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20 Flattering Bob Hairstyles For Women In 2020

I bet every woman has ever tried a bob, as there is always a bob that fits every face and hair type. That’s why more and more celebrities are rocking bob hairstyles today. Follow the trend and look at these chic and low maintenance bobs that will rock 2020.

1. Pretty Pale Blonde

If you have thin hair, you don't need dye tricks to make your hair look fuller. Just try a solid color like this pretty pale blonde, and you'll look seductive and sweet.


2. Modern Blonde Bob

This layered blonde bob with a deep side parting and long bangs gives off a modern urban vibe. Use pomades or a sea salt spray to help the layers stand out.


3. Stylishly Wispy Bob

If you want to look modern and girly at the same time, then this wispy bob haircut is just perfect for you. The stylishly wispy strands add a soft and sassy feel.


4. Chopped Tousled Bob

This great low maintenance bob haircut looks super cute and works well with most outfits. The multiple colors add depth and the layering makes this bob look even better.


5. Bob Half In The Shadow

With stunning gradated coloring from orchid to white and deep purple to fuchsia, this bob provides more dimension and a strong uniform length look.


6. Lavender Tousled Feathers

Bobs are freeing, and every woman from older moms to younger girls can wear it well. This lavender bob hairstyle with its tousled feathers is definitely worth a try for the younger generation.


7. Cut Straight Bob

This cut straight bob haircut opens up endless styling possibilities. Parting it deeper on the side with some long bangs add texture for a more modern and fashionable look.


8. Highlighted Curly Bob

Layers of curls with highlights and lowlights create this dimensional and stunning bob. The alternate directions of the curls on top and in the middle create a visual impact, but the style is really topped off when you curl the ends under.


9. Cool Toned Highlights with a Curly Bob

This curly bob with its chunky layers and blunt cut ends makes for a modern hairstyle. The stunning balayage and ashy tone highlight this gorgeous bob.


10. Layered Wavy Bob

The adorable cinnamon-honey color is life changing for women with brown hair. The layered bob is as close to wake up and go as you can get for women with wavy hair.


11. Purple Layered A-line

The side part A-line bob frames your face and makes you look ten years younger. The purple layers seen here, create dimension and add a sense of fun.


12. Chin Length Bob

This chin length bob is as easy as it gets for women with naturally straight hair. The dark roots and shallow ends add dimension to the style. Simply shake your head to change it up and get a tousled look.


13. Layered Wavy Crop

A cropped bob combined with natural soft waves is all the rage. Use a texturizing spray to style how you like it.


14. Chic Piecey Bob

If women with dark hair want to go blonde, opt for fine highlights that let your base color shine. To style this cute bob use a straightener in order to flip your ends straight out or down.


15. Pretty Layered Bob

While some layered bobs can be experimented with, some can also be simple and easy like this one. It's low maintenance and you won't have to do much in the morning.


16. Pearlescent and Posh

The color inspiration for this look comes from a black pearl. The style alternates between shades of gray, silver and blue. The color looks different depending on the angle and the light.


17. Razored Black Bob with Bangs

Compared to the one-length bob, this razored bob has a feathered, airy feel. The razor cutting creates movement. Use styling wax to define the ends of the layers into a style to suit you.


18. Amber Choppy Bob

Make a statement with this amber choppy bob with its plentiful layers. The color fits many skin tones and works well with many outfits.


19. Side-Parted Polished Lob

If you want to sport a bob, but still want to keep the length, this long bob is just perfect for you. With the side parting, this haircut prevents limp hair and looks flawless and polished at the same time.


20. Tousled Wispy Bob and Gray Balayage

Wispy choppy layers are brilliant to create volume on thin locks. Opt for a gray balayage to achieve a distinguished and ultra-modern effect like this.


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