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20 International Celebrities And Their High Profile Grandchildren

What is it like to have family members with a worldwide reputation? Whether you are willing or not, both your work and life are highly likely to be affected. The following stars who are grandchildren of celebrity grandparents are the best examples. Let's take a peek.

1. Audrey Hepburn And Granddaughter Emma Ferrer

20 International Celebrities And Their High Profile Grandchildren_1

Inheriting her beauty from grandmother Audrey Hepburn, one of the most pretty screen idols in history, Emma Ferrer debuted in modeling in 2014, and has since appeared in lots of campaigns for luxury brands like Dior. In recent years, she's tried her luck at acting, appearing in The Man in the Attic. She's also continued her grandma's work for UNICEF as a keynote speaker.

2. Elvis Presley And Granddaughter Riley Keough

20 International Celebrities And Their High Profile Grandchildren_2

Elvis is undoubtedly one of the most significant cultural icons of the last century and is known as the "King of Rock and Roll." His legendary career has influenced his granddaughter Riley Keough in a number of ways. Riley made her acting debut at 20 when she's cast in The Runaways. So far, she has garnered a good reputation in the movie and television industry, as well as in the fashion world.

3. Tippi Hedren And Granddaughter Dakota Johnson

20 International Celebrities And Their High Profile Grandchildren_3

Thanks to her performance in the Fifty Shades, Dakota has now become a big star in Hollywood. Her grandma Tippi Hedren was once a successful fashion model and was often seen on the covers of Life and Glamour magazines. Later she started acting and her efforts earned her global recognition. It's pretty easy to tell that Dakota and her elegant grandma share the same charming characteristics.

4. Steve Mcqueen And Grandson Steven R. Mcqueen

20 International Celebrities And Their High Profile Grandchildren_4

Acting as Jeremy Gilbert in the hit series The Vampire Diaries and as Jimmy Borrelli in Chicago Fire, Steven is well-known for his good looks and acting talent. This talent in acting may well be due in part to his grandpa Steve McQueen, a famous actor nicknamed "The King of Cool."

5. John Barrymore And Granddaughter Drew Barrymore

20 International Celebrities And Their High Profile Grandchildren_5

While Drew Barrymore seems to be more famous and popular, her grandpa John Barrymore did achieve fame during his lifetime. His best known roles such as Hamlet are really hard to surpass. Unsurprisingly, his acting talent has been passed down to his granddaughter. As a member of the Barrymore family, Drew has proven that she was born for the screen.

6. Anne Gwynne And Grandson Chris Pine 

20 International Celebrities And Their High Profile Grandchildren_6

Fans of The Princess Diaries must be familiar with Chris Pine. He also starred in a few other well known projects such as the Star Trek reboot film series that won him worldwide recognition. His looks, especially those charming blue eyes, are inherited from his grandma Anne Gwynne, who was a model and one of the first "scream queens."

7. Elizabeth Taylor And Grandson Quinn Tivey  

20 International Celebrities And Their High Profile Grandchildren_7

Starting her career at a very young age, Hollywood star Elizabeth Taylor gained worldwide popularity and impressed the world with her dazzlingly beautiful eyes. Her stunning beauty and kindness have been perfectly inherited by her grandson Quinn Tivey. He has acted as an officer and an ambassador for The Elizabeth Taylor AIDS Foundation for a long time now.

8. Walter Huston And Granddaughter Anjelica Huston  

20 International Celebrities And Their High Profile Grandchildren_8

There's no denying that Anjelica Huston has had a successful acting and directing career by following in her father and grandfather's footsteps. It's a proud achievement that she became the third generation in her family to win an Academy Award for her performance in the movie Prizzi's Honor. Her grandpa Walter Huston was an Oscar winner for his role in the film The Treasure of the Sierra Madre, which was directed by his son.

9. Gregory Peck And Grandson Ethan Peck

20 International Celebrities And Their High Profile Grandchildren_9

Having appeared in a number of famous television shows like Star Trek, Ethan Peck can be described as a rising Hollywood star. However, what's making fans excited is that he seems to be a doppelganger of his legendary grandpa Gregory Peck, who was one of the most popular movie stars between the 1940s and the 1960s. With handsome looks and extraordinary talent, Gregory earned the Academy Award for Best Actor for his performance in To Kill a Mockingbird.

10. Blythe Danner And Granddaughter Apple Martin

20 International Celebrities And Their High Profile Grandchildren_10

Apple Martin, 15, has already attracted massive media attention. Her dad has won multiple Grammy Awards while her mother is an Oscar-winning actress, writer, singer and even entrepreneur. But do you know that her grandma Blythe Danner is also a phenomenal actress who received awards from a Tony to an Emmy? The young girl is now making a name for herself with her admirable talent as a singer and a dancer.

11. Lucille Ball And Granddaughter Desiree Anzalone

20 International Celebrities And Their High Profile Grandchildren_11

As an iconic actress and comedian, Lucille Ball brought great hilarity to audiences all over the world. Her dazzling blue eyes and delicate beauty and courage have been passed down to her granddaughter Desiree Anzalone. The sitcom "I Love Lucy" was one of the most popular programs in television history, and left enormous wealth to her granddaughter. Unlike her grandma, Desiree chooses to stay behind the screen and is now a well-regarded photographer.

12. Charlie Chaplin And Granddaughter Oona Chaplin  

20 International Celebrities And Their High Profile Grandchildren_12

Undoubtedly, Charlie Chaplin took the lead in comics on television and was one of the best known actors of his time. He was famous for his "Tramp" persona. He was also known for his numerous romantic relationships and four marriages. His talented granddaughter Oona continued in his footsteps and was cast in the hit series Game of Thrones.

13. Clark Gable And Grandson Clark James Gable  

20 International Celebrities And Their High Profile Grandchildren_13

Usually viewed as "The King of Hollywood," Clark Gable played leading roles in tons of classic Hollywood movies and was a worldwide sensation. Let's just say that the role of Rhett Butler he played in the epic film Gone with the Wind is legendary. Of course, his most charming features have been inherited by his grandson Clark James Gable, an actor, model and the host of TV show Cheaters. Sadly, Clark died at just 30 in 2019.

14. Debbie Reynolds And Granddaughter Billie Lourd 

20 International Celebrities And Their High Profile Grandchildren_14

Billie Lourd can be described as an up and coming actress. She is known for starring in the Fox horror comedy series Scream Queens and the horror anthology series American Horror Story. She also appeared in the Star Wars sequel trilogy. Her grandma Debbie Reynolds, played a significant part in the acting, singing and even business world. The musical romantic comedy film Singin' in the Rain that Debbie starred in still retains its prominent status to this day.

15. Bob Dylan And Grandson Pablo Dylan

20 International Celebrities And Their High Profile Grandchildren_15

It's apparent that Bob Dylan ranks among the best-selling music artists of all time. As an important figure in popular culture, he received many awards including the Presidential Medal of Freedom and ten Grammy Awards. Unsurprisingly, his grandson Pablo Dylan is also passionate about music and his music genre ranges from rock to folk. Maybe the most interesting fact is that these two musicians share the same awesome hairstyle!

16. Bob Elliott And Granddaughter Abby Elliott  

20 International Celebrities And Their High Profile Grandchildren_16

There's no doubt that Bob Elliott and Abby Elliott are related if you look at the pictures. On top of their bright eyes, they have other things in common, for example, the on-screen talent. Born in a family of comedians, Abby displayed her funnybones in comedy films and on Saturday Night Live. As one of the funniest comedians, Bob would certainly be proud of his granddaughter's achievements in her professional career.

17. Cyril Cusack And Grandson Max Irons 

20 International Celebrities And Their High Profile Grandchildren_17

It's hard to ignore Max Irons' status in the movie business today. He is known for several works like the Bitter Harvest, The White Queen and so on. Also, it can't be denied that this charming man shares the same striking beauty and talent with his grandfather Cyril Cusack. The features passed down from the successful actor to his grandson for sure have helped Max along in his career.

18. Samuel Goldwyn And Grandson Tony Goldwyn  

20 International Celebrities And Their High Profile Grandchildren_18

Samuel Goldwyn played a key part in Hollywood history. He is best known for his founding contributions to films and also was an executive of some motion picture studios in Hollywood. His grandson Tony obviously followed his path in the business. Not only as a producer but also as an actor, he has portrayed many hit roles such as Patrick Swayze in the film Ghost.

19. Donald Sutherland And Granddaughter Sarah Sutherland  

20 International Celebrities And Their High Profile Grandchildren_19

While Sarah hasn't appeared in many films so far, she is bound to be the next visible figure in her legendary family. Anyway, it's a cool thing to be the daughter of Kiefer Sutherland and granddaughter of Donald Sutherland. What's even cooler might be that she looks exactly the same as her highly-respected grandpa, with piercing big eyes. Her grandpa rose to fame for his excellent performances in numerous films in the '70s. Throughout his long career, the Canadian actor has won multiple awards.

20. Jack Cassidy And Granddaughter Katie Cassidy  

20 International Celebrities And Their High Profile Grandchildren_20

Crazy fans of Gossip Girl would definitely recognize Katie Cassidy. Over the course of her acting career, she keeps making breakthroughs. Well, her gorgeous eyes and talent have certainly been impacted by her late grandpa Jack, who was a phenomenal singer and actor in his heyday. No doubt he would be proud of the performances of his granddaughter.

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