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20 Amazing Inventions That Will Make Life Easier

Inventions can make our lives easier, and there is never too much convenience in your day to day life! Here are 20 incredible inventions you may not know exist!

1. 2-In-1 Pizza Cutter And Server

20 Amazing Inventions That Will Make Life Easier_1

We all love pizza with some melted cheese, even though this amazing combination of good taste always leads to a mess. However, no more worries if you have this 2-in-1 pizza cutter and server! It will save the day for pizza lovers.

2. KeySmart

20 Amazing Inventions That Will Make Life Easier_2

Don't want to take the bulky keychain everywhere you go? Just loose two screws on the side and slide your keys in, which will allow your keys to stay neat and take minimum space in your purse, not to mention there are useful attachments like flashlights, bottle openers, and more. 

3. Umbrella With A Cupholder

20 Amazing Inventions That Will Make Life Easier_3

It sucks to hold an umbrella and a cup of coffee at the same time on a rainy day. But what if there's actually an umbrella that can hold the cup for you? Well, someone did put together an invention that can solve the problem.

4. Onion Holder

20 Amazing Inventions That Will Make Life Easier_4

It's quite dangerous to cut onions when you can't see properly with tears in your eyes. This comb-like onion holder can save you from being cut when you slice vegetables like onions, potatoes, and more. 

5. See-Through Highlighters

20 Amazing Inventions That Will Make Life Easier_5

You may still find a lot more occasions to use highlighters even after college. In case you struggle to draw straight lines, those see-through highlighters are perfect for the situation!

6. Rotating Power Strip Outlets

20 Amazing Inventions That Will Make Life Easier_6

No more bulky adaptors taking up multiple plugs on your power strip! Rotating power strips allow you to shift and move the outlets on your surge protector so that big and boxy plugs no longer block other plugs.

7. Bondic Liquid Plastic Welder

20 Amazing Inventions That Will Make Life Easier_7

When super glue can't do the fixing job for you anymore, the Bondic Liquid Plastic Welder may be the solution for you. It is 100% waterproof, heat-resistant, and non-toxic. When the liquid plastic is exposed to the UV light from the Bondic pen, it will cure immediately. It can be used on a lot of materials, including wood, plastic, metal, PVC, rubber, ceramic, and more.

8. 2-In-1 Colander Cutting Board

20 Amazing Inventions That Will Make Life Easier_8

Why take up valuable counter space when you can have two things in one? This cutting board can easily transform into a colander when doing your meal prep. How convenient is that?

9. LED-Lighted Slippers

20 Amazing Inventions That Will Make Life Easier_9

Are you the type of person who runs into a wall, or bumps into corners when you're up at midnight? These LED-lighted slippers will help guide you through the dark without blinding yourself when turning lights on, or hurting yourself.

10. Ice Cream Lock

20 Amazing Inventions That Will Make Life Easier_10

Have a roommate who loves to take a scoop of your ice cream from the jar? Or maybe kids who want a quick snack? Then Ben & Jerry’s pint lock can save the trouble! Lock the pint is the perfect way to keep unwanted ones out of your favorite flavor.

11. Cable Management Box

20 Amazing Inventions That Will Make Life Easier_11

We all want to hide all those electrical cords from your TVs, computers, video game consoles, and keep them organized. This cable management box is a good solution to elegantly hide all those wires sticking out from the back of your appliances.

12. Baby Bath Umbrella Hat

20 Amazing Inventions That Will Make Life Easier_12

To protect your newborn from the chemicals of shampoos, this cute baby bath umbrella hat is a great choice. It can protect your baby from soapy water, or even from the sun if you want. You’re welcome.

13. Bottle Opener Ring

20 Amazing Inventions That Will Make Life Easier_13

We all have been at a party or picnic and suddenly realized we need a bottle opener. The problem is solved with this ring bottle opener. Just don’t tell strangers what it is because they may think you have a problem.

14. Ironing Board Mirror

20 Amazing Inventions That Will Make Life Easier_14

This mirror and ironing board in one piece is the perfect invention for you. Once you finished ironing, you can just flip the iron board up to use it as a tall mirror so you can see if the job is properly done. No more wrinkly clothes for you, Mr./Ms. Proper Adult!

15. Home Sauna

20 Amazing Inventions That Will Make Life Easier_15

Desperate for a sauna treatment, but feeling really antisocial? Then a personal sauna is definitely the cure. For less than $200, these portable pleasure pods will allow you to get a proper sauna experience whenever and wherever you want.

16. Cat Cradle

20 Amazing Inventions That Will Make Life Easier_16

Running out of space at your place or don’t have much room for a cat bed? Then the cat crib is just what you and the kittens need. The cradle makes it easier for your cat to attack your ankles as you eat! It’s perfect for all of you!

17. The Dogbrella

20 Amazing Inventions That Will Make Life Easier_17

Want to protect your four-legged furry friends from the rain? The Dogbrella is what you're looking for! It helps keep your pet dry and comfortable in the rain. It also comes with a built-in leash for easy walking.

18. Travel Power Strip

20 Amazing Inventions That Will Make Life Easier_18

With all the electronics that most of us carry wherever we go, it’s getting harder and harder to find enough outlets in a hotel room while traveling, or even our own homes. That’s where this travel power strip is needed. It features a round design that allows to pack and carry easily, and even USB ports and other adapters for phones and tablets. 

19. Long Arm Phone Dock

20 Amazing Inventions That Will Make Life Easier_19

Admit it, you’ve had that moment of dropping your phone right on your face as lying in bed watching something on it, or simply scrolling social media. Well, it happens to all of us, which is understandable if you seek out a long arm phone dock to hold it for you.

20. Portable Espresso Machine

20 Amazing Inventions That Will Make Life Easier_20

The MiniPresso portable espresso machine will allow you to have espresso anywhere you want it. Just grab your favorite ground coffee and some hot water, then the machine can work its magic. The small size is the perfect travel companion when you need extra energy on the trip.

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