


26. Butterfly Elf.

Hold your breath for something really gorgeous. If you have a white gown, all you have to do is pin some butterflies on your head and paint bling bling as a butterfly elf.


27. Mime.

Go get some cheap face paint, wear striped white and black top, wear a black hat, and you are a mime who doesn’t need to speak at all.


28. When Life Hands You Lemons.

Yeah, you know the old saying. Write or sew “LIFE” on your shirt and carry a basket of lemons.


29. Popcorn.

Red and white striped skirt decorated with yellow balloons, you can also carry around some real popcorn for others to grab a bite.


30. Starbuck.

Why don’t you try a Starbuck coffee cup? I mean, you drink it every day.


31. Hot Air Balloon.

This costume fits both you and your little one. So cool.


32. Dinosaur Costume.

Nothing even compares to a dinosaur when it comes to children’s favorite animals.


33. Formal Apology.

No need to worry about your wallet because this one is literally the cheapest cosplay outfit!


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