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20 Best Hairstyles For Older Men In 2020

Feeling limited by the lack of cool hairstyle options for older men? Fortunately, there are plenty of magnificent haircuts that look great on more mature men - even those with white or gray hair, thinning hair, or a receding hairline.

1. Side Part

This cool side parting is perfect for men over 50. Combined with a beard, you'll be the most stylish older man in the room.


2. Undercut Quiff

An undercut with a quiff is perfect for any older gentleman with a beard. It's easy to maintain. All you need is just a dab of product to keep your quiff voluminous and in place.


3. The Pompadour

A pompadour looks great on men with both thick and thin hair, especially if he has a little bit of gray and some facial hair. It shows off your natural wisdom and looks great with any type of outfit.


4. The Voluminous Pomp

A pomp haircut looks great on men with all face shapes. Whatever age you are, with extra volume and the faded side, this haircut will give you class and style all at once.


5. Embrace Your Waves

If you're looking for a way to show off your natural curls, this hairstyle is perfect for you. It's easy to maintain and looks great in both business or casual settings.


6. Slicked Back with a Beard

The slicked back hairstyle is perfect for men blessed with thicker hair. Paired with a beard, it looks sophisticated and gentlemanly and looks great, especially in a professional setting.


7. The Boston

This classic comb over haircut is best suited to men with a full beard. Sporting this cut, you'll look like you just walked out of a classic movie!


8. Loose Strands

Embrace a carefree attitude with this loose hairstyle. It suits any occasion and is perfect for a gentleman who is looking to stay classy.


9. The Wet Look

If you like to stay up with current trends, this wet look is for you. Paired with a thick beard and leather jacket, this hairstyle will bring out the best in you.


10. Low Fade Gradient

Elevate your style with this unique haircut. It's popular with men in the military and navy, but any older man will look magnificent with the low fade gives generous height at the front.


11. Undercut on the Side

Make a play for the most attractive man in the room with this haircut. The undercut, when combined with long, messy hair, will make you look ten years younger. Ladies will swoon after you, guaranteed.


12. Simple Medium Length

This simple, loose hairstyle is easy to take care of. Combined with a pair of reading glasses, it's perfect for men who are ready to accept their age.


13. Standing Tall

Make a statement with this tall updo. You'll look stylish and modern, especially if you're wearing a thick handlebar mustache.


14. The Long Wave

Who said men have to wear short hair? Embrace your long waves with this rebellious hairstyle. You'll attract everyone's attention when you walk into the room.


15. Cool and Swept Back

This loose swept back hairstyle looks cool and natural on men of any age. It's easy to sport and take care of. Gray highlights really make the texture stand out.


16. The Medium Mane

Don't restrict yourself to short hair. This mid length mane looks absolutely fantastic on older men, especially if he has a neatly trimmed beard. It gives an unconventional gentlemanly vibe.


17. The Classic Taper

A tapered haircut looks clean and neat and can increase your confidence. You'll look like a gentleman who really knows how to keep up with trends.


18. The Buzz

The classic buzz shows off features like your jawline, nose, and eyebrows. It also brings out your eyes with those lightened sides.


19. The Mads Mikkelsen

Show off your face with the classic slicked back hairstyle Mads Mikkelsen wears. It looks especially great on men with thick gray stubble.


20. The Relaxed Jeff Goldblum

The relaxed and modern hairstyle Jeff Goldblum sports works well on men of any age. It's simple, cool, and will never go out of fashion.


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