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20 Facts About Air Force One That Will Blow Your Mind

1. Air Force One Is Large Enough To Be A House.

It has three stories which span around 4,000 square feet. The president has his own large office, bathroom, lavatory, and conference room.


2. A Real Fast And High Flying Bird

While a Boeing 747 is capable of speeds of over 650 miles per hour, Air Force One can fly faster than 700 miles per hour. It can fly too at the height of 45,000 feet, which is 10,000 feet higher than most commercial aircraft.


3. Air Force One Never Has To Touch The Ground.

This is probably one of the coolest facts about Air Force One. It can refuel in the sky, meaning it never has to touch the ground. This can keep the president in the sky as long as is needed. If it wants to, it can fly forever.


4. What Happens When The President Is Coming To Town?

When the president comes to town, the airport that hosts Air Force One is certainly made aware. The air space is cleared an hour before the president's arrival.


5. Who Else Sleep On Air Force One?

POTUS isn't the only passenger flying on Air Force One. He's accompanied by a slew of advisors, journalists, secret service members, and senior officials.


6. Sick On Air Force One? No Problem.

Air Force One is equipped with a mini-hospital just in case anyone on board suffers a sudden injury or illness. Of course, there is a doctor at the ready too, prepared to tackle any situation.


7. There's No Escape Pod On Air Force One.

Though the plane functions like any other commercial plane, it doesn't have an escape pod on board. Instead the pilots are trained to guide the plane out of any dangerous situation safely.


8. It Can Withstand Almost Anything.

Though the president's plane doesn't have an escape pod, its onboard electronics are super tough and are designed even to withstand electromagnetic pulses created by a nuclear explosion. The aircraft also can jam enemy radar and launch flares to disable enemy missiles.


9. Phones Are Everywhere.

Believe it or not, there are 85 phones available on Air Force One. Many of them are used simultaneously.


10. TV Are Almost Everywhere.

Air Force One has 20 TVs on board, each of them is strategically placed throughout the aircraft, so that at any given time passengers can view one.


11. It Has Two Kitchens.

On Air Force One, there are two full sized kitchens that are big enough to serve 100 people at a time. The aircraft must be fully stocked at all times to serve anyone on board in the event of an extended flight.


12. How Many People Does Air Force One Hold?

While the kitchens can technically feed 100 people at a time, that doesn't mean 100 people will ever be on the plane at the same time. However, it can get pretty close. 96 people including 70 passengers and 26 crew members can fit into Air Force One comfortably.


13. How Much Does Air Force One Cost To Fly?

Air Force One costs $206,000 an hour to operate, which is staggering compared to the $20,000 an hour it costs for a typical commercial airliner.


14. President Bush Senior Banned Broccoli On Air Force One.

President George H. W. Bush banned broccoli from the White House, but also on board the Air Force One.


15. President Reagan Had It Stocked With Jelly Beans.

Whilst President Bush made sure broccoli was never to be seen on Air Force One, President Reagan made sure jelly beans could be found in every room.


16. Air Force One Is Actually Air Force Three.

There are actually two other Air Force Ones. They fly together, so no one knows which one the president is actually on.


17. Assigned Seating

Much like a classroom, the seating on Air Force One is not only limited, but it is also assigned. The assigned seating rule is nothing new, and each administration has its own rules about who can and can't sit where.


18. Former First Lady Jackie Kennedy Styled Air Force One.

Most of the styles seen on Air Force One can be attributed to Jackie Kennedy. The dominant blue color for example, was chosen because it was her husband's favorite color.


19. One Important Decision Was Made Aboard Air Force One.

On one flight to Berlin in 2002, President George W. Bush approved the proposal to create the Department Of Homeland Security, a brand new department of the United States government that still exists to this day.


20. Two Replacements Will Come Into Use.

During Barack Obama's term of office, an order was placed for two of the Air Force One fleet to be replaced, due to the increasing problems with finding parts to service them properly. It is estimated that both planes will not come into use until 2024.


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