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20 Popular Shows That Netflix Has Canceled

It's sad to see certain shows provided by Netflix go away. They have canceled some of their original programs for a variety of reasons. Here are the shows that have left Netflix or will leave it soon. Check the list and be sure not to miss the one that will soon be gone.

1. The Good Cop

The cancellation of The Good Cop may have come as a surprise to its audience who really did love it. Unfortunately, the show wasn’t watched by enough people to warrant a second season by Netflix. Due to the low viewership, it was deemed too risky to bring it back from the dead.


2. Luke Cage

Luke Cage aired from 2016 and came to an end in 2018. Unfortunately, creative differences between Netflix and Marvel led to the show’s cancelation. Although the show came to an end, it does not mean it is the end for Luke Cage the character. With both Luke Cage and Iron Fist, it may be that pairing them together to create another show will be the winning formula.


3. Iron Fist

Iron Fist came to an end after two Seasons. The first season had a high viewership, but the second season was unable to keep hold of its audience, resulting in cancelation.


4. House Of Cards

House of Cards was one of the most successful TV serials in the streaming services history, with fantastic acting and a compelling story. Netflix has renewed it for five seasons due to its huge success. The allegations of sexual misconduct against lead actor Kevin Spacey is a big reason why this show came to an end.


5. Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

The show was a massive success for Netflix. Each season has continuously been showered with praise and affection from fans and critics alike. Why then is such a well-performing comedy series ending? We think there’s a likelihood of a comeback in the future.


6. Everything Sucks

Since Everything sucks was released, it quickly found a small loyal fan base. But Netflix presented evidence that many viewers were unable to finish the first episode, let alone watch the entire series.


7. Disjointed

Disjointed consistently received high scores from fans, which was beyond the expectations of Netflix. But they decided not to give the series a second season and didn’t explain why.


8. Chelsea (Talk Show)

The show evolved from three days a week in 2016 to an episode every Friday throughout 2017 but sadly, the show never really found its stride. Chelsea will continue working with Netflix in the future, but she has taken a step back to continue her education.


9. Haters Back Off

Though Miranda Sings has quite a considerable YouTube following, those numbers don’t necessarily translate into high Netflix viewing numbers. Low viewership led to the cancelation of the show.


10. Gypsy

Watts was praised for her role in Gypsy, but the show didn’t perform that well. With a poor response from critics and lackluster reception from the audience, the plug was pulled by Netflix.


11. Girlboss

Based on the New York Times best-selling book of the same name, Girlboss had the potential to do another season, but poor reception and a lackluster following resulted in the show’s demise.


12. Marco Polo

Marco Polo had become the most ambitious project in Netflix’s history. The show was showered with large-scale battles and exotic locations, making it visually fantastic. But the luke warm response from critics upon the airing of the first season and a massive loss in revenue resulted in cancelation.


13. Bloodline

The cancellation of Bloodline came as a surprise to many as Netflix renewed season three only three days after the debut of the second season. THR has reported that the reason for canceling the show was the rising costs of production after Florida ended tax incentives for entertainment projects in the state.


14. The Get Down

The show was canceled after just one season because of many factors including production delays and budget problems. But the show’s director is confident that “The Get Down’s” story will live on.


15. Hemlock Grove

Hemlock Grove may be popular with its fans but it never really hit the ground running. After three seasons, the viewing figures are no longer worth the investment for Netflix.


16. Sense8

Sense8 was canceled due to lack of viewership. Although it does have a very loyal fanbase, it wasn’t enough for Netflix to warrant further seasons. Low viewership and high production costs are a poor combination.


17. Lilyhammer

Lilyhammer got a perfect response and received high praise from critics for its wit and humor. But Netflix canceled it for business reasons as the show was made in partnership with NRK and Netflix wanted exclusive control of the show.


18. The Killing

The Killing came to a conclusive end and was has been lying dead for more than four years. So don’t expect a new season anytime soon, if ever.


19. Netflix Presents: The Characters

The cancelation of the stand-up comedy show after just one season was due to low viewership. Don’t worry though, Netflix has plenty of shows to make up for it.


20. Hibana: Spark

This is an international show that Netflix seemed to have a hard time selling to a broad audience. As a result, it ended after one season.


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