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320,000,000-Year-Old Landmark Ruined Pisses Off Everybody

1. 320,000,000 Years of History Destroyed

The National Trust landmark situated in North Yorkshire, the Brimham Rocks, was the most ancient formation in England and it had a history of over 320 million years. It survived wind, rain, and ice, but it did not survive the foolishness of humans this time. What on earth happened to the Brimham Rocks and how come?


2. Landmark Existed Since The Last Ice Age

The landmark had balanced delicately on the border of a cliff since the glacial period, when the crustal movement was just starting to transport water and sand from northern Europe to create the land of Yorkshire. It had a special shape which can be found nowhere else around the world, due to the great river which ran through there 100 million years before the first dinosaurs walked the Earth.


3. One Of The Most Popular Scenic Spot

The uniqueness made the landmark so magnetic that it became a famous touristic attraction. Tourists beyond counting all around the world were eager to come and visit the Brimham Rocks and a majestic feeling would arouse in people’s heart when in the presence of something that ancient. Unfortunately, we have no chance to feel it personally any longer…


4. Where Was The Brimham Rocks?

It was a group of tourists who first noticed that something was wrong. They were just rambling through the woods and sightseeing on the hills like many others. But the landmark that was supposed to be standing on the top of the crag was not there. Where had it gone?


5. Irreversible Damage To The Landmark

As can be clearly seen in the picture above, the rock fell down from the crag and hit the ground, breaking into pieces. Incredibly a group of young people had been spotted pushing the stone in the evening, which had resulted in the total destruction of the landmark. Not only that, they had made things even worse…


6. Graffiti Tags Made Things Even Worse

Unsatisfied with simply causing the rock to shatter into pieces, they also decided to leave their mark in a more visible way. The vandals doodled on top of the ancient historical site where the boulder had once stood. Surely they have to get their comeuppance for this! Therefore, the police got involved…


7. Such A Dangerous Activity

“The incident has not only caused considerable damage to the rock and the crag face,” North Yorkshire Police said. “but those responsible also put themselves in danger and have created a potential hazard for other visitors to Brimham Rocks.” Meanwhile, the graffiti tags have also impacted the value of the site as a tourist attraction.


8. Suspects Supposed To Be Local Pissed Off Everyone Living Nearby

The police shut down the area to protect tourists and locals from danger, due to possible rockfalls. They also deduced that the suspects must live close to the area, as it was the only possible explanation of how they had fled so quickly without being caught. Nearby residents were infuriated by the destruction of the rocks. How dare these teens ruin such a historic landmark!


9. Just Having Fun Or Planned Vandalism?

“It might have been fun for some people,” the National Trust spokeswoman added. “Actually, it is just completely pointless and needless.” Is this just a group of teenagers amusing themselves out of boredom, or is it deliberate vandalism? Let’s see what people on social media think.


10. Social Media Was Going Crazy

Everyone was outraged by the vandals behavior. Some pointed out that these teens were not in awe of nature and history at all, and this lack of respect is an example of the world becoming a worse place. What do you think of all this?


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