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19 Things We've Been Doing Wrong Your Whole Life, I Have No Idea About #18

Right now, I am suspended somewhere between disbelief and shock. As it turns out, I have been doing life all wrong, and there is still a lot of space for improvement. Here I am talking about everyday things that most of us fail to realize, hacks so easy and simple that you won't be able to believe you didn't think of them. These are 15 of those hacks. Prepare to reevaluate yourself.


1. The fastest way to cool your drinks is to wrap them in a wet paper towel before putting them in the refrigerator.


2. Your bathroom mirror is a dry-erase board.


3. You can open a keyring with a staple remover instead of your fingernail.


4. You can save your cupboards by hanging your spray bottles from a tension rod.


5. You can load cans into your refrigerator by simply opening both ends of the box, and pulling the box away.


6. This little slot on your keychain is the best bottle opener ever.


7. Most of the companies would like to put those tabs on the end of the foil or cling wrap roll containers. You can punch them in so as to keep the rolls from popping out.


8. Fold your coffee lid's tan inwards to keep it fromb spilling.


9. You are supposed to use the hole in the pot to handle to hold your spoon while you are cooking.


10. You can make a hole in the middle of your leftovers when heating them. It would heat more evenly.


11. Try to put a glass of water when reheating something that will dry out in the microwave.


12. Balance your taco shells with a fold when you are loading them up.


13. Flip the little plastic seat thing up so that you can keep your groceries in the cart.


14. Stop jamming your hand into the Pringles can. Try to slide some paper in and create a chute to make your chips accessible.


15. Slice bread upside down so that you won't crush the top.


16. Flatten ground meat before you freeze it so it will thaw faster.


17. Tear sticky notes off side-to-side instead of bottom-to-top to stop the paper from curling.


18. If you put a wooden spoon over the top of a boiling pot, it keeps water from bubbling and making a mess.


19. Put your straw through you coca cola cab to keep it floating up and away.


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