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30 Biggest Stars Of The 1970s Then And Now

30 Biggest Stars Of The 1970s Then And Now_1

The women in the 1970s are some of the most intriguing women of all time. From Raquel Welch to Melissa Sue Anderson, they really are beautiful on the inside and on the outside. Click through to see their stories, and find out whether their iconic looks stood the test of time!

1. Barbi Benton: From Playboy To Showbusiness And Music

30 Biggest Stars Of The 1970s Then And Now_2

At a rather young age, Barbi Benton posed for Playboy several times, making her instant known to men around the world. These days, Barbi is well remembered for her time as Hugh Hefner’s girlfriend and appeared on his reality show multiple times. Fun to know: During her career, Barbi amassed quite a list of real estate, some of which was featured on  Million Dollar Rooms in 2012.

2. Our Angel, Jaclyn Smith

30 Biggest Stars Of The 1970s Then And Now_3

You probably remember Jaclyn Smith as one of Charlie’s Angels in 1976. She’s had a very successful career since then, but mostly in TV movies and TV shows including CSI: Crime Scene Investigation and Law & Order: Special Victims Unit. Jaclyn now is a businesswoman, launching a clothing line and a wig line.  Jaclyn was last seen in a made-for-TV comedy film titled Bridal Wave.

3. Raquel Welch: Beyond The Cleavage

30 Biggest Stars Of The 1970s Then And Now_4

Ending the 1960s with her iconic bikini wearing role in One Million Years BC, Raquel ignited her fame and turned her into the top American sex symbol. She is still active on-screen to this day, appearing in the TV movies, House of Versace and The Ultimate Legacy. 

4. Sweet, Sweet Sally

30 Biggest Stars Of The 1970s Then And Now_5

Sally Field was remembered for her role in Norma Rae, which landed her an Academy Award for best actress in 1979. She had an explosive movie career from the 1990s, making her receive the star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in 2014. In the past of years, Sally has always been the loudest voices championing women’s rights.

5. Jane Seymour Is Still Gorgeous As Ever

30 Biggest Stars Of The 1970s Then And Now_6

Pocahontas, is that you? The resemblance is striking, however, Jane achieved her fame as a “Bond girl” in the film Live and Let Die. She has been acting ever since. Besides, Jane became an author writing a series of children's books. Jane is also a celebrity ambassador for a nonprofit, which is dedicating to helping children being abused and neglected.

6. Goldie Hawn Looks Amazing For 72!

30 Biggest Stars Of The 1970s Then And Now_7

The super smiley and shiny Goldie, became widely known for her best supporting role in the movie Cactus Flower. She continued her career through the 80s and 90s and became the executive producer for multiple films. Goldie Hawn founded the Hawn Foundation, providing educational programs for students who are living in poverty. 

7. Stevie Nicks: The Queen Of Rock N’ Roll

30 Biggest Stars Of The 1970s Then And Now_8

In 1975, Stevie joined Fleetwood Mac and helped the band sell $40 million copies, making it the fifth highest-selling album of all time. Stevie went on to make eight more renown albums. Her most recent album, 24 Karat Gold: Songs from the Vault, was released in 2014. Stevie toured through 2016 and has a few projects in the works to be released in 2017.

8. Melissa Sue Anderson: From The Prairie To… Canada

30 Biggest Stars Of The 1970s Then And Now_9

Melissa Sue Anderson played Mary Ingalls on the all-time classic “The Little House On The Prairie”.  Her character was the only one to earn an Emmy nomination during the entire show’s run. Melissa Sue became a Canadian citizen, permanently relocating there in 2007, where she has largely been retired, making a brief appearance in the 2016 film “The Brits Are Coming”.

9. Cher: The Original Boho

30 Biggest Stars Of The 1970s Then And Now_10

Has Cher even aged at all? She’s just as much of a goddess now as she was then. In the 1970s, Cher was entertaining 30 million viewers each week on The Sonny & Cher Comedy Hour. Alongside acting, she maintained a killer solo career in music, topping the Billboard Hot 100 multiple times. Now her style is ageless and her sound is unmatched. 

10. Candice Bergen: “I Live To Eat Now”

30 Biggest Stars Of The 1970s Then And Now_11

Candice was a high fashion model through the 1960s and 1970s. She landed on major magazine covers such as Vogue. These days, she’s accepting roles in movies, usually playing the same character each time: a wealthy, over-bearing, way-too-involved mother figure. Fun facts: Candice claims that while her friends are busy obsessing over staying thin, she’s growing more and more fond of food.

11. Faye Dunaway, “I’m Kind Of A Loner”

30 Biggest Stars Of The 1970s Then And Now_12

Faye started her career on Broadway in the 1960s and it quickly progressed to the movie screen. “Bonnie and Clyde made my career,” Faye said. The film came out in 1967. In the 1970s, Faye starred in 10 other movies. She was recently reunited with Warren Beatty at the 89th Academy Awards as Bonnie and Clyde. 

12. Susan Dey: Still Impressive To This Day

30 Biggest Stars Of The 1970s Then And Now_13

Susan Dey landed the role of Laurie Partridge, on the hit 1970’s TV Show “The Partridge Family” at the age of 17. She starred in a string of made-for-TV movies, the drama “LA Law”, before finally exiting Hollywood in 1990.  She now focuses on charitable causes.

13. Dolly Parton Is Immortal

30 Biggest Stars Of The 1970s Then And Now_14

Dolly Parton started her music career in the 1960s, but didn’t peak on the charts until the 1970s with her hit “Jolene.” She has written and performed every kind of music, from country to pop to blue grass. Dolly was a guest star on hit singing show The Voice last year, where she performed “Jolene” with the Pentatonix.

14. Diane Keaton’s Long, Successful Film Career

30 Biggest Stars Of The 1970s Then And Now_15

Diane’s first major film role was in The Godfather and her subsequent films with Woody Allen helped catapult her career. Today, she’s still starring in the film field. She has two adopted children and describes motherhood as “the most completely humbling experience” of her life.

15. Greaser And Singer Olivia Newton-John

30 Biggest Stars Of The 1970s Then And Now_16

This singer, songwriter, and actress has won four Grammy Awards and has sold an estimated 100 million records worldwide. She starred in Grease, of course, its soundtrack is one of the most successful in music and motion picture history. She still actively tours and recently appeared as a guest judge on RuPaul’s Drag Race.

16. Ann-Margret Of Bye, Bye, Birdie

30 Biggest Stars Of The 1970s Then And Now_17

The 1963 release of Bye, Bye, Birdie helped to turn Ann-Margret into a star. After that, she worked the talk show circuit of the seventies, delighting audiences with musical and dance acts. Ann-Margret still works in live musical performances while also starring in movie roles throughout the seventies. She collected a few Golden Globe Awards over the years and was nominated for many others.

17. Jane Fonda, Actress And Fitness Queen

30 Biggest Stars Of The 1970s Then And Now_18

Jane Fonda really started her career in the sixties, but she remained a very popular actress into the seventies as well. She starred in classics like Fun With Dick And Jane, Klute, Tout Va Bien, and California Suite. She released a best-selling exercise video in 1982 and sold over 17 million copies with succeeding workout tapes.

18. Joni Mitchell, Singer And Songwriter

30 Biggest Stars Of The 1970s Then And Now_19

This folk artist not only wrote and sang the anthems of the seventies, but she also romanced many musicians herself, including James Taylor and Jackson Browne. Born in Canada, Joni survived polio as a child and actually had a baby of her own at 21.

19. The Foxy Pam Grier

30 Biggest Stars Of The 1970s Then And Now_20

Pam starred in eight films in the 1970s, most popular being Foxy Brown, and she has not slowed down. Her acting career remained consistent through the early 2000s until she decided to leave film to pursue more personal goals. In 2011, Pam finished two doctoral programs and founded the Pam Grier Community Garden and Education Center. Go Foxy!

20. Bo Derek And That Famous Poster

30 Biggest Stars Of The 1970s Then And Now_21

Bo Derek’s breakthrough to fame was in the 1979 film 10. After that, she became an American sex symbol, releasing a series of posters of her in a swimsuit with her hair braided that still sells to this day! Bo Derek’s acting career remained hot up until the early 2000s and so did her sex appeal.

21. Dancing Queen Agnetha Fältskog

30 Biggest Stars Of The 1970s Then And Now_22

You’ve heard “Dancing Queen” and many of ABBA’s other hits, but did you know that the “A” in ABBA represents Agnetha’s first name? The group shot to international fame with their 1974 Eurovision win for “Waterloo.” The group sent many more songs up the charts in the following years.

22. The Start Of Meryl Streep’s Long, Successful Career

30 Biggest Stars Of The 1970s Then And Now_23

The seventies saw Meryl Streep at the beginning of her acting career. She’s since been called the best actress of her generation, though she objects to that statement. Meryl has been nominated for 20 Academy Awards and 30 Golden Globe Awards, more than any other actor, ever. Her star on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame is well-earned.

23. And The Same For Jessica Lange

30 Biggest Stars Of The 1970s Then And Now_32Jessica Lange also landed her first successful roles in the seventies. She beat out other 1970s actresses Goldie Hawn and Meryl Streep for a role in King Kong and continued making films in the following decades. She’s even published collections of her own photographic works!

24. Kim Basinger, More Than One Of Prince’s Girlfriends

30 Biggest Stars Of The 1970s Then And Now_25

She was one of Prince’s girlfriends, sure, but Kim Basinger also enjoyed a successful career as a model in the 1970s. In the mid-seventies, she started her acting career, appearing in made-for-television films and then Batman in the late eighties. She’s also released a studio album produced by Prince and two EPs as well.

25. Chris Evert With The Grand Slam

30 Biggest Stars Of The 1970s Then And Now_26

Chris Evert was the highest-ranked woman in tennis from 1974 to 1981. She was only 16 years old when she made her 1971 debut at the U.S. Open; she won her first majors at the French Open and Wimbledon just a few years later. She signed an endorsement deal with Calvin Klein sportswear before she even won her first Grand Slam!

26. Debbie Harry Of Blondie Fame

30 Biggest Stars Of The 1970s Then And Now_27

Debbie Harry is the lead singer of Blondie and she’s also acted in over 60 film roles and made numerous television appearances. Debbie quickly became an icon of punk music and her success with Blondie spread around the world. She’s worked on many collaborations since then, and Blondie has actually recorded four albums from 2003 to today.

27. Suzanne Somers Of Three’s Company

30 Biggest Stars Of The 1970s Then And Now_28

Suzanne Somers is best known for her television roles on Three’s Company and Step By Step. She’s also written a series of best-selling self-help books, two autobiographies, four diet books, and a compilation of poetry. She became a Las Vegas entertainer in the 1980s and was also the spokeswoman for the Thighmaster in the early 1990s.

28. Michelle Pfeiffer “I Played Bimbos To Cash In”

30 Biggest Stars Of The 1970s Then And Now_29

Through the 1970s, Michelle accepted small roles that played off of her looks. It wasn’t until the 1980s that she landed a major role in Grease 2. Her acting career has remained steady through the early 2000s until now. Michelle is active in fighting to keep children environmentally healthy. She’s made it her life mission to protest toxic foods and beauty products.

29. Linda Ronstadt’s Fantastic Voice

30 Biggest Stars Of The 1970s Then And Now_30

If you haven’t heard Linda’s 1975 cover of “You’re No Good,” give it a listen—she’s recorded many more chart-topping singles and records than that track, of course. Linda’s attitude and voice made her a majorly successful woman of rock music, and she collected dozens of Grammy Awards as a result.

30. Maureen McCormick, AKA “Marcia Marcia Marcia”!

30 Biggest Stars Of The 1970s Then And Now_31

Most of us know Maureen McCormick as Marcia Brady, the oldest daughter from The Brady Bunch. After the show ended in 1974, Maureen joined the crew again for a bunch of Brady spinoffs, the most recent in 1988, titled: A Very Brady Christmas. In 2008, Maureen wrote an autobiography: Here’s The Story: Surviving Marcia Brady and Finding

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