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15 TV Finales That Made Fans Furious And Disappointed

After devoting years to watching a TV series, we always hope the ending will live up to our expectations. However, sometimes a show’s last episode isn’t quite what we expected. So, hold onto your hats and buckle your seatbelts, because you’re going to take a look at the TV series finales that left fans furious. Warning: some serious spoilers coming up!

1. How I Met Your Mother

First of all, we love How I Met Your Mother and that’s why we hated the finale so much. We waited nine seasons to meet the mother finally, but she died shortly after, because of a terminal illness. As for Barney and Robin, they split up. Finally, Ted decided that Robin is the one after all. Nothing really makes sense.


2. Dexter

TV series about serial killers are often a fan favorite and Dexter is no different. But, our lovable killer was given a … happy ending? Surely not. After giving his sister Debra a burial at sea, Dexter ends up becoming … a lumberjack. Even the star Michael C. Hall himself said, “Liked it? I don’t think I even watched it.”


3. Mad Men

As a TV series that packed so many unbelievable punches, the finale of Mad Men is truly terrible. Only Peggy ends up with a happy ending (with Stan), while Richard rejects Joan. The most disappointing part is that Don doesn’t rush back home to be with a dying Betty. And as for the final scene where Don smiles as he comes up with the idea for the iconic 'I'd Like To Teach the World to Sing' Coke advert, we have to say “meh...”


4. True Blood

Bill and Sookie's romance is a major part of True Blood. However, the finale episode “Thank You” made a lot of people want to forget that it ever aired. Bill and Sookie’s epic romance ended with him asking her to kill him, which she then went on to do. That is so-called true love!


5. Two And A Half Men

When Two and a Half Men former star Charlie Sheen left the show in 2011 and the viewers followed suit. Rumors start springing up though that creator Chuck Lorre and Sheen had buried the hatchet and that Sheen would return for the finale. However, the final few seconds show a person who is supposed to be Charlie Sheen's character approaching the house when a piano falls on him and officially kills off his character. To make matters worse, it then cuts to Lorre sitting in a chair. He turns around and says, "Winning." How ridiculous!


6. Quantum Leap

After traveling with Sam Beckett through different time periods and from place to place, all Quantum Leap fans wanted to see him finally make the giant leap back home. However, despite the fact that he learns that he can return home, in the epilogue, a black screen pops up at the end an says "Dr. Sam Becket never returned home." And yeah, they did spell his name wrong on the card.


7. Misfits

This British series had already become ridiculous because of the changes in the cast and the twisted plots. As for the finale, the central gang gets out of their allotted community service, which is rather dreary, isn’t it?


8. Lost

This TV series raised so many questions, but the finale never really answered them. What’s worse, the ending jumps to another storyline in which the characters live in an alternate universe, the plane crash never happens and it ends with the characters all in church together.


9. Roseanne

Roseanne was a great series about a blue-collar family. However, the plot took a drastic turn in the show’s final season. It was revealed that Roseanne "made up" most of the events following Dan's heart attack, for a book she was writing. Oh, and the Dan people thought had cheated on his wife didn’t actually survive the heart attack he suffered at Darlene’s wedding at the end of Season 8. This drastic twist was so incredibly depressing that ABC released a 10th season revival of the series with the original cast on March 27, 2018.


10. Seinfeld

After nine years on the air, Seinfeld fans were on the edges of their seats speculating how the show would conclude. Unexpectedly, the show ended with the gang all sentenced to prison terms after a lengthy trial for breaking the “Good Samaritan Law.” Just no!


11. Gilmore Girls

To the fans of Gilmore Girls, the original finale didn’t feel like a proper ending. Lorelai and Luke were supposed to get back together, but nothing was ever mentioned. There was no closure for fans. However despite this, Netflix brought the series back in 2017, and there have also been rumors of a second attempt at a series finale.


12. Gossip Girl

Despite all the rumors about who Gossip Girl was, the ending came with the biggest twist: it was, in fact, Dan Humphries who divulged all about his family and girlfriends. He nearly destroyed the lives of people he cared about. The finale makes no sense.


13. Star Trek: Enterprise

Actually, the finale of Star Trek: Enterprise isn’t the ending of the show, but rather a prequel to the pilot episode of 1987’s The Next Generation. This finale caused much consternation, and the death of Commander Tucker was a big point of contention.


14. Sex And The City

The finale of Sex And The City raised a debate. Carrie Bradshaw married Mr. Big in the end. According to some fans, this ending negated the girl power the show advocated for all six seasons.


15. St. Elsewhere

As an Emmy-award winning show, St. Elsewhere entertained viewers for six seasons. However, the finale was unacceptable for many fans. After six long years, audiences finally found out that what they were watching wasn’t real! It was the product of the fictional character Tommy Westphall’s imagination and how he drew inspiration from a snow globe as a child.


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