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20 Best Celebrity-Inspired Hairstyles For Older Women

1. Jamie Lee Curtis - Pixie Cut

If you want to go with a “wash and wear” style, Jamie Lee Curtis’ classic silver pixie is one to can try. This short, heavily-textured style adds volume at the top of the forehead and creates the oval appearance you can see.


2. Helen Mirren - Side-part with Fringes

This hairstyle of Helen Mirren’s helps to soften her features and flatters her face shape with its light color, fringe and cute curls. It’s not over-complicated and can instantly lighten up your look.


3. Meryl Streep - Half Up and Half Down with Bangs

If you want to take back control of your hair, then you should try Meryl Streep’s half up and half down hairstyle. It’s easy to style and suits every color. As an extra bonus, the bangs can frame your face and make you look gorgeous as ever.


4. Emma Thompson - Swoopy Crop

If you are a fan of the swoopy hair, Emma Thompson‘s shortcut can surely provide some inspiration. Remember to flip out the bangs a bit to create an effortless feel.


5. Susan Sarandon - Shoulder-Length Curls

With her iconic auburn hair, Susan Sarandon sure looks classy and young thanks in the main to the cute curls and side-swept bangs.


6. Julianne Moore - Fiery Middle Part with Face-framing Bangs

If you are fond of a fiery red color, try Julianne Moore’s middle part hairstyle with face-framing bangs. This haircut creates such a chic style and youthful vibe that people will think you’re the sister, not the mom!


7. Demi Moore - Long and Shiny Black

It’s a gift to have sleek long hair because it has always been the style of high fashion. If you are lucky enough to have long and shiny black hair like Demi Moore, try this easy-to-style hairdo. You can tuck your locks or let them go free, both options work perfectly for a younger look.


8. Michelle Pfeiffer - Ombre Tousled Waves

Michelle Pfeiffer’s classic hairstyle has shaded streaks and a wavy, messy effect. This hairdo has a casual and very soft feel to it. Wear it and your personality will shine through.


9. Laura Linney - Flip Hairstyle

Laura Linney’s hairstyle is perfect for framing her face for a sweet and sophisticated result with the casual flip on the forehead. This effortless hairdo will help you stand out from the crowd thanks to its terrific age-reducing effect.


10. Elizabeth McGovern - Tucked-Behind-the-Ears Bob

How can you make your short hair sweet and sophisticated at the same time? Well, tucking it behind the ears like Elizabeth McGovern is an option. Formal occasions or not, you are good to go.


11. Julia Roberts - Voluminous Straight Hair

Blonde sweetheart Julia Roberts has made a comeback thanks to this shorter, straighter, brighter lob, that adds both layers and volume to her hair. This iconic hairstyle knocks years off and goes perfectly well with that killer smile.


12. Andie MacDowell - Medium-length Sassy Curls

It’s all about the texture! Andie nailed it with those gorgeous high-volume curls. Head to the salon and get yourself some curls like her and lighten up your day.


13. Christie Brinkley - Side-swept Voluminous Bangs

Blonde and long locks aren’t the privilege of the youth if you look at Christie Brinkley! This haircut brings out her best qualities with its bright colors and bouncy waves. It has certainly made her look young again, and it can work for you too!


14. Meg Ryan - Beachy Lob

If you have shorter hair and still want blonde, beachy waves, this hairstyle of Meg Ryan’s does the trick. It’s just pretty!


15. Mary Louise Parker - Medium-length Side-part

Ever thought your medium length hair was a little bit awkward and had difficulty in finding a suitable hairstyle? Well, go with Mary Louise Parker’s effortless side part! The subtle curls on both sides can add volume to your hair and soften your style.


16. Debi Mazar - Retro Curls

This vintage hairstyle goes perfectly with Debi Mazar’s beauty and perfect facial features, which remind us of the lady-chic of the 1940s. This look is your best choice if you ever need to attend a fancy occasion.


17. Jane Lynch - Short Shag

Jane Lynch’s short shag hairstyle looks fantastic with its versatility and flattering layers. Short hair is no longer dull!


18. Sharon Lawrence - Wavy Lob

Wearing this hairstyle, you can pass for a lady 10 years younger than you really are. The angled waves can boost your hair volume and frame your face shape. Go for your favorite color and walk out to stun the world!


19. Jane Seymour - Long Straight Cut with Full Bangs

You don’t necessarily have to give up full bangs just because you are aging. Jane Seymour wears her hair straight with her trademark bangs for a classic and elegant look.


20. Megan Mullally - Side-swept Bangs with Waves

Megan’s medium-length hair looks perfect on her with all those smooth, loose curls and side swept bangs tucked in one side. The waves add dimension to the locks and create a bouncy effect.


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