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60 Most Luxurious Houses Of NBA Stars

From luxury cars to fabulous jets, NBA stars enjoy the very finest things in life, and that also rings true for their homes. Check out these 60 incredibly stunning houses owned by famous NBA players. You will be surprised to find who spent the most on his mansion.

1. Stephen Curry - $3.1 Million, Orinda, California


Stephen Curry, the second-highest-paid NBA player in the world with $90 million net worth, likes to relax in his modest, charming house in Orinda off the court. This Spanish-style property looks like a lovely hacienda with nice red roofs and a spacious courtyard. It features 5 bedrooms, 4 and a half baths, with a romantic yet modern decor inside and out.

2. Kobe Bryant - $9.5 Million, Newport Beach, California


Kobe Bryant's two-story home in Newport Beach is nothing short of stellar. It has 5 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms, a state-of-the-art kitchen, a home gym, a home theater, a library with a shark tank, an in-house hair salon, and a fantastic outdoor entertaining area with a pool and hot tub. He sold this remarkable house just a little while ago.

3. Michael Jordan - $15 Million, Highland Park, Illinois


Michael Jordan's villa in Chicago hasn't sold yet after six years on the market. He first listed it for $29 million and it doesn't seem like a crazy price once you see the house. This 56,000-square-foot estate has all the goodies you can imagine, including 9 bedrooms, 15 bathrooms, 5 fireplaces, a fitness studio, a private golf course, a tennis court, and an infinity pool.

4. LeBron James - $23 Million, Brentwood, Los Angeles


Having around $450 million in assets, the NBA King LeBron spares no expense when it comes to his home. He purchased a $23 million home in Los Angeles's Brentwood neighborhood a couple of years ago. The 15,846-square-foot place boasts 8 bedrooms, 11 bathrooms, a home theater, 2 backyard patios, a pool, and a gym. He also owns another $21 million home in the same neighborhood.

5. James Harden - $2 Million, Houston


Houston Rockets star James Harden bought this Houston house for $2 million from former NBA player Cuttino Mobley. Nestled in the Royal Oaks Country Club, Harden has no shortage of leisure activities to enjoy once he retires. This Mediterranean-style mansion comes with 4 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms, a wonderful library, a game room, a theater room, an infinity pool, a spa, and a built-in barbecue.

6. Kyle Lowry - $2.6 Million, Wayne, Pennsylvania


Kyle Lowry made a wise investment in a $2.6 million castle in Wayne. The 9,298-square-foot mansion sits on a massive 4.5 acres plot, boasting 6 bedrooms, 8 bathrooms, a wine cellar, a 6-car garage, a tennis court, and a gigantic outdoor swimming pool. It may look ancient, but the house offers all the modern conveniences anyone would ever need.

7. Chris Paul - $8.5 Million, Bel Air, California


Guess who was the former owner of this beautiful property in Bel Air, California? Well, it was pop star Avril Lavigne! Chris Paul bought it from her for a cool $8.5 million after being traded into the Clippers. The 12,000-square-foot house has 8 bedrooms, 11 bathrooms, a gym, a wine cellar, a 10-car garage, a nice jacuzzi, and barbecue area.

8. Shaquille O'Neal - $1.5 Million, Atlanta, Georgia


Having around $400 million in his bank account, Shaq can afford any house he likes. He decided to buy a 14-acre compound in 2016 for $1.5 million. It isn't as expensive as you might have thought, right? The house features, 8 bedrooms, 10 bathrooms, and a huge swimming pool.

9. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar - $5.9 Million, Kauai, Hawaii


Kareem Abdul-Jabbar's Hawaii mansion is true summer heaven with a swimming pool, palms in the yard, and private access to the Secret Beach. We don't understand why Kareem decided to sell such a perfect island retreat.

10. Dwyane Wade - $8.9 Million, Miami Beach, Florida


The Miami Heat legend bought a 13,000-square-foot compound on the exclusive La Gorce Island, Miami Beach, in 2010 for $8.9 million. The luxury house features a Mediterranean style and all the opulence you'd expect of a cinematic supervillain. It has 8 bedrooms, 9 and a half bathrooms, a guest house, a tennis court, dual kitchen areas, and a wonderful pool.

11. Chris Bosh - $12.3 Million, Miami Beach, Florida


Five-time NBA All-Star Chris Bosh lives in a 12,000-square-foot house that features an elevator, an infinity pool, and all of the luxury appliances you could desire. The all-white interior and large floor to ceiling windows look utterly stunning.

12. Joe Johnson - $4.7 Million, Atlanta, Georgia


Joe Johnson bought this 14,000-square-foot house for $3.8 million after joining the Atlanta Hawks, and he tried to sell it for a profit after asking for $4.7 million a few years later. However, the house is still there after four years on the market.

13. Kevin Durant - $12.5 Million, Malibu Beach, Los Angeles


Since Kevin Durant was traded to the Brooklyn Nets by the Golden State Warriors on July 8, he no longer needs to keep up his mansion on the West Coast. So, the NBA star recently sold his Malibu beach house for $12.5 million. The multi-level beachfront mansion features tons of sliding glass doors and decks with beautiful ocean views.

14. Paul George - $2.2 million, Indianapolis, Indiana


Paul George had always wanted a big house on a lake since he was a young kid. His dream came true when he purchased this $2.2 million mansion in Indianapolis. Owning such a remote pad, we can only imagine the views at sunrise and sunset with the light reflects against the water must be stunning.

15. Blake Griffin - $11.9 Million, Pacific Palisades, California


This lavish, 9,100-square-foot house has a movie theater with stadium seating, a spacious entertainment area, and a gourmet kitchen big enough to fit the entire Clippers team. Of course, you can find a home gym and a large pool in the house too.

16. Dirk Nowitzki - $7.9 Million, Dallas, Texas


Dirk Nowitzki owns a luxury $7.9 million residence in Dallas. Inside, the 9,215-square-foot mansion has 5 bedrooms and 6 bathrooms. Outside, it comes with all the typical necessities, such as a three-car garage, a tennis court, a vast swimming pool, and yes, a basketball court.

17. Dwight Howard - $3.4 Million, Longwood, Florida


Aha! At first glance, Dwight Howard's waterfront house in Florida looks a bit like Disneyland. This 11,025-square-foot house features a beautiful Gothic design, with designer furniture, vaulted ceilings, and a cute swimming pool. Dwight bought this amazing estate for $7.8 million but sold it again later for only $3.4 million.

18. John Wall - $4.9 Million, Rockville, Maryland


After signing a contract extension with the Washington Wizards a few years ago, John Wall spent $4.9 million on this dreamy house in Maryland. With 8 bedrooms, a home theater, a swimming pool, a basketball court, and a private gym, what more could an NBA star want?

19. Kyrie Irving - $1.7 Million, Westlake, Ohio


If you have a million to spare, this house can be yours! Kyrie Irving put his Ohio home on the market asking for $1.7 million. The 5,500-square-foot house looks like a small castle and features 4 bedrooms, 6 bathrooms, a recording studio, a movie theater, and a home gym. Irving bought it from former Cavalier teammate Daniel Gibson for $800,000 in 2014.

20. Tim Duncan - $945K, Spicewood, Texas


The retired NBA player used to own a gorgeous Spicewood mansion that includes 5 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, a double-height living room, a chef's kitchen, a game room, and an office. He suffered a massive loss on the house as he bought it for $1.25 million but put it back on the market for only $945K. Considering his $130 million in net worth, the loss is not too much of a big deal for Duncan.

21. Jimmy Butler - $4.3 Million, River North, Chicago

20 Most Luxurious Houses Of NBA Stars_21

Jimmy Butler's years of hard work has clearly paid off, as he's gone from nothing to a star with $25 million net worth. He owns a 10,000 square feet mansion that features six bedrooms, a three-car garage, a large game room, and a theater room - all that cost him just $4.3 million. We bet Jimmy must have a wise financial adviser.

22. Russell Westbrook - $4.6 Million, Beverly Crest, California

20 Most Luxurious Houses Of NBA Stars_22

With a net worth of $150 million, Russell Westbrook can live in any dream house without worrying about mortgage rates. He recently bought a mansion for $4.6 million from Scott Disick. Although the two-story home doesn't have weight rooms or basketball courts like many other NBA players' houses, it provides a breathtaking view of the California landscape. It also boasts five bedrooms, six bathrooms, a large pool, and a patio.

23. Nick Young - $3.25 Million, Tarzana, California

20 Most Luxurious Houses Of NBA Stars_23

Nick Young bought this Tarzana mansion from Selena Gomez for $3.45 million but later sold it for only $3.25 million. The 6,600-square-foot house has 6 bedrooms, a chef’s kitchen, a formal living room, and a game room. Outside, there’s a spa, a pool, a basketball court, and a fire pit. Mr. Young used to live here with his ex-fiancee, Australian rapper Iggy Azalea.

24. Carmelo Anthony - $10 Million, Littleton, Colorado

20 Most Luxurious Houses Of NBA Stars_24

Anthony joined the NBA with one of the greatest draft classes in the history of the sport, and he is certainly getting paid like it. He and wife La La's former glamorous home sits on 5.7 acres of land, and it has 21,000 square feet of room to roam. The house boasts 8 bedrooms, 15 bathrooms, a seven-car garage along with a private recording studio and a fitness center. We guess the home insurance and the maintenance of the building must have cost him a large sum of money.

25. Paul Pierce - $6.5 Million, California

20 Most Luxurious Houses Of NBA Stars_25

Paul Pierce, known as 'The Truth,' likes to relax in his $6.5 million mansion in California. This incredible house comes with a private bowling alley, a huge swimming pool, an outdoor basketball court, and a fitness center where Pierce works out to stay in shape.

26. Giannis Antetokounmpo, $1.8 Million, River Hills, Wisconsin

20 Most Luxurious Houses Of NBA Stars_26

Giannis Antetokounmpo recently bought a River Hills mansion from former Bucks player Mirza Teletovic for $1.8 million. The 10,000-square-foot house boasts 5 bedrooms, 7.5 bathrooms, a spacious gym, as well as an impressing swimming pool. It's just off I-43 and 15 minutes north of downtown Milwaukee, perfect for its owner to go to the court.

27. Beno Udrih - $6.5 Million, Denny Blaine, Washington

20 Most Luxurious Houses Of NBA Stars_27

Alright, Beno Udrih hasn't played for any NBA team for some time, but he still earned a spot on our list. As a 12-year NBA veteran, Udrih has raked in more than $30 million fortune. He owns a $6 million mansion in Denny Blaine, WA. Just look at that view!

28. Landry Fields - $2.65 Million, Rossmoor, California

20 Most Luxurious Houses Of NBA Stars_28

Landry and his wife, model Elaine Alden, have been living in their Rossmoor home since selling their Manhattan Beach property in 2017. Featuring 6 bedrooms, 5.5 bathrooms, and a spacious backyard complete with a saltwater pool and spa, this house is equal parts luxurious and homey.

29. Kris Humphries - $1.65 Million, Mound, Minnesota

20 Most Luxurious Houses Of NBA Stars_29

Former NBA player Kris Humphries, best known for his brief marriage to Kim Kardashian, decided to end his relationship with his Lake Minnetonka home last year. He bought the house for $1.55 million in 2006 when he was playing with the Atlanta Hawks, and listed it for $1.65 million.

30. Kevin Garnett - $5 Million, Concord, Massachusetts

20 Most Luxurious Houses Of NBA Stars_30

Garnett earned an eye-opening $315 million throughout his career. Under his financial adviser's advice, he made a host of wise investments, including a $5 million house that’s located in Concord, Massachusetts. Gigantic windows and a private wine cellar indicate that Garnett loves to class up his downtime.

31. Kenyon Martin - $4 Million, Dalworthington Gardens, Texas

20 Most Luxurious Houses Of NBA Stars_31

Kenyon Martin's house is located in Dalworthington Gardens, Texas. The property features marble floors, a private bowling alley, and a massive swimming pool with classy dolphin statues. The $4 million home is definitely worth it.

32. Rashard Lewis - $5 Million, Winter Park, Florida

20 Most Luxurious Houses Of NBA Stars_32

Although Rashard retired from NBA several years ago, he still has an impressive net worth of $155 million. Lewis's mansion is located in Winter Park, Florida worth around $5 million. The home was built in the Spanish style, featuring 9,000 square feet of space. Of course, Lewis can afford it without applying for a home loan.

33. J.J. Redick - $5 Million, Austin, Texas

20 Most Luxurious Houses Of NBA Stars_33

Redick, who has one of the NBA's smoothest jumpers, likes to hone it at his Austin, Texas villa during the offseason. This 10,000-square-foot property was built in French style and boasts giant doors and arched features. It can be yours for a simple $5 million mortgage.

34. Kristaps Porzingis - Price Undisclosed, Midtown West, New York

20 Most Luxurious Houses Of NBA Stars_34

Porzingis might be new to the NBA, but he is already an old stager at managing his wealth. Porzingis currently rents a penthouse in Midtown West for just $8,000 per month. The building, sitting on 70,000-square-feet premises, features multiple swimming pools, a private gym, and a featured basketball court.

35. Danny Granger - $3.7 Million, Hollywood Hills, California

20 Most Luxurious Houses Of NBA Stars_35

While Granger went from superstar to afterthought in the NBA, his bank account kept cashing checks. Granger's mansion lies in Hollywood Hills, California, which features floor to ceiling glass walls and a view to die for. Well, the estate is valued at around $3.7 million.

36. Gilbert Arenas - $2.5 Million, Great Falls, Washington

20 Most Luxurious Houses Of NBA Stars_36

Gilbert probably spent more time on Instagram than playing basketball in this house. But considering that he did it in this gorgeous palace, we can't blame him. It was Gilbert’s home when he played for the Washington Wizards. The house features 7 bedrooms, 8 bathrooms, as well as a private shark tank.

37. Ray Allen - $8 Million, Miami Beach, Florida

20 Most Luxurious Houses Of NBA Stars_37

Allen officially retired in 2016 and has earned about $180 million in salary alone during his 15-year career in the NBA. Now he gets some time to relax at home and enjoy the fruit of his labor. Allen's incredible home is located in Miami Beach, and it reportedly cost nearly $50,000 per month to rent. The house has an elevator, a custom pool, a private beach, and a priceless view of the Biscayne Bay. Not bad for a rental.

38. LaMarcus Aldridge - $1.6 Million, Southlake, Texas

20 Most Luxurious Houses Of NBA Stars_38

A big man in the NBA definitely deserves a big house. This mansion is located in Southlake, Texas, and Aldridge bought it back in 2012. The home covers an acre of land and has nearly 7,000 square feet of living space. It boasts a custom swimming pool with waterfalls and master crafted flagstones.

39. Deron Williams - $15.8 Million, Manhattan, New York

20 Most Luxurious Houses Of NBA Stars_39

The three-time NBA All-Star is currently pulling down almost $10 million per season. He owns a luxurious house in Manhattan, New York, which features vaulted ceilings, gigantic window fixtures, and a scenic view of the New York skyline.

40. Antoine Walker - $1.79 million, Tinley Park, Illinois

20 Most Luxurious Houses Of NBA Stars_40

Three-time NBA All-Star Antoine Walker has gone through ups and downs both personally and professionally. Unfortunately, some of his bad luck has lead to financial difficulties. His Tinley Park, Ill home fell into foreclosure. The house comes with 9 bedrooms and bathrooms, marble floors, a basketball court and other luxurious finishes throughout.

41. Tony Parker - Price Undisclosed, Texas, San Antonio

20 Most Luxurious Houses Of NBA Stars_41

The four-time NBA champion doesn't have a typical NBA style mansion. He and his wife Axelle Francine, along with their two sons, live in a house that looks more like a villa. It has 5 bedrooms, 3.5 bathrooms, a video arcade, an indoor basketball court, and a theater room with life-sized statues of the Iron Man and Hulk.

42. Luol Deng - $4.6 million, Miami, South Florida

20 Most Luxurious Houses Of NBA Stars_42

NBA Player Luol Deng bought this beautiful house in 2014 after he joined the Miami Heat. The abode boasts more than 100 feet of direct waterfront access on Biscayne Bay. Another standout features of the property include a separate two-story guesthouse and a large covered patio area.

43. Kirk Hinrich - $4.5 Million, Bannockburn, Illinois

20 Most Luxurious Houses Of NBA Stars_43

Former NBA player Kirk Hinrich has earned around $72 million over his 13-year basketball career and spent $4.5 million on a 9,000-square-foot house in Bannockburn, IL. As you can clearly see, this mansion is an impressive monstrosity. It features 9 bedrooms, 10 bathrooms, a 6-car garage, and an indoor elevator.

44. Jason Kidd - $6.0 Million, Water Mill, New York

20 Most Luxurious Houses Of NBA Stars_44

Jason Kidd bought this home back in 2011 when he was playing for the Dallas Mavericks. The house features a 7,800-square-foot main house with a finished lower level, which has a popcorn machine and a snow-cone maker, as well as a 1250-square-foot carriage house, a pool house, a tennis pavilion, and a basketball court.

45. Amar'e Stoudemire - $3.7 Million, Southwest Ranches, Florida

20 Most Luxurious Houses Of NBA Stars_45

The 6-time NBA All-Star squandered $3.7 million on a custom house in Florida several years ago. The property features soaring ceilings that can accommodate the 6-foot-11 Stoudemire and his tall teammates, 2 bars, a summer kitchen, a heated pool, and a 9-car garage.

46. Mike Miller - $9.0 Million, Pompano Beach, Florida

20 Most Luxurious Houses Of NBA Stars_46

Mike Miller's Pompano Beach house has unparalleled views of the Atlantic and a private dock offering access to Hillsboro Bay. It also has soaring ceilings, marble floors, and a master bedroom with two master baths.

47. Dennis Rodman, $2.35 Million, Orange County, Los Angeles

46 Most Luxurious Houses Of NBA Stars_47

Back in March, 2018, retired basketball player Dennis Rodman put his Orange County home on the market, asking for $2.35 million. The ranch-style house was built in 1976, and within the 5,000-square-foot interior are 5 bedrooms, 4.5 bathrooms, a formal dining room, a wood-accented billiards room, and a gourmet kitchen with a granite island.

48. DeMarcus Cousins, $4.25 Million, Granite Bay, Sacramento

46 Most Luxurious Houses Of NBA Stars_48

DeMarcus Cousins paid $4.725 million for this house in 2013. The cost wasn't that big a deal for him, as in the same year he signed a four-year $62 million contract extension with the Kings. Sitting on 13,700 square feet of land, the home is able to house nearly three basketball courts. It boasts 6 bedrooms, 7.5 bathrooms, a theater room, a wine cellar, a resort-style pool and spa, and a tennis court. Cousins later sold it for $4,25 million, losing $475,000.

49. Jeremy Lin, Rented Condo in White Plains, New York

46 Most Luxurious Houses Of NBA Stars_49

Jeremy Lin is one of the few Asian Americans to have played in the NBA. In 2012, he generated a global craze known as "Linsanity" after his unexpected winning turnaround with the New York Knicks. While playing for the team, he was living in a rented apartment at Trump Tower in suburban White Plains. The condo features cherry wood floors, marble bathrooms, a built-in sound system, and incredible views of New York City. It reportedly cost him about $3,800 a month.

50. Avery Bradley, $2.4 Million, Austin, Texas

46 Most Luxurious Houses Of NBA Stars_50

Avery Bradley's 5,891-square-foot home sits on an acre of land near Lake Travis. It's equipped with 5 bedrooms, 5.5 bathrooms, a modern kitchen, an in-ground pool, and a private deck. Besides, the house comes with high ceilings and large windows that offer amazing views of Lake Travis. Several months ago, Bradley just put it on the market. If you have $2.4 million, the stunning house can be yours.

51. Corey Maggette, $3 Million, Newport Coast, California

46 Most Luxurious Houses Of NBA Stars_51

After playing 14 seasons in the NBA, Maggette decided to call it quits. He now works as an analyst for Fox Sports. His house in Newport Coast, California comes with 5 bedrooms, 5 and a half bathrooms, and beautiful canyon views.

52. Anthony Davis, $7.5 Million, Los Angeles, California

46 Most Luxurious Houses Of NBA Stars_52

Most recently, the six-time NBA All-star just scored a $7.5 million home in Westlake Village, Los Angeles, California. Davis’ new mansion comes complete with a home theater, a gym, an infinity pool with water slides, an outdoor kitchen, a guest house with its own bar and, of course, an indoor basketball court.

53. Kawhi Leonard, $13.3 Million, San Diego, California

46 Most Luxurious Houses Of NBA Stars_53

The NBA All-Star has $40 million wealth to show off. He just snapped up a $13.3 million property in the exclusive San Diego County in California. The 13,000-square-foot estate features 7 bedrooms, 10.5 bathrooms, a dry bar, a home theater, a gourmet kitchen, and a temperature-controlled wine cellar. Well, the most impressive thing of the house is its massive multi-section pool.

54. O.J. Mayo, $1.8 Million, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

46 Most Luxurious Houses Of NBA Stars_54

Back in 2013, the former Milwaukee Bucks player bought this 9,000-square-foot mansion for 1.8 million. The house boasts 5 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, a wood-paneled library, a home theater, a bar, and an unparallel yard. Sadly, the property went under foreclosure because Mayo couldn’t pay off his loan to the U.S. Bank.

55. Larry Bird, $875K, Naples, Florida 


Former NBA Legend Larry Bird and his wife, Dinah, spent $875,000 on a house in Naples, Florida in 1998, and then tore it down and built a new home in 2001. Overlooking Venetian Bay, the residence captures spectacular views. The highlights about the abode include nearly 6,000 square feet of living space, a saltwater aquarium behind a full-service bar, state-of-the-art home theater, a four-car garage, and an infinity-edge pool.

56. Tristan Thompson, $1.9 Million, Bratenahl, Ohio


Tristan Thompson has made a name for himself due to his standout basketball skills, but he is more famous for his headline-making relationship with Khloe Kardashian. Thompson has put down roots with a $1.9 million house in Bratenahl, Ohio. Overlooking Lake Erie, the 6,424-square-foot home has 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, and a nanny suite. Thompson, Kardashian, and their daughter True Thompson were reportedly living here until the couple decided to separate in early 2019.

57. Kyle Korver, $1.5 Million, Santa Barbara, California


Sharpshooter Kyle Korver and his wife Juliet bought a foothill retreat in the coastal city for $1.5 million in 2012. The 2,769-square-foot abode sits on 1.54 acres and has 3 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms, perfect for Korver to relax in after intensive games.

58. Avery Johnson, $6.995 Million, New Orleans, Louisiana 


Former NBA champion Johnson was once the proud owner of a $6,995,000 house in New Orleans, Louisiana. The 2-story estate has all the amenities you can imagine, including 4 bedrooms, 7 bathrooms, game and theater rooms, a climatized wine grotto, a private gated entry with a gracious motor court, a full basketball/sport court, as well as a pool.

59. Manu Ginobili, $2 Million, San Antonio, Texas


On the court, Manu Ginobili spent his entire 16-year basketball career with the San Antonio Spurs. Off the court, he loved to relax in his Mediterranean-style villa in San Antonio, Texas, which features a large pool, a wine cellar, and gorgeous landscaping.

60. Sean Elliott, $3.5 Million, San Antonio, Texas


After playing for the San Antonio Spurs for 10 seasons, the basketball great decided to retire from the game. Meanwhile, he also wanted to say goodbye to his San Antonio home and listed it at $3.5 million. This Spanish-style property has everything you need to live like an NBA star. It features a wine cellar, a large dining room, a par-3 golf course, an infinity pool, and a basketball court.

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