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17 Celebrity Images We Know Were Photoshopped

Don't believe anything you see in Hollywood. Just enjoy the following photos.

1. Justin Bieber

Bieber's recent Calvin Klein ads has been discussed a lot. Many people criticized it for being outrageously edited, but Bieber insists that none of his photos were Photoshopped. He shared on Instagram a shirtless selfie to prove. We will let you judge if the Canadian headcase is telling the truth or not.


2. Beyonce

We all heard about female celebrities obsessing about having thigh gaps, but Beyonce with skinny legs and miraculously developing a thigh gap is just ridiculous! In fact, we actually praised Beyonce in an earlier article for "Saying No To Thigh Gaps".
There's no denying that Harper's Bazaar went beyond the limit and totally exploited the magic of Photoshop.


3. Demi Lovato

If there is one celebrity star with the passion for women empowerment and loving one's curves, that would definitely be Demi Lovato; however, Cosmo appeared to have magically transformed Lovato into a typical star obsessed with being scraggly and skinny. Apparently, the fans were all fuming mad.


4. Sarah Jessica Parker

Who the heck is that?! Of course, we all know Sarah Jessica Parker as Carrie Bradshaw in the hit TV series Sex & the City. But with the release of Harper's Bazaar with Parker as the cover, she is totally unrecognizable! Not to mention that her mega-contoured face made everything extra creepy.
Believe it or not, this isn't the first time (and probably not the last) that Sarah Jessica Parker gained some attention for messing up her face. She also made our list of celebrities who failed miserably at applying makeup (you can see what we are talking about here.)


5. Angelina Jolie

There's no denying that Angelina Jolie has one of the most beautiful faces in Hollywood, however, when Photoshop comes into play, things get overly strange and unnatural.
It is crazy that even the gorgeous Angelina Jolie needs photoshop! What is happening in Hollywood - is nothing real anymore?!?


6. Kate Winslet

The retouching is excessive. I do not look like that, and, more importantly, I do not desire to look like that. That was everything Winslet had to say after her 2003 cover was released. True enough, the retouching was excessive with the Oscar winner having a super slim body and thin legs.
It isn't surprising that Kate spoke out about this as she is a true ambassador for loving your own body. In fact, she is one of the few celebrities that are known to make you feel good about the skin you are in - don't believe me? Check it out here.


7. Tina Fey

There's something really awkward about this photo. It seems that the editor has mastered the art of Photoshop as well as the copy-and-paste technique. The magazine probably didn't get the memo that when it comes to Tina Fey, natural is stunning and original is the finest.


8. Lindsay Lohan

After posting a Photoshopped image of her underwear selfie, Lilo received raging criticisms and comments from the social media. It's rather unsurprising, actually. The former Disney star has made her own self the center of ridicule after seemingly boasting her super slim body, when everyone knows that it is a glaring deception.


9. Despina Vandi

The Greek singer's face was shockingly altered to make it look smooth and poreless. Her body also went through few editing to make her look fit and toned. Needless to say, Vandi looks incredibly beautiful with her natural look. Unfortunately, media and society do not work that way.


10. Zac Efron

Zac Efron is a natural hunk. He looks incredible in real life with his amazing smile and perfectly toned body. So why does his photos still have to go through ridiculous editing? Look at how creepy his arms are.Thanks, Men's Health, you've basically ruined it all.


11. Anne Hathaway

Anne Hathaway is a gorgeous celebrity with an equally amazing talent to top it all. She looks absolutely stunning on the February 2010 issue of British GQ, but there's something really weird about her super smooth armpit. What do you think?


12. Michelle Obama

The First Lady was the cover of the May 2010 edition of Good Housekeeping magazine. Needless to say, Michelle doesn't look like herself on this cover. There's too much alteration to make her look poreless and thin. Everything was insanely unnatural.


13. Andy Roddick

Andy Roddick himself was stunned to see a digitally modified version of his own self. It was a rather uneasy feeling having to see himself on the cover of the magazine with few alterations including his big and bulging arms. The professional tennis player simply laughed everything off.


14. Lorde

In a tweet, Lorde expressed her gratitude for Teen Vogue for having her as a cover model. As a matter of fact, she said that she is a big fan of the spread and she loves everything about it except for one thing. Apparently, Lorde didn't like how Teen Vogue gave her a "new nose".


15. Paris Hilton

Paris Hilton posing as a Barbie doll on the cover of Vanity Fair certainly pushed Photoshop beyond the limit. You can see from her creepy poreless skin and seamlessly lined brows that Hilton has once again exploited digital editing to make her look "beautiful".


16. Jennifer Lawrence

The quirky Jennifer Lawrence was significantly slimmed down on this magazine's cover photo. Although the Hunger Games star has been known to denounce using Photoshopped images, she hasn't really been feisty about her edited Flare cover.


17. Mila Kunis

Any little girl could easily make a comparison between Mila Kunis and Bratz fashion dolls. They have oversized heads! To put it simply, Kunis' head looks out of proportion with her body. And look at that ultra-contoured face! Don't you think that's a bit excessive? We certainly think so.


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