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20 WWE Stars Who Left The Ring For Other Jobs

20 WWE Stars Who Left The Ring For Other Jobs_1

Because of injuries or other interests, a professional career in a sport will come to an end eventually. You may not believe that professional wrestling has led a lot of WWE stars to various career paths, from acting to writing. Scroll down to find out what job Trish Stratus and other wrestlers left the ring for.

1. CM Punk - Comics Writer 

20 WWE Stars Who Left The Ring For Other Jobs_2

CM Punk's life outside the ring is just as exciting. Can you believe that he has actually worked with Marvel Comics? He described it as a "geek dream come true" after writing the introduction for the hardcover edition of the 2012 crossover event Avengers vs. X-Men. He also co-wrote the Drax series and made his acting debut in Girl on the Third Floor in 2019. 

2. AJ Lee - Book Writer & Producer

20 WWE Stars Who Left The Ring For Other Jobs_3

AJ Lee also does some writing like her husband CM Punk, but unlike him, she wrote a superb autobiography. Her book Crazy Is My Superpower: How I Triumphed By Breaking Bones, Breaking Hearts, and Breaking The Rules was successful enough to be made into a TV show, which also made her an executive producer. 

3. Dwayne Johnson - Actor & More

20 WWE Stars Who Left The Ring For Other Jobs_4

Many believe that there is nothing the Rock can't do, which Dwayne Johnson certainly has proved. He has lived an amazing life outside the ring, including his multiple appearances in a lot of hit screen works. He may even do more in 2020, which shows other wrestlers there're possibilities to become a lot of things other than a match warrior. 

4. Trish Stratus - Yoga Studio Owner

20 WWE Stars Who Left The Ring For Other Jobs_5

Not long after she entered the WWE ring in 2000, Trish Stratus became the most successful female in the sport with several championships and the WWE Babe of the year. She still appears on WWE from time to time, but she also owns a yoga studio named Stratusphere, which is billed as "Canada's largest eco-friendly yoga studio."

5. Chris Jericho - Lead Singer

20 WWE Stars Who Left The Ring For Other Jobs_6

Chris Jericho used to be known for his most deadly submission moves in all of wrestling, but no one expects him to become a rock star afterward. He started his music career with a heavy metal band called Fozzy back in 1999. He has done quite a few albums and tours as the lead singer.  

6. Nikki & Brie Bella - Designers

20 WWE Stars Who Left The Ring For Other Jobs_7

Nikki and Brie amazed the crowds as the Bella twins when competing in the ring. Nikki was incredible enough to catch the attention of the biggest wrestler in the WWE, John Cena. Now, the twins have their own fashion brand BirdieBee, which focuses on intimate, casual, and fitness wear. They've made their tagline as "BEE Empowered, BEE Fearless, BEE Giving, BEE You."

7. Batista - Actor

20 WWE Stars Who Left The Ring For Other Jobs_8

There weren't so many people that could compete with the big man Batista in the ring, but not in a perfect fantasy world. Batista managed to get a role in one of the most successful movie franchises, The Avengers. Now, he's recognized as Drax the Destroyer from Guardians of the Galaxy.

8. Molly Holly - Philanthropist

20 WWE Stars Who Left The Ring For Other Jobs_9

Molly Holly was unstoppable in the WWE ring when it came to skills and techniques. She decided to leave WWE in 2005 to take on more rewarding roles. She became a teen counselor and later earned the license as a massage therapist. She continues doing charity work for organizations to help children.

9. Spike Dudley - Financial Specialist

20 WWE Stars Who Left The Ring For Other Jobs_10

Spike Dudley's wrestling career didn't let him find himself, which was one of the reasons he left the ring for other jobs. He later found a job as a financial transition specialist, which may be less fun than the WWE but surely more rewarding. And he gets to enjoy more about his lovely family life. 

10. Ivory - Animal Daycare Owner

20 WWE Stars Who Left The Ring For Other Jobs_11

You may not expect such a soft spot for the former WWE Women's Champion, but Ivory is a huge dog lover. After her retirement in 2007, she started Downtown Dog with a partner, providing animal daycare and grooming service. She has also worked with quite a few animal shelters. 

11. Diamond Dallas Page - Yoga Instructor

20 WWE Stars Who Left The Ring For Other Jobs_12

Diamond Dallas Page used to motivate the crowds with his antics, and it looks like he made those motivational skills to his new profession. The former WCW Champion has the DDP Yoga Program after retiring from the ring. He teaches people about bodyweight exercises to help with losing weight and gaining flexibility. 

12. Eve Torres - Event Planner & More

20 WWE Stars Who Left The Ring For Other Jobs_13

As a Divas Champion in WWE, Eve Torres reigned as one of the most popular wrestlers from 2007 to 2012. After leaving the ring, she focused more on her Gracie Women Empowered self-defense program and is trained in Jiu-Jitsu. Other than these, she's also an event manager. Her sister-in-law and she started their event rental company, InJOY the Party. 

13. Stasiak - Chiropractor

20 WWE Stars Who Left The Ring For Other Jobs_14

Shawn Stasiak definitely came a long way from breaking backs in the ring to correcting them on the table. After being released in 2002, he became a professional chiropractor. He indicated that "It's such a blessing to be able to make so many positive life changes for people, to get them out of debilitating pain and to guide them to a better quality of life not just physically, but mentally and spiritually."

14. Snitsky - Actor

20 WWE Stars Who Left The Ring For Other Jobs_15

Unlike his former colleagues, Snitsky didn't have big dreams about wrestling but wanted to be an NFL star. With a tremendous high school and college career, it could have come true, but somehow he landed in the WWE. After he decided to leave the ring in 2008, he has sought another career in acting, and he's enjoying it. 

15. Shawn Michaels - Show Host

20 WWE Stars Who Left The Ring For Other Jobs_16

Shawn Michaels didn't stop venturing after WWE retirement. Despite his busy family life with his wife Rebecca and 2 kids, he managed to host his own hunting show on the Outdoor channel, and co-hosted Shawn Michaels' MacMillan River Adventures with Keith Mark. He also published his autobiography Wrestling for My Life: The Legend, the Reality, and the Faith of a WWE Superstar in 2015. 

16. Kevin Nash - Actor

20 WWE Stars Who Left The Ring For Other Jobs_17

Kevin Nash is the 1995 WWE World Heavyweight Champion and definitely one of the most popular wrestlers of the WWE. Since his retirement, Nash has begun appearing on the big screen in multiple movies and shows. He is also a philanthropist outside acting. He actively supports the LGBTQ community and vowed to donate his brain to the CTE Center at Boston University and the Concussion Legacy when he dies.

17. Jimmy Wang - Party Bus Businessman

20 WWE Stars Who Left The Ring For Other Jobs_18

Partying means to get some liquor in your system and dance with friends. This kind of fun sometimes leads you to activities on a party bus. The former WWE star Jimmy Wang apparently agrees since he now operates a party bus business with a Redneck theme. 

18. Haku - Car Fixer

20 WWE Stars Who Left The Ring For Other Jobs_19

The fierce warrior, Haku, will always be remembered by the public inside and outside the ring. Although he's good at wrestling, it didn't show much for him, which made him decide to leave for other opportunities. Well, the car business was calling, and Haku answered. Can you imagine him fixing your car?

19. Bret Hart - Loan Company Commissioner

20 WWE Stars Who Left The Ring For Other Jobs_20

Bret Hart had a tough time after leaving the ring. He suffered a stroke, and he never fully recovered from it. After being diagnosed with prostate cancer and fighting for a year, he was declared cancer-free. Now, he owns a business loan company somehow. 

20. Jacqueline Moore - Trainer

20 WWE Stars Who Left The Ring For Other Jobs_21

After being inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2016, Jacqueline is even in better shape nowadays. She has stayed active in body training and helping training up other wrestlers. She has also appeared on a few reality shows outside wrestling. 

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