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25 Outdated Fashion Trends Make You Look Much Older

Fashion trends can be fickle, but there are always some traps into which you should never fall. Check the itemized list and try to avoid these 20 mistakes that can easily add decades on you!  

1. Platform Heels

20 Outdated Fashion Trends Make You Look Much Older_1

Not everyone is born with a satisfactory height, and that's the very reason most of us appreciate high heels. Certain heels can look dashy and be comfortable at the same time, but chunky ones are always frowned upon. They not only add weight to your shoes, but also make your body look less proportional. Try pointed toes instead, and you'll regret that you didn't ditch them earlier!

2. Blue Eyeshadow

20 Outdated Fashion Trends Make You Look Much Older_2

People who have a preference for blue eyeshadows can be troubled with puffy eyes. However, this cool shade of eyeshadow should be avoided at all costs. Wearing such hues will add years to your face rather than giving you a new lease of life. You can try out darker muted colors, but make sure the color brings out the best of your skin tone.

3. Maxi Dresses

20 Outdated Fashion Trends Make You Look Much Older_3

These floor-length skirts can hide your legs entirely. In the same vein, they hide the lower part of your body and the beauty of your figure. There's certainly no need to match the hemline to your age, and wearing long dresses will make you look frumpier and wider than you are. Find the slimmest part of your knee area, then take it as a guide for determining your ideal hemline.

4. Head-To-Toe Pastels

20 Outdated Fashion Trends Make You Look Much Older_4

Pastels are trendy, so some people often wrap themselves head to toe in full outfits in the same shade of soft pinks or greens. However, going that way is definitely a no-go. Our skin color becomes lighter as we age, so it will appear bleached against such pale hues. The good news is that you don't need to throw away all of them, as pairing one piece with a darker one is a perfect match.

5. Outdated Eyewear

20 Outdated Fashion Trends Make You Look Much Older_5

Wearing glasses, especially framed ones, ages even the most stunning face. Don't worry, and here is an easy solution. The rule of thumb is to change your glasses' styles every so often, and that way you'll ensure that you can always leave a fresh impression on people.

6. Baggy Outfits

20 Outdated Fashion Trends Make You Look Much Older_6

Many people believe oversized clothing will make them look slimmer, but in reality, it simply takes their natural shape away. So it gives others the illusion of an exaggerated body size. This runs contrary to our wishes, of course. Just avoid anything resembling a tent and invest in jeans that have some spandex or elastane, so that they won't stretch out after general wear.

7. Gaudy Jewelry

20 Outdated Fashion Trends Make You Look Much Older_7

It's self-evident that statement necklaces do make a statement and it's natural that we give them a second glance. But this attention isn't all that it is cracked to be, and it will immediately age a person. One simple tip is to keep things simple and wear stylish pieces instead.

8. Dark Lipsticks

20 Outdated Fashion Trends Make You Look Much Older_8

Stunners often match lip colors to the seasons and their clothes. You might just want to match an autumn shade or simply want to stand out from others, but a dark lip color may not be your best choice. Our lips become thinner and paler as time passes, and the sharp lines that outline your lips will also fade away gradually. In this case, a dark lip color can accentuate these telltale signs and highlight every crevice on your lips.

9. Wear Brooches

20 Outdated Fashion Trends Make You Look Much Older_9

Brooches are another old-fashioned item on this list. If you have one that has been passed down for generations, perhaps it is time to tuck away the precious accessory in a jewelry box. The heyday of these pieces has gone and now they are considered gaudy and old. The hard truth is most suits are better off without them.

10. Tweed Suits

20 Outdated Fashion Trends Make You Look Much Older_10

Though tweed suits come into fashion from time to time, they are not the safest bet for everyone. This heavy fabric will make you look wider than you are. To look younger, you'd better try out some alternatives like suit fabrics with patterns of pinstripes or panes, and they will fit your body shape better than that stiff and thick fabric.

11. Big Hairdos

20 Outdated Fashion Trends Make You Look Much Older_11

There's no denying that some volume in your hair is flattering, but too much volume can turn your hair into a mess. Volume varies from one person to another, and so is its effect. Using hairspray on your over-teased hair can add years to you immediately. Don't panic, and instead try a volumizing shampoo to give yourself a bit of a lift.

12. Super Long Hair

20 Outdated Fashion Trends Make You Look Much Older_12

Most women may assume sleek flowing hair will make them look younger, but they often end up achieving the opposite effect. But this is by no means a hard and fast rule because it all depends on your hair type. Any seasoned hairdresser will agree that women aged over 40 look more vigorous with thinner and straggler hair. If you don't like the pixie haircut, think about adding volume and getting layers instead.

13. Tracksuits

20 Outdated Fashion Trends Make You Look Much Older_13

Tracksuits are chic again after prevailing in the fashion machine years ago. No clothes are more comfortable than athleisure, because they are suitable for any occasion, be it doing a workout or walking the dog. If you are fond of tracksuits, then never pair it with heels. You will regret it if you stand before a full-length mirror.

14. All In Black

20 Outdated Fashion Trends Make You Look Much Older_14

A black outfit can be a cool fashion statement, but an all-black look can be a step too far. Wait, don't ditch all your black clothes before you know this easy fix. You can wear mixing black fabrics so that your look won't be too dull. Another way to amend it is to add a few accessories for a light pop of color. Also, you can use lipsticks to add vivid colors. They are all things worth trying.

15. Shoulder Pads

20 Outdated Fashion Trends Make You Look Much Older_15

Shoulder pads were a highlight of the party scene back in the 80s. But nowadays, wearing them can be one of the fastest ways to add decades to anyone's look. No one wants to look boxy, right? Here is another option to fake a strong shoulder look without the cumbersome shoulder pads, just buy a suit jacket.

16. Chunky Highlights

20 Outdated Fashion Trends Make You Look Much Older_16

Sometimes we get a new hairstyle to show off a new look, but the results may be less than desirable if you choose to have those chunky highlights. These dated stripy highlights can add at least ten years to you, but you should instead replace them with balayage-style ones. Even better, your hair will grow out naturally so that it will match well with the faded color.

17. Loud Nail Polish

20 Outdated Fashion Trends Make You Look Much Older_17

Most women go to the nail salon regularly and get their nails done. Those bright shades will draw anyone's attention at first, but be careful, because it can actually make a person look much older. The wrinkles or imperfections of your hands may become more apparent. Pick a more nude color if you don't want to waste your other efforts on everlasting beauty.

18. Rhinestone Details

20 Outdated Fashion Trends Make You Look Much Older_18

You will know that the rhinestone details on your clothing can raise many an eyebrow if you have ever experimented. The gaudy decorations age people easily because they are completely out of fashion. No matter how much you have affection for sparkling things, it is wise to keep the bling to a minimum.

19. Shiny Pantyhose

20 Outdated Fashion Trends Make You Look Much Older_19

Decades ago, many would agree that decent women would not wear a skirt without a pair of tights. But people's attitudes towards these undergarments are quite different today, and the intention to make skin look flawless can overreach itself. Of course, if you have to wear tights on formal occasions, choosing opaque styles and dark shades may be more suitable.

20. Large, Decorative Scarf

20 Outdated Fashion Trends Make You Look Much Older_20

Take off the scarf if you don't find it cold. Some fashion consultants may claim that a decorative scarf can be a highlight of your outfit, but they don't mean large and colorful ones. Admit it or not, wearing this particular accessory makes most women look more covered up and much older, so leave it at home unless it is a chilly day outside.

21. Jersey Material

20 Outdated Fashion Trends Make You Look Much Older_21

Never wear a jersey bodycon fit, or you'll regret it when you look into a mirror. Due to its texture and lightweight quality, it's as clingy as it's comfortable.  

22. Mini Skirt

20 Outdated Fashion Trends Make You Look Much Older_22

You'll go too far if you suppose wearing a mini skirt can take ten years off your look. Actually, it has the opposite effect, making you look more worn out. Compared with that, a midi style dress pairing with elegant pumps is more flattering. 

23. Turtleneck

20 Outdated Fashion Trends Make You Look Much Older_23

Many people take turtlenecks as a smart way to hide neck wrinkles, but actually it only feels constricted and hot. Look for a better way to distract eyes from your wrinkles, a v-neck or a scoop is the way to go.

24. Overdoing It With Powder

20 Outdated Fashion Trends Make You Look Much Older_24

Believe it or not, applying too much powder makeup is the best way to dry out your skin and bring your wrinkles and blemishes up to the surface. This way, liquid or cream makeup may be a safer option. 

25. Fascinator

20 Outdated Fashion Trends Make You Look Much Older_25

Better not be a fan of fascinators to attend a wedding, otherwise it will end up with aging your whole outfit. Make the best use of other accessories like bags or earrings instead.

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